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Alison Hammond on Her Weight Loss Journey 2017

Alison Hammond and other Sugar Free Farm 2016 contestants
Alison Hammond and other Sugar Free Farm 2016 contestants

Alison Hammond is one of those celebrities who has always been open about the weight loss struggles. She recently successfully lost some weight by participating in a TV show, Sugar Free Farm (2017) that is yet to be aired. Here we try to know how her journey has been in the show and how she has kept up with the weight loss post the show. As the journey is quite exciting, we bet you wouldn’t want to miss reading about it.

The Confession

Let’s begin with a confession made by the TV personality. While talking recently to Celebs Now, she said that she was addicted to sugar. This is the main reason behind her participating in the show. She was a bit out of control as she was eating all the time. It became a part of her routine and she wanted to get more control over it.

Chocolate Addiction

Chocolate was an addiction for the diva as she was eating it every single day. It made her put on weight because she was having two chocolate bars daily. She felt like a slave to this addiction and realized that she would probably feel a whole lot better when she won’t be inclined to having it. Happily, the experience of the show has changed this habit. She now soothes her sweet tooth with fruits, dates, etc and is not addicted to chocolate anymore.

Alison Hammond while on Sugar Free Farm in May 2016
Alison Hammond while on Sugar Free Farm in May 2016

The Recipes

While participating in the show, the TV reporter turned into a kind of nurturer. She spent most of her time cooking amazing foods for others rather than eating food. She followed various recipes but always added her own touch to them and it made people happier. Though she cooked most of the time and made many delicious foods, she says that she is good at making porridge and fried chicken with healthy coating rather than fattening sugar. Her own cooking habits have changed too. Alison now has basil, thyme, and mint on her home’s windowsill. Her approach has changed from having processed foods to having only fresh home cooked meals.

Sugar Withdrawal

The former Strictly Come Dancing (2004-Present) participant says that sugar withdrawal was not an easy process. She had violent headaches and didn’t sleep for one whole night. She often woke at 2 in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep due to the headaches. Dizzy spells were also a side effect that she had to deal with. Changing the diet was a big deal and she didn’t even eat any bananas or tomatoes for the first few days. During the entire time, she kept thinking that it’s not the end of the world and cutting things out of the diet won’t last forever. It motivated her to go through the tough phase.

Alison Hammond at Sugar Free Farm
Alison Hammond at Sugar Free Farm

Favorite Part

A thing that made the mother of one happy post the show is that she has been able to try the newly learned recipes at home. Her son, Aiden has supported her about the diet changes. She confesses to having some lapses but her overall diet has become better than it was before the show.

Craving Chocolates

The former Big Brother (2000-Present) member has also admitted that for the first three days of the show, she was craving a chocolate orange bar. She wanted it very much, but now, the situation has improved as she is stronger.

Alison Hammond
Alison Hammond

Weight Loss

This Morning (2002-Present) presenter has lost a stone during the show. She has managed to lose a total of two and a half stone since starting the filming of the show. She thinks that she will need to lose at least six or seven stone before she even notices it. Post the weight loss, she is feeling and sleeping better. Though her primary goal was to get rid of her sugar addiction, she is thankful that she lost weight too. The show has also taught her the value of being prepared. Now, if she is going on a train journey, she takes her lunch with her. It can be anything like chicken or salad and it prevents her from eating anything that’s not healthy.

Strict Diet Regime

Hammond admits that she sticks to the strict diet plan when she is at home. When she is working, she cannot follow it completely but she still keeps things under control. Alison has some white or brown rice while working. She has also started eating chocolate and some bits of sugar again. About 70 percent of the time, she is having healthy foods and remaining 30 percent, she is indulging. She is a million miles away from how her diet was before the show.

The Overall Experience

The lovely lady says that Sugar Free Farm is one of the best series she has ever done. She would love to do it again next year. It has taken her life to a whole new level and made her appreciate where the food comes from. It has also improved her knowledge on food.

Alison Hammond with a drink
Alison Hammond with a drink

Feeling Great

While talking to Birmingham Mail UK, the actress said that her clothes are fitting better now. She is also feeling better about herself and is very happy in life. Alison works out with a personal trainer for at least 3 times a week. He says that she is really fit for her weight. He also motivates her by saying that imagine what could you do if you were a bit smaller. If she loses more weight, her aim would be to run a marathon. She says that even participating in a half marathon would be enough for her. We guess she is probably aiming for Britain’s second biggest half marathon, The Great Birmingham Run that will happen on October 15, 2017. Won’t you agree?

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