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Alpha Male Challenge – Body-Mind Transformation Plan

Alpha Male Challenge

Crafted by James Villepigue, personal trainer and fitness expert, Alpha Male Challenge is an exclusive ten weeks weight loss program, which will bring physiological, psychological, and professional changes in your life. The magnificent plan will instigate fat burning process in your body and will magnify the number of lean muscles in your body.

James believe that mostly people practice strenuous workouts such as strength training involving weight training and push-ups to stay in shape, but they are not able to stick to them for longer. Wide variety of workouts in the plan will not give you any chance of being bored.

What is Alpha Male Challenge?

Through Alpha Male Challenge, James seeks to create real men. Real men are more powerful, have great endurance, confidence and generosity, and they are heroic people. By real men, James doesn’t mean ruthless males, he rather means tender men having great resilience and optimistic attitude.

James contends, in older times, level of testosterone was very high even in men aged 80 or 90. But, in today’s time, testosterone level has drastically gone down in men. James calls males of today’s century as beta males.

He asserts, on an average, one in three men above twenty is overweight, and more than 40% of men falling within the age group of 40 to 60 are overweight. And the main reason responsible for these problems is sedentary lifestyle, lack of proper nutrition, and stress in professional and personal lives. Besides educating you about the most apt workouts, Alpha Male Challenge will tell you what kind of diet you should consume to bring your workouts in alignment with your diet.

What Alpha Men are? 

Alpha men have perfectly muscular and V-shaped body. They have spectacular stomach abs and superb biceps and triceps. Apart from being popular among women due to their sculpted body and good etiquettes, they garner respect from everyone around them, and their positive aura simply allures everyone towards them.

Alpha men are goal oriented leaders; however, they are seldom aggressive and egoistic. They feel delighted in taking initiative steps and great decisions without being intimidated in hostile situations. They are sophisticated, knowledgeable, and instead of cribbing, they believe in finding solutions.

How Alpha Male Challenge Works?

Alpha male challenge works in an incredible way. For going ahead with Alpha male challenge, you need to go through brief questionnaire which will test your mental and physical aspects, and accordingly will design the plan for you.

Alpha male challenge will build four C’s in you, which are confidence, courage, conscious, and commitment. These four C’s being the pillars of masculinity represent manhood.

There are various strategies in the plan which will tell you how to behave in different circumstances, and what you should do to bring balance in your personal and professional lives. The plan will change your perspective and will develop new and positive perspective in you.

What Alpha Male Challenge will do For You?

Alpha male challenge will bring several changes in your body and mind and will make you a strong human being. Through specifically designed meals and workouts, the plan will inculcate high values in you and will bring out your hidden qualities and talents.

You will feel very energized and full of beans while going along with the plan. Irrespective of your age group and physical condition, you can abide by the plan and transform both your body and mind in mere ten weeks.

In today’s world where more than 40% of people have extremely low testosterone level, Alpha male challenge promises to bring transition in your life, and convert you from beta males to alpha males.

Diet in Alpha Male Challenge

Diet in Alpha male challenge consists of high protein, fiber rich, moderate carbs food items. Since the diet plan focuses on building muscle mass, these foods will be of great help in fetching males in perfect ripped body frame.

While high protein diet will keep you fuller and will assist your body in recovering muscle loss occurring due to workouts, fiber rich diet will keep check on your appetite.

Eggs, chicken, shrimp, fish, fruits, vegetables, walnuts, almonds, yogurt, cottage cheese, tortillas, olive oil, oatmeal etc. are some of highly recommended food items of the diet plan.

Workouts in Alpha Male Challenge 

Alpha male challenge is based on Alpha wave basic training. Special exercises in the program will promote the production of testosterone hormones in your body. Besides that, these workouts will trigger fat burning process, boost your energy, make you more resilient, and amplify the number of muscles in your body.

The training program includes twenty-seven diverse workouts which are absolutely distinctive and easy to do. Since these workouts have been devised to fit all kinds of people, anyone from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiast can make them part of their lives.

Drawbacks of Alpha Male Challenge

Alpha male challenge is completely based on scientifically proven facts and principles. There are numerous instances where people have transformed their body and mind by using the diet plan. Since no weight loss program or any other plan can be perfect, Alpha Male challenge too has some pitfalls, let’s find out what they are.

  • Alpha Male challenge is a typical weight loss plan, exclusively designed for males. Should women want to gain muscles and lose weight, they cannot look up to Alpha male challenge. They will need to find some other program to lose weight.
  • There are some people, to whom plan didn’t suit; they cannot stop complaining about the negative impacts of weight loss plan.
  • People in habit of intense workouts might not find sufficient challenge in the plan, because the plan is very fundamental and has been designed to benefit all kinds of males. Even the males who have never ever practiced workouts in their lives.
  • In resistance training, there are numerous weight lifting exercises also. Its might be daunting for users to know how much weight they should choose to lift.

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