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Alternate Day Diet Plan – Extend Your Youthful Life

alternate day diet plan

Discovered way back in 1930, Alternate Day Diet Plan is an incredible diet plan targeted to losing weight and purging your body from numerous hazardous diseases. Though the duration of the plan is 14 days but you can go along with it as long as you want. The diet plan extends your youthful age by providing you a healthy body for a really long time.

What is Alternate Day Diet Plan?

Alternate diet plan also known as intermittent diet plan has two days namely fasting day and feasting day. On fasting days, you require to feed your body 20% of the calorie you consume in routine. However, on feasting days, you are free to consume whatever you feel like consuming.

While normal consumption of men is 2500 calories, for women it is 2000 calories. On fasting days, men are supposed not to consume calories more than 500 and for women, the limit is 400 calories. This is just an ideal calorie intake. However, your calorie consumption varies with age, sex, height, and weight.

Should you feel it too hard to abide by the plan with 20% of food consumption; you can surely rise it up to 30-35% of your normal calorie consumption.

Logic Behind Alternate Day Diet Plan

The logic behind the diet plan is to keep your metabolism agile and on track. While other diet plans slow down your metabolism and therefore adversely affect your body working mechanism. Alternate diet plan go hand in hand with your body system.

While going along with the plan, skinny genes named SIRT1 are released by your body, which foster the weight loss process and provide myriad other health benefits. The theory behind SIRT1 genes is – the cells inside your body starts dying due to low calorie foods. However, SIRT1 genes released by body deter the death of cells and the formation of inflammatory substances in your body. They also make speed up your metabolism.

Suitability of Alternate Day Diet Plan

Though the plan is suitable for people of all the age groups, but if you are on prescribed medication, you should consult your doctor before embarking on the alternate diet plan. The diet plan on alternate days is far better than regular low calorie diet because your metabolism won’t get adversely affected.

How to Follow Alternate Day Diet Plan?

Intermittent fasting might make you feel hungry at the end of the fasting day and you might feel tempted to consume high calorie unhealthy diet on feasting days. If that’s the case with you also, you will end up consuming more calories, which will rather cause an increase in weight.

The exquisite diet plan has amazingly beneficial effects on your body. However, you certainly need to be cautious about your diet on feasting days. Freedom to eat anything should not stimulate you to eat unhealthy and junk food items on feasting days. You need to compensate the low calorie foods fed to your body on fasting days, by feeding vital nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals to your body.

You can eat copious high fibrous fruits, vegetables, pulses, whole grains, and low fat protein rich foods such as red meat, eggs, poultry, fish, and low fat dairy products. To gain maximum from the diet plan, you have to be judicious in selecting the food items on feasting day. You are recommended not to be very rigid on fasting days and feed your body ample amount of low calorie drinks.

Benefits of Alternate Day Diet Plan

  • Apart from shedding your body fat and abdominal fat, the diet plan will maintain your lost weight for a really long time. You can lose up to 2.5% of your body weight and 4 % of fat mass through the intermittent fasting plan.
  • The diet solution being very cordial doesn’t require you to refrain from your favorite food items. Besides, there are no difficult to eat food items in the diet plan.
  • The diet program will bring down your expenses because when you will consume less, your expenses on food items will naturally go down.
  • Apart from boosting up your energy level, the diet plan will remove inflammatory diseases such as asthma, arthritis, tendonitis, allergies, and even cancer from your body.
  • The diet program will cut the release of IGF-1 hormone, which is responsible for increasing age. Apart from enhancing your youthful age, the plan will also strengthen your endurance and stamina.
  • Alternate day plan will rev up the activity of your brain cells and will boost the functioning of your heart by keeping a check on blood pressure.

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