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Amanda Holden Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Amanda Holden svelte figureWith bikini embracing, eye catching figure, Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden is the one, who is always in incredible shape. The sexy celeb who is aging gracefully can still turn any younger girl’s eyes with envy. Here are some of the workout and diet secrets of Amanda which uphold her in immaculate shape.

Experiences With Fad Diet

Like most of the Hollywood celebs, the sultry star too has submitted her to fad diet program couple of times in bygone days. She said, among other fad diet programs, she has also tried cabbage soup diet plan along with her mother. However, the diet plans failed to create ever lasting impression on her mind and without much ado; she retrieved her normal eating habits. However, from some time on she has religiously been abiding by juice diet. She drinks vegetable juices which are delivered to her doorsteps twice in a day. These juices cleanse her body from inside and fetch radiant glow on her face.

Wholesome Eating Habits

The pretty celeb reckons that since eating habits play crucial role in affecting your body weight and health conditions, you shall be cautious about them. She points up plant based diet over animal foods because vegan diet being low calorie diet assists your body in maintaining weight. The stunner mostly eats clean and organic foods which not only boost her energy but also make her look radiant. Lean meats, sesame broccoli, cauliflower, cayenne pepper, sweet potato, and three liters of water are integral parts of her diet regime.

Although she abides by healthy eating habits most of the time but she doesn’t restrain her from relishing her favorite drink i.e. wine once in a while. Aside from that, when it comes to foods, she doesn’t feel impressed with the logic of half-fat diet. Instead of falling in the trap of any such crap, she freely enjoys fatty foods such as butter, Oikos Greek-style yogurt, cheese, curry, fish, chips etc.

Regular Gym Workouts

Amanda Holden running

From sculpted and streamlined body parts of Amanda, it’s evident that she spends significant amount of time to groom her body parts. In gym, her personal trainer, Matt Roberts has her do diverse workouts such as leg press, snatch, deadlifts (for lower back), pectorals (chest), running etc. Amanda also bestows the credit of her sylphlike figure to dancing and gymnastic training.

Yoga – Her New Love

Amanda who had always been big fan of Spanx has been in love with yoga since 2012. Extremely overwhelmed with its amazing influences, the Brit beauty practices varied postures of yoga to build up her strength and flexibility. She acknowledges yoga as the best and complete workout which renders you desired results. Moreover, its benefits are not just reserved to your body only, they also nurture your soul and impart you eternal peace.

In yoga, the mum of two is specifically inclined to Kundalini Yoga. The exclusive form of yoga de-stresses her body and mind through diverse breathing techniques. She chirps, the yoga not only scorches unsolicited fats from her body, it also tones her body.

Healthy Tips for Fans

There is one common misconception prevalent among people and that is lean people don’t need to work out. People consider workouts only as a means to strip off fats and acquire slimmer body. However, the truth is that more than anything else, workouts ensure optimum fitness for your body. In addition to them, workouts are also capable to reverse aging process. Research shows that people who perform workouts between the ages of 25 to 50 look younger and more energetic than those who have never performed workouts in their lives. So, even if you are size zero or very skinny, you shall not sit idle with self-gratifying thoughts that you are perfect and don’t need workouts. Here are some of the benefits of workouts which shall encourage slender women to make exercises indispensable parts of their lives.

  • Amicable chemicals such as norepinephrine released while doing workouts alleviate your stress level and develop positive image within you.
  • Workouts free you from myriad health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, back pain, arthritis etc.
  • Simple cardio activities such as walking, hopping on treadmill etc. elevate your self-esteem and make you fall in love with yourself.
  • If you are a victim of some addiction such as drugs, alcohol, unhealthy foods etc., exercises can help you purge them too. Since exercises foster the release of dopamine from your brain which makes you feel good, you don’t feel instigated to resort to unhealthy addictions to cheer your mood.
  • Research shows that people who keep doing varied physical activities at work place, for example five minute squats, walking etc. are more productive than those who keep sitting for extended hours on their chairs. So, not only do workouts improve your looks, they also make you become a better employee.

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