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Amy Dumas (Lita) Workout Routine Diet Plan

‘Lita’ or Amy Christine Dumas might be returning to professional wrestling again. The lead singer of the band ‘Luchagors’ might perform professional wrestling in the next few months to come. The 4 times WWE Woman Champion has also been successful as a singer. She has a full body and a figure that many professional athletes would envy. Apart from her fantastic heredity genes, we can contribute her healthy physique to her daily workouts and well planned diet regimens. The wrestler and singer is a conservative eater. She exercises a lot to stay fit. Strict discipline helps her maintain her wrestling figure.

Amy Dumas Lita Workout Moves

Amy Dumas Workouts and Fitness Secrets

Amy learnt the basics of wrestling in Mexico. Some of her physical trainers were Miguel Perez, Kevin Quinn and Ricky Santana. In USA, she started training along with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Amy spends a lot of time in gym. She has done a lot of exercising before, during her professional wrestling career. This is the reason of her having such a lean and athletic built. Her exercises focusses on all round body development. The workouts focus on different parts of the body like shoulders, wrists, legs etc. The cardiovascular circuit exercises help her to improve her stamina. After she started singing, there was a huge reduction in her exercising time. Still, she exercises frequently to maintain her figure and that athletic built. Many reports suggest that she might be joining wrestling again. There would be an increase in her exercising time in the days to come.

Amy Dumas Diet

Amy likes to live on juices. She has recently been on a 13 day juice diet plan. During this period, she totally abstained from eating raw food but fed on juices of fruits and vegetables instead. While fasting she is totally on juices. Even when she is not fasting she has juices on many days of the week.

Amy advises her fans to perform juice fasts as they help to lower weight and inflammation. People must keep their stomach empty for brief time periods so that there body gets time to explore and reform other areas apart from digestion. According to her, juice fasts help in increasing and improving blood circulation and other areas like skin, heart, cholesterol etc.

She says it is better for adults to eat conservatively as an adult body does not require great amounts of energy and protein. This is because an adult body does not grow further. After completing the juice fast one must come back to his food in a careful way. According to Amy, fruits and vegetables should be introduced in the diet first. Then nuts, beans and seeds can be added. She drinks juices of various fruits and vegetables including apple, lemon, spinach, kale, purple, collards, fennel, carrot, basil, rainbow, purple cabbage etc. This is the list of juices she uses in higher quantity. She also drinks other juices like mustard greens, angula, peppers, beets, mustard greens etc, but in lower quantity. This is so because they are earthy/ spicy.

She fed on junk foods after she left professional wrestling. It is important for Amy to remain on healthy diets as she might be joining professional wrestling again. A good diet plan is important for all individuals but it becomes highly important for those who participate in any kind of sport, especially wrestling. The sport of wrestling demands a lot of strength. We offer our best wishes to Amy in her new career moves.

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