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Ana Ivanovic Workout and Diet Secrets

She may have been one of the hottest and agile tennis players of the world. But her dedication to workouts and healthy eating is just like you and me. We are talking about the renowned tennis professional Ana Ivanovic. She is very dedicated to her fitness (even off season) and always makes sure that she eats healthy foods. What more does she do to stay healthy at all the time? Let’s find out.

Ana Ivanovic during Roland Garros 2015
Ana Ivanovic during Roland Garros 2015

The Warm-up Routine

In a candid chat with Yahoo, the tennis pro has said that she starts warming up on a treadmill before every match. She spends five strenuous minutes on the treadmill and follows it with some stretching exercises. The short routine ends with doing some fast feet movements and some sprints just before entering the court. Hmm…it seems that the star knows how to keep her body prepared for the action on the court. Don’t you think?

Workout Routine

The off season workout routine of the Serb is also very strict. She uses a lot of weights to train herself. She also does a lot of drilling, running, as well as long distance and short distance sprinting. Some people think she may indulge a little during off-season to give her body some rest. But, the Yugoslavia born beauty believes in working out regularly to keep in shape.

Ana Ivanovic working out
Ana Ivanovic working out

Workout Help

The winner of a Grand Slam Singles Title (2008) uses MyFitnessPal application to assist her workouts. She especially uses this application to track her running. It helps her to know the distance she had covered while running outside her home.

Workout Motivation

The two times winner of WTA Tournament of Champions in 2010 and 2011 admitted that exercises are hard for her, sometimes. On some days, she just finds it hard to get up and start off the workouts. She motivates herself by thinking about all her professional goals in life and the success she is striving hard to achieve. Apart from motivating herself by reminding of her goals, she also motivates herself by remembering how the long runs help her unwind.

Ana Ivanovic stretching
Ana Ivanovic stretching

Diet Secrets

The beauty ambassador of Shiseido always tries to follow a clean diet but she admits that doing so is not an easy process all the time.

Diet Habits

As reported by Style Caster, the UNICEF National Ambassador for Serbia likes to eat a lot of fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. She also loves sushi as it is a light food that fills a person with a lot of energy.

Ana Ivanovic in Venice Magazine, Winter 2014 Issue
Ana Ivanovic in Venice Magazine, Winter 2014 Issue

Views on Diet

Ivanovic also believes in staying healthy. She thinks everyone should try to be healthy not because of their professional sport (like her), but also to have an overall good feeling.

Snacking Habits

When Ana is traveling, she likes to keep some energy bars with her. She opts for the natural and organic options like Quest Bars that she eats even when she is moving around. Some people even joke with her that she can always feed a small family with her energy bars as she never forgets to keep them with her.

Food Indulgences

The tennis celebrity has a weakness for pizzas, burgers, ice creams and chocolate soufflé. She indulges in pizzas or burgers more because she is not very fond of sweet foods. On her off days, she likes to reward herself with pancakes, waffles or cookies and cream, but keeps their quantity to the minimum.

Ana Ivanovic during 2015 Brisbane International - Quarter Final
Ana Ivanovic during 2015 Brisbane International – Quarter Final

Cooking Habits

The personality who was named as Best Female Tennis Player in Serbia (2012) also likes to cook but can’t cook a lot due to her busy schedule. When she gets time, she likes to cook salmon with some broccoli and rice. Her favorite cooking options are a creamy pumpkin soup and muffins like all-bran, apple, or banana nut muffins.

Healthy Food Options

When the tennis idol is training, she sticks to healthy meals like egg white omelets or oatmeal porridge.

Advice for Fans

The winner of Pride of the Nation by Serbia Tennis Federation award (2012) has a bit of advice for all the women. She thinks that every woman should try to embrace her natural beauty. We think that she means one should not try to be someone else. Everyone should try to value what they have and try to take care of their body in a good manner rather than craving the beauty of others, they can’t have. A good advice..Won’t you agree?

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