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Anabolic Diet Plan – Amazing Muscle Building Plan

anabolic muscle diet

Devised by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, Anabolic Diet Plan is an amazing muscle building plan, which will foster the development of lean muscles in your body. Without consuming steroid, drugs, or food supplements having harmful side effects, Anabolic Diet Plan can get you the most muscular body; you have always wanted to have. 

Anabolic diet plan is hundred per cent secure and effective diet plan. Should you dedicatedly follow the plan and consume foods the way they are directed, the plan will trigger muscle forming hormones in your body, which will enhance muscle mass in your body.

How does Anabolic Diet Plan works?

Anabolic diet plan basically is high fat, high protein, and low carb diet plan. In initial twelve days, you are to consume foods rich in proteins and fats. The main purpose of such diet is creating dearth of carbs in your body, and trigger ketosis, which is fat burning process.

Dieters are recommended to consume five to six small meals in a day. Anabolic diet program insists consumption of dietary fat rather than saturated one. There is a very common misconception prevalent among people that fat is responsible for causing heart attack, weight gain, and several other problems, and the plan seeks to remove that misconception.

Since carbs are the energy centers for your body, dearth of carbs will prompt your body to find other alternatives of energy, as a result of which, it will begin breaking stocks of fat piled up inside your body.

Two Stages of Anabolic Diet Plan

After twelve days are over, the plan will have you go through two stages. Having total duration of twenty eight days, you might experience dizziness, headache, exhaustion, and mood-swings in the beginning.

You can choose to pick weekend days as your carbs containing days, which allow you to savor your loved foods. Both the stages of plan are equally significant. While with-carb stage will save your metabolism from permanently slowing down, without carb stage will act as fat burning stage.

With Carb Stage – After spending twelve days with no carb diet, you are allowed to consume carbs for two days. You are recommended to consume foods such as eggs, veggies, meat etc. rather than rice, milk, oats etc. You shall consume 60% carbs, 25% proteins, and 15% fats. To fulfill the requirement, you can consume olive oil, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, full fat cheese, whole eggs etc. in this stage.

Without Carb Stage – For next five days you are supposed to eliminate carbs from your diet. You need to continue going along with the plan in the same way for two weeks. In without-carb stage, you shall consume 60% fats, 40% proteins, and 25 gram carbs. You can eat pasta, rice, bread, oats, potatoes, fruits etc. in this stage.

Who Can Follow Anabolic Diet Plan?

No matter whether you are male or female, you can abide by the plan to make your body more resilient, powerful, and ripped. However, the plan is best for people who don’t feel good after consuming carb containing foods.

Contrary to that, if you feel boosted after consuming carb containing foods, the plan is not for you. Since your body is accustomed to glucose containing foods, making transition from carbs to fat containing foods might turn out to be really difficult for your body.

People practicing strenuous workouts shall not follow anabolic diet schedule because extremely low calories provided by the plan are insufficient to meet your body requirement of calories. There are myriad people who have shed several pounds by using the diet plan. That being said, you all have different bodies, therefore results also tend to vary from one person to another.

Food Items of Anabolic Diet Plan 

Anabolic diet plan recommends and prohibits following foods items in the plan; let’s have a look at them.

  • Consume at least six grams of fish oil in a day. Fish oil being rich in omega-3 fatty acids is one of the most important ingredients of the diet plan. You can have salmon oil, pure fish oil, or supplements of fish oil etc.
  • Forbid artificial sweeteners and condiments and use natural sweeteners such as honey, fruit sweeteners etc. to make your foods sweet.
  • Fatty foods are emphasized in the plan and the logic behind that is – your body feels less tempted to store fats when you feed it with more fats. Contrarily, less fat consumption is just like encouraging your body to store fats.
  • Since carbs are banished in the plan, you can consume fruits and vegetables having low glycemic load. Apart from that, you are free to consume all kinds of meats such as red meat, poultry etc.

Advantages of Anabolic Diet Plan

Anabolic diet plan has numerous advantages, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • The plan will catalyze fat burning process in your body and you will burn fats at a very fast pace. Purging your body from stubborn fats is assumed to be very difficult task. However, the plan will do that for you in a real smooth way.
  • Since carb rich foods are banished in the diet plan, you will see an improvement in your blood cholesterol and blood sugar level. In addition to that, elevated formation of insulin in your body causes hunger pangs, but low carb diet plan will rid you from the problem.
  • Besides getting you healthy body, the plan will also render you healthy and flawless skin.
  • High-fat diet will stimulate the release of testosterone hormones in your body, which are responsible for amplifying the number of lean muscles in your body.
  • Since both fat and protein foods are capable of keeping you contended for longer, you won’t feel deprived or starved at any point in the diet plan. In-fact, you will need to remind yourself to eat all the meals on time because you basically won’t feel hungry.
  • Though you might face some problems in the beginning, but in long run, the plan will boost your energy and will make your temperament cheerful.

Workouts in Anabolic Diet Plan

Since the main objective of anabolic diet plan is to multiply the number of muscles in your body, workouts have been given as much importance as has been given to diet. The plan recommends its dieters to practice strength training exercises for minimum thirty minutes in a day. That being said, you shall practice light workouts only.

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