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Andrea McLean Workout and Diet Secrets

Andrea McLean is not only a very sexy woman, but she is also a strong one. She has battled many health issues in the past but is still so dedicated to fitness that it’s inspiring. She recently opened up about going through a tough hysterectomy about a year back and how she exercised when she was in pain. Her dedication has paid off as she looks gorgeous now. Have a look at her workout routine and diet secrets right here!

Workout Routine

Just a short while after the surgery, the diva started exercising because she wanted to be fitter. She started off with lunging from one side of her room to another as she had lost all her strength and wanted to be gentle. Even then, she had to stop while gasping for breath and hold the wall at times.

After the surgery in September 2016, she did not exercise for two months but she craved for exercises because workouts helped her to stay healthy not only physically but mentally as well.

She enlisted the help of her fiancé Nick Feeney to get fit again, and the duo signed up for personal training sessions with an aim to build her strength back. Slow and steady weight training was the solution that suited her.

Being Sensible About Fitness

Now, Andrea firmly believes that doing weight training is a good option and thinks that women of her age are fitter as compared to the young women because they are doing it right. She opines that when you work on what’s inside your body, you get results on the outside.

Acceptance also seems to be a key for her as she has accepted her scars, grabby bits, and other flaws. She knows that she is fit and it’s a big thing for her. She is even proud of herself for staying fit despite the odds.

Diet Secrets

The Loose Women (1999-Present) star has thoroughly researched foods to know which foods are good for menopause, metabolism and immune system and has based her diet on the results. She calls herself a vegan-ish because she mostly follows a vegan diet but can’t resist some non-vegan foods like steak. This diet seems to be working for her because she can digest it properly, which is essential because she gets irritable bowel syndrome when she is stressed. She is also intolerant to milk so staying away from dairy products is not a big issue for her.

Healthy and Happy

The TV personality says that opting for hysterectomy was a big decision for her as she did it when she was 47 years old but she went for it because it was essential for her overall wellbeing.

The hardest part for her was not the surgery; though that was quite hard on its own, it was recovering because the recovery period had put a strain on her body. She decided to take it easy and give her body time to heal. Her life was quite difficult for some time, but now, everything is fine. She also says that she is healthiest and happiest than ever before.

Battling Health Issues

Hysterectomy is a disease that impacts one in 10 women and leads to the growth of tissues outside of womb rather than inside. It can lead to severe pain and fertility problems. Apart from suffering from it, McLean also suffered from perimenopause for 5 years. It is a transitional stage that takes place before menopause and might include side effects such as heart palpitations and hot flushes. She has dealt with a lot of pain, had a lot of medications and yet, she is working towards being healthy.

Sharing Her Experience

The mother of two says that sharing her experience with other people has helped people to get inspiration from her because people who know about her experience can relate to her. She feels great when a woman approaches her on the street or a supermarket and says that she has helped them by sharing her experience.

The Glasgow native also admits that she used to be a little miss perfect and often pretended that everything is great. But now, she has learned that showing your scars is not a bad thing if it helps people who have the same problem as you. (Wise thoughts, we must say!)

Featured Image by Damien Everett / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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