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Angela Simmons Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Slender and curvy figure indeed bestow you nerve to flaunt your body in tiny clothes. Former reality star, Angela Simmons who is in the perfect shape of her life seems so flattered with her sexy figure that she doesn’t leave any chance to display her figure. After having suffered from the problem of weight for a very long time, the sexy star is finally at peace with her body. She primarily attributes good and clean diet for her svelte figure. Let’s have a look at some of the diet and workout secrets of the brunette bombshell which are accountable for her enviable transformation.

Angela Simmons boxing workout
Angela Simmons boxing workout

Vegan Diet

To strip off unwanted pounds from her body, first thing Angela did was, she turned into a vegan eater. Vegan foods being low in calories and opulent in nutrients make it easy for your body to slim down without suffering from ailments. The youthful beauty didn’t face much of the struggle while switching from animal foods to entirely plant based diet. However, if you too are up to making some dramatic changes in your diet and relying on plant based foods completely, you shall stay mindful about the incorporation of proteins in your diet. Angela fulfills the protein demands of her body by eating beans, lentils, spinach, almonds etc. which enrich her body with protein. Aside from fueling her body with clean and green foods, she also consumes vital supplements such as multivitamin and B12 – supplements to thoroughly nourish her body.

Angela Simmons eating her lunch.
Angela Simmons eating her lunch.

Several Small Meals

Angela who gives paramount importance to diet to acquire sylphlike figure fuels her worked out body five to six times in a day. Her snack items include granola bars, pistachios, fruits, smoothies etc. She also keeps ginger candies handy with her and eats them to relinquish her appetite. Aside from being stress relieving, ginger candies are also credited with property to heal upset stomach. To make sure that she remains tuned with good diet and workout routine, she makes early beginning of her day i.e. at 6 in the morning. Frequent meals indeed keep control on her blood sugar level and keep her full of energy throughout the day.

No Pain No Gain

Angela Simmons fitness scheduleAngela who had been a victim of overweight body for a very long time strongly acknowledges the theory of no pain no gain. She contends, since there are no quick fixes to captivating bikini figure, you cannot expect to drop weight unless you resort to grueling workouts. You have to walk that extra mile to attain something as outstanding as sexy curves. Being very regular and disciplined in her workouts, she does not allow any day of her to go without exercises. She performs myriad workouts under the supervision of her personal trainer, Mike T. And among all other workouts, squats allure her the most. She executes almost all kinds of workouts such as cardio, strength training, interval training, circuit training etc. in her workouts. In weight training, instead of being reliant on low intensity weights, she lifts heavy weights i.e. thirty pounds. Even on rest days when she doesn’t execute conventional workouts, she gives her body great exercise by doing activities such as yoga, spinning, stair climbing, dance classes etc.

Angela Simmons working out

Use of Waist Band

One most peculiar thing about her workouts is she seldom performs them without wearing waist band. Workouts done with waist band not only tone your abs, they also make your workouts more effective by providing apparent definition to your ab muscles.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Research shows that bulky people who are bullied by shameful comments are very likely to gain more pounds than overweight people who are lucky enough not to be ridiculed about their weight. Generally the most prominent cause to gaining weight is your tendency to eat mindlessly. Here are few tips which if you shall incorporate in your lifestyle, they shall keep a check on your heedless consumption of foods and thus save you from packing up unsolicited pounds.

Put Your Forks Down

Sounds too simple to be true!!! Well, it’s plain but influential way to keep you from consuming foods like a beast. Most of us continue eating foods without paying attention to our fullness. If you nurture the habit of putting down forks, your body shall get time to connect with your brain and slow down your pace to eating foods. It takes about 20 minutes by your brain to send signals to the body that your stomach is full now. So, eating slowly may help you in eating less.

Make a Fist

Making a fist being having psychological impact on your brain, draws your attention away from foods and persuades you to stop eating foods. Clenched fist being representative of ‘no’ sends the message to your brain and reminds it to restrain eating. You shall make fists three times i.e. before starting the meals, in the middle of meals, and towards the end of meals.

Savor the Foods

Prior to start eating your foods, smell your foods, and witness how the foods looks like. Even while eating the foods, think about their texture and ingredients. Not only shall this slow down your rate, your body too shall feel satisfied sooner than it normally does.

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