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Anna Paquin Workout Routine Diet Plan

Oscar winner, True Blood’s Anna Paquin has turned sexier and hotter after pregnancy. Having become the proud mom of twin kids in 2012, Anna was back in shape within couple of months after pregnancy. And now her toned body makes it hard to believe that she is a mother of two kids.

The doting mother being multitasking often goes to beach-side for jogging while dragging the stroller having her twins. The brisk mom’s double jogging with stroller indeed is incredible and it’s not possible for everyone to swear by such an agile schedule.

What Inspires Anna Paquin?

Married to True Blood‘s co-star, Stephen Moyer, Anna gives myriad intimate love scenes in the TV show. Often seen flaunting her flat stomach abs, toned arms, and shoulders in the bare scenes in True Blood, Anna shares that bare scenes actually inspires her to be in shape. You might not believe it but nude shoots in the TV show inspired the star to acquire bikini embracing figure.

She shares, when you know that you have to appear in minimum clothes in front of millions of people on TV, it strengthens your willpower in an incredible way. She asserts, when your role in the movies or TV shows demand you to appear in hot pants and bikini tops, you have no other option but to acquire perfect shape. And that is the secret of her sylphlike figure.

Anna Paquin Definition of Being Healthy

While pointing out the difference between looking healthy and the feeling of being actually healthy, Anna feels elated at times thinking about her hale body. To her, possessing a slender is not the correct definition of a wholesome body. A healthy body not just looks good, it also has enormous core-strength, stamina, and endurance.

While sharing her ideas about workout failures of people, she says, numerous people embark on workouts with a lot of enthusiasm, but they only end up leaving workouts without attaining their goals because they compel themselves too hard to execute them.

Anna Paquin Workout Routine

Inspired and motivated from within, she hits gym even when she is too tired to do so. And in the gym, she keeps practicing workouts until she completely shatters or someone watching her warns her to stop. Hard work and persistence being the keys to success always keeps her in high spirits.

Being trained with high performance courses of workouts, Anna adores doing Pilates. Though she is kind of obsessed with Pilates, but she does feel that Pilates is not a full body workout. Owning to the gymnastics training which she had got in her childhood, Anna practices numerous moves of gymnastics in her workouts. Her personal trainer, Clay Burwell has all the words of admiration for the resilient star, having prodigious endurance and stamina.

Anna Paquin and Portion Workouts

Anna totally comprehends the importance of portion workouts and that’s the reason her workouts are specific and targeted to tone and sculpt various body parts. She primarily performs workouts to tone her arms, shoulders, stomach, legs, and butts. The brunette’s workouts being focused on different parts of body consist of resistance training and weight lifting exercises.

While resistance training is her way, to exhaust her body to the fullest, weight lifting exercises are meant to tone various muscles. Running, swimming, biking, and boxing are some of her routine cardio workouts.

Anna Paquin Running Workout

The striking beauty considers boxing as an adventurous and thrilling sport. She relishes various routines of boxing such as punching bag, and hitting mitts. Apart from these cardio-workouts, she does rope jumping and yoga to stretch her body.

Anna Paquin Diet Regime

The thought of bikini scenes is all over the gorgeous lady. She even consumes her diet while having next day’s nude shoots rolling back and forth in her mind. To her, healthy diet is as important as workouts are. They both complement each other and one is incomplete without another.

The glam star refrains from fast foods, black coffee, tea, unhealthy snacks, and desserts. She rather inculcates plenty of fruits and veggies in her diet and drinks ample water. Anna doesn’t like the idea of crash diet plans. Besides, she hates restraining her consumption to some foods only. She is in the favor of eating selected, healthy, and nutritious food items, which can nourish her body.

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