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Arthritis Diet – Powerful Ways to Overcome Arthritis

Arthritis diet plan

Rheumatoid arthritis which refers to the pain in joints makes the movement of joints difficult for you. While some people believe foods consumed by them have their impacts on the symptoms of arthritis, others completely deny the role of foods.

Different people do have different experiences and opinions, but foods certainly have their part to play towards health and wellness of your body. Any disease occurring in your body itself signals towards some kind of flaw in your diet. The main reason behind the development of most of diseases in your body is inadequate nourishment. So, if you eat right foods and avoid wrong foods, you indeed can secure pain-free joints for you.

How to Overcome Arthritis

Arthritis is not an incurable disease. Should you get careful about your diet and lifestyle, not only will you get rid of the disease but will also come out with better and more resilient body. Let’s have a look at some ways through which you can overcome arthritis.

Shed Weight

As compared to slim people, overweight people are more susceptible to become victims of arthritis. Research shows that people who shed more than ten pounds of body weight after having suffered from arthritis experienced great relief in their symptoms of arthritis. More the flesh you will have in your body, more difficult shall it become for you to make free movements.

Resistance Training

Exercises inevitably are parts of healthy lifestyle, but swimming, running, and other cardio exercises are not sufficient enough to strengthen your muscles and joints. To ensure adequate growth of your cartilage, you need to provide some stimulating exercises to your body. Weight lifting is the best way to trigger regrowth of cartilage in your body. You can get dumbbells at home and can practice strength training to accelerate the movement of your joints.

Walk Barefoot

Walking barefoot can also be effective in providing you relief from arthritis. Instead of walking in shoes, do walk barefoot for minimum ten minutes in a day. As walking barefoot on roads and other places is almost next to impossible, prefer walking on green grass in garden. If you don’t have access to garden nearby your house, you can walk on the floor of your house.

Say No to Dieting

Crash dieting is also one of the factors influencing arthritis. Prolonged hungry hours, or periods of deprivation cause inflammatory reactions in your body, which further instigates joint pain in you. Instead of switching to dieting, prefer consuming healthy and nutritious foods. Nutrient dense foods will not let the weight of your body increase. They will keep you both healthy and nourished.

Forbid Alcohol and Caffeine

Foods and beverages consumed by you should be able to provide nourishment to your body. Addiction of alcohol, cigarette, caffeine etc. makes your body hollow from inside by disrupting your entire body system. Stay away from them. Your health and wellness is in your hands. Pleasure which you get after drinking alcoholic drinks remains there with you only for couple of hours, but the pain of unhealthy and impaired body system will stick to you for your lifetime. So the choice is entirely yours.

Recognize Food Allergy

Among various other factors, food allergy is also one of the major factors responsible for arthritis. There are myriad instances where people got great relief in their symptoms of arthritis, once they eliminated culprit foods causing food allergy in them. That being said, it might be daunting for you to recognize what foods are triggering arthritis in your particular case.

But once the sinister food is identified, you can easily eradicate that particular food from your diet regime and can relish healthy and pain-free life. Mostly arthritis patients are insensitive to gluten based products such as wheat. Elimination of wheat and wheat based products from diet can be of immense help in treating arthritis.

Avoid Omega-6 Fatty Acids

With poor and unhealthy eating habits getting prevalent among people, use of omega-6 fatty acids has also escalated at a very fast pace in past few years. Omega-6 fatty acids have high content of polyunsaturated fats. Avoid using fatty oils such as soybean, corn, vegetable, canola oil etc. in your foods, and prefer swapping these oils with olive, coconut, butter, or fish oil.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Consume plenty of foods having omega-3 fatty acids in enormous quantity. Fish oil supplements, nuts, and seeds etc. are opulent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids will help your body in combating against various kinds of inflammations taking place in your joints and provide more mobility to your joints.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables come under most nutrient dense foods. They are capable to fulfill all kinds of deficiencies in your body. Should you start eating ample fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, you will experience great relief in joint pain. Consume bountiful of antioxidants such as broccoli, spinach, peas, bell pepper etc.

Antioxidants shield the muscles of your joints, and save them from mutilation caused by free environmental radicals. In addition to that, prefer consuming plant based foods over animal foods. Plant based foods will also boost the health of your cardiovascular system and will zap away calories from your body.

Calcium-rich Foods

Calcium is vital to build up the strength of your bones and joints. You need to feed calcium D to your body by exposing your body to sunlight for minimum fifteen minutes in a day. Besides that, you need to inculcate rich sources of calcium such as yogurt, cheese, milk, seeds, nuts, fishes such as, sardines, salmon etc. in your diet.

Green Tea

If you are in habit of starting your day with tea or coffee, swap them with green tea and ensure healthy beginning of your day. Polyphenol compounds found in green tea have beneficial impacts on your body; they improve the health of your joints. With the consumption of two to three cups of green tea in a day, you are very likely to witness positive changes taking place in your body.

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is also effective in mopping inflammation and muscle soreness from your body. Should you consume 10.5 ounces of cherry juice two times in a day, you are expected to see amazing relief in symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis.

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