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Australian Singer Casey Donovan’s Weight Loss is Inspiring

Imagine how would you feel if you had to lose weight by drastically changing your lifestyle and then realize that you are losing the results you had achieved because of bad lifestyle habits. You’ll obviously feel terrible, right?

Unfortunately, it is a fact that most people and even celebrities make the mistake of losing weight through hard work and gaining it due to negligence. Here, you can have a look at the interesting weight loss journey of renowned singer, Casey Donovan and learn that consistency and determination are two keywords that can keep the excess weight away from your body for long!

Workout Motivation

The diva recently shared before and after pictures on Instagram and stated that she has succeeded in losing 23 kgs in just 15 weeks. She also said that whenever she lacks motivation, she looks at how far she has come and makes herself realize that she doesn’t want to be extremely fat again.

The Journey

Crediting WLCW group for her weight loss, the songwriter said that they had changed her life. They not only helped her to lose extra weight but also changed her mindset. Though this time the weight loss journey has been tough but, it has been worth it. When she sees improvements in her performance like the ability to run a bit more each week. it keeps her going.

Still Working on Fitness

The Aussie says that she is still on a weight loss journey and is going to do the best she can!

Key Weight Loss Secrets

What motivated the Aussie to lose weight was the fact that she was making the same mistakes and knew she had to do something. She signed up with Weight Loss Coaching Works (WLCW) in June 2017, and it was the right decision.

As a part of the lifestyle changes, she had to swap her preferred fast-food meals with a high protein and carb-rich diet. Her days started with walking 5,000 steps in the morning before breakfast and walking 15,000 steps in total.

Sometimes, if she didn’t walk enough in a day, she walked for 90 minutes at night to complete the 15,000 steps goal.

The Beginning

The I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (2002-Present) winner’s weight loss journey began on the show itself as she lost 17 kgs by living off the basic diet of 200 grams of vegetables, 50 grams rice, 25 grams of oats and two tablespoons of oil.

Unexpected Results

When the series ended, she was pleasantly surprised with the results as she was expecting to lose 5-8 kgs only. This success made her happy and confident about her weight

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

Though Donovan wanted to continue on the weight loss journey, she returned to everyday life as soon as the cameras stopped rolling. She was quite careless and ate a lot at McDonald’s and drank alcohol. The result, she ended up putting 7 kgs in just 6 weeks.

The New Goal

It was then, she got serious about losing the excess weight and set a goal of bringing down her weight to below the 100 kg mark.

New Life, New Hopes

The results have been satisfactory till now as she was able to buy a size 18 pair of jeans recently which she hasn’t been able to do for a long time. She says that she would love to meet someone special who would like the new version of her.

No Indulgence

One thing that helped the theatre actress is that she got rid of the habit of stopping at McDonald’s for a cheeseburger when she felt like it. She believes that little changes matter a lot so you must pay attention to those.

Getting Compliments

Casey is delighted by the fact that everyone has noticed how much weight she has lost and they have been nice about this positive change in her life!

So, what do we learn from the author’s weight loss journey? Lose weight by using hard work, stay consistent and avoid falling back to bad lifestyle habits!

Featured Image by Eva Rinaldi / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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