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Baby Boomer Diet Plan – Best Anti-Aging Solution

Baby Boomer Diet Plan

Devised by Donna Gates, the nutritional specialist, Baby Boomer Diet is the best anti-aging solution. Though the diet plan is primarily for older people but due to its healthy food contents, people of all age groups can follow it.

Through her magnificent diet plan, Donna has made an effort to bring people closer to nature, which actually contains answers to all your questions and problems. Besides that, nature has a wonderful capacity of relieving you from pain, and absorbing your stress, worries, and diseases.

To take people back into the lap of nature, Donna has included abundant traditional food items in the diet plan. Through her valuable diet plan, she intends to reintroduce the forgotten food items and enhance your youthful age. She has also published her revolutionary ideas in her book named “Baby Boomer Diet.

Theory of Baby Boomer Diet Plan

Baby Boomer Diet intends to bring spectacular changes into the lives of people. After reaching a certain age, people begin suffering from ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, cancer, and many others. And they try to find the solution to these problems through cosmetic products, food supplements, and other artificial means. But Donna’s diet plan being self-sufficient will bring all the sought-after changes in your body through food items and workouts.

Principles of Baby Boomer Diet Plan

The exclusive diet plan has been created on the basis of seven core principles.

Acid-Alkaline Principle

Balance Principle

Food Combing Principle

Uniqueness Principle

Cleansing Principle

Step by Step principle

80/20 principle

Recommended Food Items

Baby Boomer Pan, which basically is an anti-aging plan, has a very articulate choice of food items. Besides keeping you away from terrible diseases, these food items will also revitalize your body. Some of the recommended food items of the diet solution are –

Grapefruit, Fermented vegetables, spirulina raw, coconut oil, steamed vegetables, amaranth, sea vegetables, quinoa, kiwi fruit, blueberries, raspberries, green tea, raw milk cranberries, cold water fish, grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, millet, raw butter, organic eggs, buckwheat, and almonds, etc.

Benefits of the Baby Boomer Diet Plan

Donna herself is a baby boomer and comprehends the problems showing up with aging. Apart from defying her own age with the use of her diet plan, she has also helped myriad people all over the globe to look several years younger than their actual age.

The Baby Boomer diet plan has numerous benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent benefits of the diet plan.

Revitalizer Plan

A Baby Boomer plan can aptly be called a revitalizer plan because the plan fills you with an amazingly vibrant flow of energy. No matter, what age you are in, the diet plan will rejuvenate your body and mind and you will start looking at life with a totally new and positive perspective.

Improved Metabolism

The plan will rev up your metabolism. Since with aging, your digestive system too grows weak, you cannot digest various nutrients at the same pace as you used to, in your younger days. As a result of that, despite requiring more nutrients in older age, you find yourself unable to feed your body those nutrients. The diet plan has figured out the causes of reduced metabolism, and also, what foods you can consume to provide your body complete nourishment.

Strengthen Immune System

As you grow older, your body becomes more susceptible to becoming a victim of serious diseases. However, the diet plan enhances the functioning of your immune system, protects you from several hazardous diseases, and makes your body more youthful and energetic.

Lose weight

Fats being piled up in your body not only makes you look overweight but also makes your body become a house of countless incurable diseases. The diet plan will scorch fats from your body and will render you slim shape.

Workout in the Baby Boomer Diet Plan

Baby Boomer Diet Plan recommends a series of yoga named Tibetan Rites. Discovered by Tibetan monks, the yoga series work on various energy centers of your body. The exclusive 15 minutes of yoga series will increase your bone density, work on your posture, provide you a flat stomach, detoxify your body, and will remove the signs of aging.

Important Findings in Baby Boomer Diet Plan

  • Baby Boomer Plan figured out the reason for slow digestion with growing age. And the reason is the mitigated release of digestive enzymes, which are capable of hauling out various nutrients from the food items. However, the problem certainly is not unavoidable, for recommended food items of baby boomer diet can save you from this problem.
  • The second important finding is the metabolism of your body changes many times in a day. The diet plan insists on starting your day with light breakfast. Your lunch can be the heaviest diet of the day because your metabolism is at its best in the afternoon. And your dinner should be vegan and light.
  • The acid Alkaline Principle depicts the ratio of acid and alkaline in your body and what are the impacts of various food items on their ratio. It tells about your body requirement to maintain a balance between both of them. The diet plan has inculcated various food items, which will bring balance between the two.
  • She points up the consumption of probiotic diets such as coconut kefir and fermented foods such as cultured vegetables. Besides accelerating your digestion system, these foods boost your energy.
  • She has emphasized the importance of healthy fats such as flax seeds, extra virgin coconut oil, and hemp seed oil. These healthy fats bless you with glowing skin and hair, keep your brain healthy, and enhance the functioning of the thyroid gland. For getting youthful skin and health, she has insisted on including omega-3 and omega-6 in the food items.

Drawbacks of the Baby Boomer Diet Plan

Baby Boomer Plan seems to provide a wonderful remedy to combat against aging, but it has some drawbacks also.

  • The fermented foods suggested in the plan require an enormous time for cooking.
  • There is no guidance about the food recipes. Users are left on their own to discover their own recipes.
  • Food supplements such as probiotic foods and digestive enzymes have been advocated in the diet plan, which is not very appreciable.
  • The plan is difficult to adhere to and seeks dieters to make massive adjustments in their diet regime.

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