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BalanceFrom GoYoga All Purpose High Density Non-Slip Exercise Mat Review

BalanceFrom GoYoga All Purpose High Density Non-Slip Exercise Mat

If you are looking for something to keep you fit and also calm your mind then you should join yoga classes. From normal people to celebrities, all have tried yoga and got amazing results. As life has become too hectic today, it is important to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally. Stress can affect our mind and body and one way to get rid of stress is doing yoga.

Yoga is an amazing exercise that doesn’t require any bulky equipment. So, it is not necessary for you to join a yoga class. You can do yoga by yourself at home by buying DVDs or watching YouTube videos. Yoga has some difficult poses and sometimes the beginners feel that their feet and arms ache after doing yoga. They may also fall on the hard ground and get injured. To prevent this, you need a yoga mat. It not only prevents you from hurting yourself but also gives a comfortable surface for doing your exercise. When you go to a yoga class, there might not be enough space to do exercise comfortably as the class may be too crowded. In such a case, your yoga mat will give you the personal space you need to do your exercise.

The exercise mat manufacturers have come up with various exercise mats designed just for doing yoga. The mats vary in size, color, thickness, and material. The price of the mats depends on the quality of the product. Here, we are going to review the BalanceFrom GoYoga All Purpose High Density Non-Slip Exercise Mat.


It is designed in a way to fit people of all sizes and shapes. It is lightweight and feels soft when exercising. It has non-slip surfaces on both sides, so, no matter which way you lay the mat, you will be able to exercise comfortably. It is designed to provide great resilience so that you can keep your balance all the time. You can get this mat in 7 different colors. Not many manufacturers will give you so many color options, so this is one of the most stylish yoga exercise mats you will find in the market.

Build Quality

It is made up of high-quality eco-friendly material. It has ¼ inches of thickness that provides cushions to your elbows, knees, hips, and spine when you do your exercise. Some of the yoga poses are very tricky and this mat lets you keep your balance while doing these difficult exercises. The mat is slip-resistant and so you will be able to perform the exercises without hurting yourself. It is built with an anti-tearing net that makes it durable even if you do intense exercise for a long time. It has moisture resistant technology that makes it easy to clean just with soap and water.


It is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide which is appropriate for different users. It is lightweight, so, you can carry it around easily. It comes with a free strap that lets you carry it on your shoulder and take it with you while you go on camping or other places.


The thickness of the mat is just perfect for doing yoga. It feels soft and helps you keep balance while doing difficult yoga poses. The mat is very comfortable and your knees or elbows won’t hurt after your exercise. You get a very comfortable and soft surface to do yoga properly. As it is lightweight and comes with a free strap, you can easily take it to your yoga classes.


You will find this exercise mat for $15 to $20 at Amazon. You can buy used ones for a cheaper rate. If you consider the high-quality materials with which it is made, you will realize that the price is not too much. Compared to the other yoga mats available in the market, this yoga mat will give you good value for your money.


  • It is lightweight and so easy to transport.
  • As you get a strap with it, you can easily roll it up and store in any corner of your home.
  • It is made of high-density material that is eco-friendly.
  • The thickness of the mat is just perfect for doing yoga poses.
  • You can get it in several stylish colors.
  • It provides great resilience so that you can keep your balance all the time.
  • It is comfortable and soft, so you won’t hurt yourself while doing exercise. It cushions your body while doing vigorous exercise.
  • Both the sides of the mat are non-slip, so there is no risk of slipping while exercising.
  • It is moisture-resistant, so you will be able to clean it easily using water and soap.
  • You won’t get any foul smell from the mat.
  • You get 2 years warranty with this mat.


  • The foam sometimes gets compressed when you do your yoga poses and may not recover. So, the surface becomes uneven after doing exercise for some time. This may make it difficult to keep balance during your exercise.
  • Stretching, like the downward facing dog position, may be difficult as you might feel that the mat is stretching apart.
  • It takes some time to become flat after you open it from the roll in position.

Final Verdict

You will not get a better yoga exercise mat than this one at such an affordable price. BalanceFrom is renowned for making yoga exercise mats and they never compromise on quality. By buying this mat, you will be able to perform all the different yoga poses comfortably without hurting yourself. The mat is soft and comfortable and will cushion your body.

It is moisture-resistant, so you will be able to clean it easily. It is lightweight and you can roll it out with the free strap you get for easy transport and storage. You will be able to take the mat with you to yoga classes, camping, or anywhere you go. As you get it in various colors, you will be able to pick your favorite color.

This exercise mat is made of high-density eco-friendly foam that makes it very durable. You will not get any rubbery smell as well that can distract you while exercising. Once you buy this mat you won’t have to think about replacing it for a long time.

Yoga is a brilliant exercise to keep your body fit, shaped and healthy. It will also relieve you from stress and give you the calming feeling. You need the perfect surface that is not too soft and not too hard in order to perform your yoga poses. This yoga exercise mat from BalanceFrom gives you just that. You will be able to do your exercise without hurting your elbows, knees, spine and other body parts.

Overall, this exercise mat is one of the best you can find for doing yoga. Considering the quality, price and other features, you won’t get a better exercise mat in the market. So, you will actually be a winner by buying this amazing yoga exercise mat from BalanceFrom.

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