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BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat Review

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat Review

Exercising is a good habit to keep yourself healthy. With streets filled up with junk foods and people leading an unhealthy lifestyle, it is become necessary to exercise every day to stay fit and healthy. One option is to go to the gym. However, going to the gym can be expensive and time-consuming. You can easily make your home a mini gym. It is not necessary to use all those big exercise equipment that you get in the gym. You can also get your desired body just by doing free hand exercises, yoga or planks. For this type of exercises, you don’t need any big equipment, but you need a good exercise mat.

A great quality exercise mat can keep you supported and ensure your safety and comfort. If you try doing exercise on the floor, you will find that your legs and knee may hurt and this will offset your exercise routine. Instead, if you buy an exercise mat, you will be able to exercise comfortably. An exercise mat is not only helpful for people to exercise, but it also helps martial artists or gymnasts to perform well. There are various types of exercise mats available in the market. They vary in size, quality, material, and other features. Here, we are going to review the BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat.


One of the best parts of this exercise mat is its shape. It has a geometric shape that lets you fit any surface. In case of other exercise mats, you will see that a part of your surface is left uncovered. But in case of this mat, there are edges with teeth cut into them and looks more or less like a jigsaw puzzle. You will be able to customize the mat according to the size of your surface or your need. You can fit more mats to increase the surface area. The mat will fit no matter what the size or shape of your room is.

Build Quality

It is made of high-quality shock absorbing EVA foam that provides outstanding cushion and support. It doesn’t contain any toxic phthalates that many exercise mats in the market may contain. It has non-skid textured tiles that are durable and protects the floors. Overall, it will create a comfortable exercise space for you. It is water-resistant and so there won’t be any stain due to sweat or other things. It is also noise-resistant, so no matter how hard you work out, the noise won’t disturb people who are living next to you or below your floor.


You will find this mat in various sizes to suit your need. Every pack comes with 6 tiles, 12 end borders and 24 square feet total covering the area. The puzzle pieces can connect easily. You can also disassemble them quickly. You can also get larger packs of 96 and 144 square feet area. The thickness of the tiles also can be either ½ inches or ¾ inches according to your preference. You can easily buy a customized exercise mat according to your preferred size, color, and thickness.


People perform various exercises on the exercise mat. They can even do risky aerobic moves or gymnastic moves as well. The manufacturer has made this mat in such a way that you don’t hurt yourself even after doing difficult moves. That is, even if you fall hard on the mat, you won’t get injured as the mat provides sufficient cushioning.

You can choose the thickness of the mat according to your purpose. For example, if you are doing gymnastics, then, a thicker mat may be preferred as there is more chance that you might fall and hit your body hard on the floor. The mat can cushion your elbow, knee, hips, and spine. But if you are doing yoga, then it is better to go for the thinner one; otherwise, you will find it difficult to maintain balance. So, first, decide your purpose of using the exercise mat and then choose the thickness of the mat.


This is one of the best quality exercise mats you can get for a very reasonable price. The 24 square feet mat will cost about $25. You can get the used one for about $17. The mats with the larger surface area cost more. The 144 square feet mattress, for example, will cost $119. You can get the used exercise mats at a lower price. As the mat is of very high quality, you will be a winner even by buying the used exercise mat.


  • The puzzle pieces are lightweight and shaped in such a way that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • It can be found in various colors including black, blue, and gray.
  • It is made of high-quality materials and so will last for a long time.
  • It is water and noise resistant. So, there won’t be any stain on the mat.
  • It is easy to clean and store. So, even if you spill drinks on it, you will be able to clean it easily.
  • As both sides of the mat have lots of traction, it is resistant to slipping. So, you can exercise comfortably and safely.
  • It provides exceptional resilience that lets you keep balance during exercise.
  • You won’t get any smell of rubber which might distract your exercise.
  • You get a warranty of 2 years.


  • All the pieces of tiles may not be of the same cut, so sometimes you might find it a little difficult to connect with other tiles.
  • Sometimes, the thickness of the tiles can vary.
  • The tiles sometimes get separated when you do exercises like burpees.

Final Verdict

In order to exercise, you need a good surface. This exercise mat from BalanceFrom gives you the best surface to work out. You can use it in a gym, home, garage or even at the children’s playroom. You can get multi-colored tiles for the kids as well. Both the surfaces of the mat are non-slip, so there is no chance that you would fall while during exercise. As the mat is water resistant, you won’t have to worry that your sweat will damage the mat.

The mat has enough cushion that can protect you from injuries even if you fall really hard on the surface. You get to choose the thickness and size of the tiles. No other exercise mat will give you so many customization options in terms of color, size, and thickness. You can actually buy the mat according to your own preference and need.

The mat is easy to assemble and you can also store it easily. You can expand the surface area of the mat by just buying extra tiles. So, you will be able to cover the entire exercise area and no portion of the mat will be wasted as well. This mat is sturdy and built from EVA foam. This is a very high-quality foam that has a shock absorbing property. So, you will not get injured even if you fall on the surface.

With so many features, it is one of the best exercise mats you can find in the market in terms of functionality and price. So, if you are thinking of buying an exercise mat, you should buy this one.

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