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Barbara Palvin Fitness Routine, Diet Plan & Beauty Secrets

Blue-eyed, pretty, and charming Hungarian model, Barbara Palvin is the newest face of L’Oreal Paris, the cosmetic giant. The young model, with ravishing beauty was discovered by Victoria’s Secret in Hungary, when she was just 13.

Barbara Palvin Beauty Secrets

Credited with impeccable skin and toned body, Barbara takes special care of her skin. While revealing the secret behind her flawless skin and body, the brunette tells, she takes full body message once in a week. And when not required, she prefers keeping her skin without make-up just to let it breathe.

The star with an ever-glowing vibrant face washes her face twice in a day, and then applies moisturizer. She doesn’t forget to drink milk before going to sleep, which keeps the pores of her face tight. This beauty secret was given to her by her grandmother, which she believes is the reason behind her refreshing look and amazing confidence.

Barabara Palvin Workout & Diet

Barbara’s Views on Dieting

Barbara refrains from dieting and shares that if she had done any dieting before starting her career, her health would have deteriorated beyond control by now.

She says, she is too young for any crappy dieting and wants to relish all the varieties of delicious foods out there. The star blindly adheres to her mother’s suggestions. Her mother, who is also her mentor, recommends her to consume wholesome and nutritious diet to keep her skin healthy and glowing.

Barbara Palvin Workout Regime

Barbara practices Pilates two hours in a day, and three to four days in a week. While travelling, she practices easy workouts, which she actually learnt from YouTube videos.

While revealing her workout secrets, Barbara told, she learnt her workouts from YouTube tutorials, which can be searched by typing 30 minutes intense training. And among all of them, she opted to go along with Kate Hudson tutorials. Barbara revealed if she somehow happens to gain weight, she is unlikely to be overweight for long because her chronically slender body doesn’t take long in reverting to its original shape.

Barbara Palvin Diet Plan

She is a big foodie and likes to eat loads of food. Not being prepared to do any compromise with her favorite foods, she is perfectly alright with some extra workouts to compensate her extra food intake.

Barbara begins her breakfast with healthy foods such as, eggs, oatmeal etc. And her lunch comprises of chicken Caesar salad, hefty amount Cheese, Chinese foods, or sushi. Barbara’s dinner which is usually lighter than her lunch includes cheese and salami. While travelling, Barbara prefers toast with strawberry jam, cheesy omelet, or croissant in her meals.

While sharing one of her experiences, Barbara tells, she loved fish and liked its taste a lot, but then once she came across the process of making fish soup and she couldn’t eat fish ever after that incident.

Some Healthy Diet Tips

  • Don’t keep you hungry for a very long time in the morning. Keep feeding your body after every two hours with healthy and nutritious snacks. It will keep you brisk and will improve your metabolism. Inculcate fresh fruits, juice, cheese, soup etc. in your snacks. 
  • Never skip your breakfast, as it fuels you with energy for the entire day and revs up your metabolism. Should you keep yourself hungry in the morning, you are likely to feel tempted to eat more foods for rest of the day. 
  • Don’t have your dinner too late at night, and avoid having hefty dinners. Cut the idea of having desserts for they are high in fats. There should be a gap of 14-15 hours in your dinner and breakfast. Since your body is not at work while sleeping, there should not be much pressure on your digestive system. 
  • Drink plenty of water; make it a routine to drink at least 3-4 liters of water in a day. Water cleanses the internal organs of our body and provides necessary hydration to your body. Drink one glass of water before starting your lunch and dinner; it will bring down your food intake. 
  • Instead of carbohydrates, insist on increasing the amount of protein rich foods in your diet. For those, who are in the habit of practicing regular workouts, protein rich diet can help you a lot in burning more fats and stimulating the weight loss process in your body.
  • Avoid foods rich in sugar and salt, say NO to junk food, and cut down alcoholic drinks, fizzy drinks, pastries, and biscuits from your diet because they all have high content of saturated fat.

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