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Beck Diet Solution – Drill Your Brain to Lose Weight

Beck Diet Solution

Discovered by Dr. Judith Beck, Beck Diet Solution is a six-week program, which targets to change the attitude of people and develop the right attitude in them. The Beck solution propounds Cognitive Behavior Therapy and puts that into action. Cognitive behavior therapy reckons that your food habits are in complete sync with your way of thinking.

Beck Diet Solution assigns varied tasks to you on daily basis. You need to proceed slowly and gradually towards exercises and healthy and nutritious food items. Without overloading you, the Beck solution considers it alright to have you accomplish two to three days tasks in a single day.

How You can Drill Your Brain?

Your brain controls all the activities of different parts and organs of your body. If you are seeking to shed weight, you can do that by feeding the right messages into your brain. You need to think like a lean person, feel like a thin person, and even act like a thin person.

The Beck diet solution asks you to ditch your mind to dropping weight because you can cut stubborn fats from your body by feeding manipulated messages to your mind. Six weeks of diet program is powerful enough to motivate you and develop a positive attitude in you about yourself.

Under the plan, you will be educated to like yourself. When you will revere and adore yourself, your brain will send positive and powerful signals to your body to shed weight and get you the most sought after body.

Claims of Beck Diet Solution

Beck has made seven claims in the diet solution which will educate you about the diet program.

Prepare Weight Loss Record Plan

Beck diet solution recommends maintaining a written record of your weight loss progress. The written record seeks you to write down your objective of embracing the diet plan and how much time it would take you to reach the objective. Your objective indeed should be realistic.

You need to maintain a written record of your daily food items and a slender picture of you in a diary. The written documents are also known as Response Cards. You can write everything such as your temptations, cravings you successfully defeated, and yet other cravings that you failed to overcome.

You should daily read your objective twice in a day and visualize you in a slender frame of the body. Your written record should consist of a reason why you want to lose weight and what would be your strategies for losing weight.

Pick Two Diet Plans

Beck diet solution suggests you to go along with one major and other back up diet plan. Should you find it difficult to abide by the major diet plan; you can easily migrate to the alternate diet plan. The provision of both the diet plans will make sure that you consume a balanced amount of nutrients such as carbs, proteins, and fats. In case you don’t achieve the balance through one diet plan, you can easily switch to the other.

Eat Sitting Down

Since you are very likely to eat more in standing position, you should avoid eating while you are standing. Make a note to consume all your food items in a sitting position. If you recall your unhealthy eating traits, you would realize that most of the unwholesome and junk foods you consumed were eaten in standing position.

The bottom line is that you fill more trash into your stomach in standing position. Standing position being a foe of a healthy body amplifies your chances of eating unplanned and unwanted foods.

Give Yourself Credit

Discreetly watch your day to day progress. Give yourself credit for the positive things done by you. Notice how many times you failed to achieve the goal of healthy food items and how many times you successfully went well with your designed food plan. You should endeavor to work on your mistakes and make sure that you don’t repeat the mistakes next time.

Eat Slowly and Mindfully

Beck asserts that it takes your body twenty minutes to pass the message of full stomach from stomach to brain. Should you consume foods slowly or in small fractions, your consumption will naturally come down. Stick to the habits of eating without distractions, for it also brings down your consumption level. You should learn the art of eating without being distracted.

Find a Diet Coach

You eat a controlled diet when you have a diet coach to keep watch on you all the while. Moreover, the consumption of foods remains in control when you are accountable to someone about your calorie consumption.

When you spend money to pay coach, you are likely to stay reminded of the fact that you are spending money and the realization will naturally poke you to keep a check on your diet. Should you don’t want to spend money on a coach; you can make any of your family members or friend as your coach.

Arrange the Environment

Make an environment for you where you don’t feel tempted to consume unhealthy or junk foods. For instance, if you have recently thrown a party, immediately throw the leftovers, for they will crop up your chances of eating those food items. Don’t make your stomach worth to be filled by such trash foods.

In addition to that, avoid the company of friends who keep munching or eating all the while. 95% chances are there that you too will end up consuming unhealthy or junk food items in their company.

When Does Your Body Require Food?

To comprehend your body’s requirement for foods, it’s vital for you to differentiate hunger, desire, and cravings. Hunger shows up when you have been fasting since morning and your body requires food to gain energy.

Desire is when you are not literally hungry but you are consuming foods because you can see foods around you. For instance, on special occasions like parties, since food is everywhere around you, you are very likely to feel tempted to consume them.

Craving is a strange psychological and emotional state of mind that makes you feel restless unless you consume particular food items. Craving might cause a burning sensation in your body, throat, and mouth. You need to tactfully conquer your cravings.

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