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Belinda Benn Workout Routine Diet Plan

Hot and sexy, ageless beauty, Belinda Benn seems to have put irremovable barriers in front of aging. That’s the reason, in spite of being in her late forties; she still looks two and half decades younger to her age. Having spent a great deal of time in living life as a successful business woman, Belinda resolved to transform her restrained life and move on to something bigger, more challenging, which she had always dreamed of in her childhood. And her pursuit ended up with she becoming a fitness model and instructor. Here are some of Belinda’s secrets of youthful and poised look.

Belinda Benn body transformation after starting workouts.
Belinda Benn body transformation after starting workouts.

It’s Never Too Late

We often spend our lives living in self-made shells which stop us from embarking on new beginning. Just a look at the stunning personality and captivating bikini figure of Belinda will have you think that the fab celeb must have spent a great deal of her time on workouts and diet. Well, you will be surprised to know that Belinda too was careless both about her diet and workouts until she turned thirty-seven.

Belinda Benn in her 30s.
Belinda Benn in her 30s.

It was in her late thirties only when she realized she shall make some radical changes in her life. During the same time, she engaged herself in diverse kinds of freaky adventures such as surfing, skating, traveling etc. She also became certified personal trainer. That said, it didn’t happen overnight. Like most of us, life indeed had not been a bed of roses for her too. She too had to be through traumatic divorce before she finally figured out the solution of all the mess. However, instead of letting negative phase of life get over her mind, she used it to her advantage and here we have her, as one of the most poised and elegant celebs, capable enough to inspire millions of women.

Goals Motivate Belinda

Belinda states that she always have short term goals circulating in her mind which keep her going and motivate her to look her best. Her short term goals can be like seeing shower water flowing through her toned body after workouts. And her long term goal can be to display her paragon figure in photo shoots. Above all, she seldom does the mistake to think of herself less than anybody.

Belinda Benn

Feed Good Fuel to Your Mind

Belinda refers to good thoughts as good fuel which keeps our mind healthy. Most of us dwell so much on our imperfections that we forget to appreciate the perfections. The hottie recommends her fans to change their focus from wrong to right because your mind controls your body. Hence, the kind of fuel you feed to your brain is projected by your body. Belinda admits that she too had been a victim of unwholesome thoughts for a very long time. However, as and when she began applauding the small things such as influence of workouts on body, she began witnessing wonderful changes in her life.

Love for Nutrient Dense Foods

Belinda loves incorporating nutrient dense foods such as lean meats, dried figs, almonds, green veggies, high fiber cereals etc. in her meals.

Variation in Workouts

Belinda being inclined to find new and better ways to sculpt her figure keeps changing her workouts after every six days. Her experiences with body weight workouts are simply incredible. She witnessed really remarkable changes taking place in her body after she submitted herself to high intensity body weight workouts. Belinda performs almost all kinds of exercises. However, she certainly chooses strength training over cardio workouts as strength training renders the best ever workout to women. Not only does it magnify the number of lean muscles, it also revs up your metabolism and fat burning process.

Get Lean Plan

Depending upon variation in interest and hobbies, it’s not possible for everyone to get expertise in fitness training. To help such women, Belinda has designed exclusive Get Lean Plan. The plan being targeted to bring you in lean and sculpted shape will guide you as for what kinds of foods you shall consume to multiply the benefits. In addition to that, there are plentiful of workouts such as resistance training, weight training, kettlebell workout, which will sculpt, hone, and lift your body. Belinda contends that it’s not just the quality of foods; it’s also the timing which affects your weight. For example, you cannot expect to drop weight while you continue eating carb containing foods in evening hours because more than any other time of the day, evening time is the worst to keep you from being influenced by high carb foods. The plan will work on your body in three phases, which are.

Momentum Phase

In this phase, fat burning process will get triggered in your body with the consumption of low calorie and low carb foods.

Acceleration Phase

In this phase, calorie intake allowed is bit high so your body remains energized to perform workouts. Apart from witnessing significant fat loss, your body shall get accustomed to low calorie foods.

Peak Phase

Peak phase which is the last phase of the plan will have you see lean and sculpted figure come to pass.

The best part of the plan is that you will also get treat nights which will have you cherish your beloved food items. And with the help of Get Lean Diet ebook, you will get hold of very influential workouts which specifically will work on your fat burning zone. You just need to spare twenty minutes in a day and perform these workouts three times in a week and before late, you will begin noticing changes in the circumference of your waist.

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