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Best Foods for Cyclists

In a cycling race, endurance and strength are important to stay ahead. The speed and muscle work required to ride demands high-calorie burn and rehydration. Cyclists need more energy on the road to sustain their bodies and keep the bikes at the top of the scoreboard. In order to keep up a good body state, high levels of stored carbohydrates in the form of glycogen and a good ration of protein for the repair of torn and stressed muscle tissue is required.

A cyclist has to pick the best of foods which will suit body mineral and nutrient demand before, during and after a race. Here are the ten best foods needed at the top of every winning cyclist weekly meal chart.

1. Eggs


The amount of protein required for cycling is at a lower ratio compared to carbohydrate. Eggs are a rich source of protein, containing up to six grams of enrichment. Breakfast omelet is perfect to take before a ride. Scrambled eggs with vegetables in between wheat toast, is also an appropriate meal before a ride.

2. Rice


Rice is majorly composed of carbohydrate in a general sense. During cycling, the level of glycogen burned out calls for adequate replenishing. For post-ride glycogen replenishment, white rice is better than other rice forms due to its high healthy glycogen content. Cooked in coconut milk, it makes a delicious meal, giving vitality and muscle power for effective cycling.

3. Oatmeal


It will come as a big surprise that mushy watery oatmeal prepared as breakfast porridge can make a great meal, before cycling. The slow release of carbohydrate does the job in light quantity without weighing down on an athlete. Fiber present in the meal facilitates digestion. The little protein content also favors repair of foreseen muscle stress.

4. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes

The tasty rich meals prepared with sweet potatoes are great for maintaining a great cycling diet and enjoying a good meal. The rapid release of stored sugars in sweet potato is the reason for its preference over white or Irish potato. This high carb food is a compulsory addition to a cyclist diet.

5. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Soy Milk

Contrary to public opinion, the lifestyle of athletes is not restricted to greens and lean foods alone. A number of desert drinks are also recommended in the weekly meal chart. The chocolate milkshake is no doubt an inclusion. The sweet dessert is particularly known for midnight indulgence but can provide just the right nutrient requirement needed to cycle. The carbohydrate to protein ratio is at a balanced mix. The liquid state confirms an abundance of the right amount of water for rehydration after the dehydration experienced during a hard ride.

6. Fish


There are different kinds of fish for the nutrient requirements specific diets demand. Specifically, salmon, sardines or tuna rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as sufficient protein content can be a suitable dinner addition. Although there might be a fear of fish containing fat. But the omega-3 fat is the good kind of fat. The kind of fat which supports the heart rate and improved health. Well cooked fish, medium rare pink in the middle, paired alongside green vegetables make a hearty dinner yet keeping a cyclist fit for training and competitions.

7. Chicken


Everyone loves chicken. It graces our table during Thanksgiving taking center stage. We all indulge in it despite the controversies of fat present in the meal. Not all chicken is fattening and unhealthy. Lean chicken breasts and thighs, grilled or baked has a sufficient amount of protein that needs to be taken during dinner. Eating chicken helps for muscle-building and the antioxidant present mop up free radicals in the body. Chicken is perfect for recovery at night-time especially when there is a next day body tasking ride.

8. Banana


The pectin fiber in bananas is perfect for the digestion process. The fruit can be carried on the road and eaten during a ride. This is a fast way of replenishing energy expended while cycling. The high carbohydrate content present in banana and the ease it gives in digestion makes a post-cycle snack. Call it natures own energy bar. Green bananas are very much better to eat because of the high glycogen content it has.

9. Smoothie


The smooth juicy drink, thick and rich contains electrolytes which instantly energizes any athlete. Smoothies have a sufficient amount of berries, banana, coconut milk, apple, watermelon, Greek yogurt and several other combinations of fruits. The prominent minerals and water hydrates and provide cyclists with natural sugars, in other words, energy. To regain strength after a mild workout before cycling, a glass of smoothie is perfect. No artificial flavors and natural stuff does the job efficiently.

10. Rehydration Juice

Rehydration Drink

There are a lot of industrially produced rehydration water and juice drinks specifically made for athletes to carry on the road. A high rate of dehydration is a very common occurrence during cycling. In order to avoid breaking down during a race, it is vital to have a bottle of rehydration juice by the side. Ordinary water is usually not sufficient enough for long rides. A variety of sports drinks exists for in-ride replenishment. However, the personal creation of this juice is healthier. The combination of water-filled and high sugar containing fruits with clean water make a natural energy boost. The only danger in self-made rehydration juices is the measurements involved. It is not sufficient enough for the whole ride.

Pairing two or more of these foods, arranged in a strategically balanced diet, weekly is necessary to build up and store the right nutrients needed during cycling. Eating the right foods is not limited to the periods of high competition rides. A steady diet compiled with a sufficient level of carbohydrates and proteins is vital in bodybuilding. Cyclists are required to have enough muscle power especially concentrated in the thighs and arms to move fast and stay at the top of their game.

Food is a very important aspect of cyclist training. It determines the state of the body and capacity of the athlete to move efficiently and swiftly to win the race. So, eat the right kind of food that will be beneficial for you as a cyclist.

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