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Best Foods to Eat After Vomiting

So long as you’re a normal human being, you must have vomited at one time or the other, and chances are, you’ll still vomit again in future. So, it’s kind of normal, but unpleasant.

The question now is, how can you stop it? Depending on certain kinds of foods to help relieve one of vomit is not the first thing that comes to mind talking about solutions to vomit. Like, for crying out loud, you can’t keep anything down. So why should you eat when you’ll end up throwing it up?

The truth of the matter is that food can help you stay hydrated, strong enough to fight sickness, and help your stomach settle. Some foods are specifically helpful after vomiting. They are not heavy, and they can arrest the cause of the vomit almost immediately.

Here are the 10 best foods to eat after vomiting:

1. Banana

When you’re feeling sick, you’re most likely to lose some weight and energy. This is because most foods (if not all) will be unpleasant to you. So you tend to eat less. This loss of appetite is understandable, but it is left for you to do what you can in order to better equip your system to fight the sickness.

Eating banana is one of the best ways to get along after vomiting. It is a nutrient-dense fruit which contains a lot of energy and other compounds that can keep your body strong enough to pull through. It is one of the few foods that are easy to eat even when your stomach is troubled and you’ve lost appetite for food.

2. Ginger

There is hardly any culture and tradition that does not revere ginger as a culinary and medicinal spice. It has a lot of health benefits, one of which is reducing nausea. It’s also good for fighting PMS symptoms, boosting testosterone, and reducing inflammation.

Ginger contains over 100 active ingredients. Some of them are Gingerols, Zingerone, Zerumbone, Flavonoids, etc. Most of these compounds have anti-oxidant effects which are effective in fighting tumors, inflammation, pain, and nausea.

3. Broth

If you want a healthy life, then make Broth a part of your diet. It’s highly nutritious and known to promote digestive health. It has some amino acid contents which help in digestion and calming an upset stomach.

You don’t even have to force the broth down your throat. Most part of it is fluid, which makes it less unpleasant to ingest when feeling nauseous.

4. Applesauce

This is a no brainer. It’s always been a go-to food for people suffering from nausea or diarrhea because it’s a good sedative recommended for people with an upset stomach. Applesauce is particularly helpful for children but can be equally effective on adults.

The thing about applesauce that makes it such a go-to food for people with diarrhea or nausea is that it promotes good digestion due to its high pectin concentration. It promotes the growth of probiotics which are very good for calming your guts and keeping them healthy.

5. Water

Eating solid food may be the most unpleasant and hardest task for you when you feel nauseous, but whatever you do, always drink water. Drinking may be unpleasant as well, but not half as unpleasant as eating solid food. You need water to keep you hydrated all the time to help get you through the sickness. It can also help reduce the feeling of nausea.

Aside from water, you can sip on other clear beverages too. You can have drinks like –

  • Iced tea
  • Flavored water
  • Soda
  • Oral rehydration solution
  • Coconut water
  • Clear juices, etc.

Try not to take a lot in a single go. Little sips every now and then work better.

6. Cold foods

Nausea does not go well with hot food. This does not have anything to do with the temperature. It’s just that hot foods tend to give away stronger aroma and flavors when hot, which may trigger vomit. A pregnant woman, in most cases, experience lesser vomit if they stay away from hot foods.

Talking about cold foods, here are some good examples of foods that can help you avert vomit:

  • Ice cream
  • Chilled fruits
  • Jell-o
  • Frozen popsicles
  • Custards
  • Ice cubes, etc.

This does not mean you should eat all your foods cold. When you feel a bit better, you can eat your foods hot.

7. Rice

When you’re nauseous and can’t keep anything down, try eating some rice. It can be white or brown rice, it doesn’t matter. Just try to make the recipe as simple as possible or you may not tolerate it. Colorless, odorless, strongly flavored, and bland foods are more easily tolerated because they are less likely to trigger nausea and vomit.

Rice has a lot of health benefits too that can be of help to your health, especially when you’re down. They are high in calories, which means they provide your body with energy. They contain minerals like calcium, iron, vitamins, riboflavin, thiamin, etc. Rice is also heart friendly.

8. Noodles

Ask college students and they’ll tell you that noodle is a life saver for them. Not necessarily because it is delicious, but because it is very easy to make and nutritious as well. They are inexpensive too, and great comfort food to help tone down vomiting.

Just to help keep things tight and healthy, it is necessary to throw in a little bit of fiber and protein to your noodles because noodles are generally low in both. You can eat it with eggs, meat, beans, or any other protein source you can tolerate. As for fibers, vegetables and fruits are great options.

9. Potatoes

This is another starchy food that’s easy to prepare and very effective in calming of troubled stomachs. Potatoes contain about 77 calories for every 100 grams; enough calories to keep the body going. It is also bland (bland foods help to ease the symptoms of nausea and vomit) and may not be as unappealing as many other foods.

There is a good number of potato recipes that are suitable foods for you after vomiting. You can choose to boil them and eat them with a simple sauce or even butter. Roasted or baked potatoes with milk or butter is a good combination too.

10. Herbal tea

Herbal tea is very good for the health owing to its nutritional value. It can also help you calm your stomach if you’re nauseous or if you just finished vomiting. According to studies, professionals recommend herbal tea to pregnant women to help them get along with the feeling of vomit which comes with pregnancy most times.

In the same way, you may want to pick up a cup of coffee at the first sign of stress, that is how you should take herbal tea at the first sign of nausea and vomit. Drinking teas made of herbs induce a sedative effect on you and helps your stomach to relax.

As a rule of thumb, you should see your doctor if you experience severe nausea or if symptoms persist after one to two days. Before then, you can rely on any of the foods mentioned above to get you back to good health. Drinking water or any clear healthy fluid is a good way to keep up your body hydrated, but be careful not to drink too fast. The same goes for eating.

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