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Best Foods with Vitamin B17

Best Foods with Vitamin B17

Whenever you hear the word ‘cancer’ fear strikes you, isn’t it? It’s one of the most deadly diseases and most of the time there is no cure for it. In the 1950s it was found that vitamin B17 has anti-cancerous properties. Vitamin B17 is actually a semi-synthetic derivative of Amygdalin, which is a chemical constituent of various plants and fruits. The synthetic version of it, called Laetrile, was used for cancer treatment in 1845 in Russia. It was later introduced in the US in 1920. Then the US researchers found traces of hydrogen cyanide in it and it was banned as a treatment for cancer in the US.

However, a number of alternative medicine practitioners considered vitamin B17 as the cure for cancer. This vitamin is found abundantly in seeds of apricots and apples. It is believed that vitamin B17 can prevent the development of cancer; however, the topic still remains debatable.

Besides its anti-cancerous properties, vitamin B17 has various health benefits as well. You should include vitamin B17 in your diet for the following reasons:

  • It helps to regulate hypertension by forming Thiocyanate that lowers high blood pressure.
  • It boosts our immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells.
  • It can associate with other antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E and help to eradicate the toxic cells from the body.
  • It is also effective in relieving pain that is caused by arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.
  • It helps in lowering blood pressure.

Vitamin B17 can improve your overall health condition and that’s why you should include it in your diet. Here are the best foods that contain vitamin B17:

1. Seeds


Apricot kernels and seeds contain the highest amount of vitamin B17. Seeds of apple, plum, peach, and pear are also loaded with this vitamin. So, next time you buy apricot or peach, you should crack open the pit and eat the kernel. You can eat them as they are, or grind them and add it to smoothies or salads. When you eat an apple, try to eat it along with the seeds and peels; it might help to prevent cancer.

2. Nuts


Bitter almonds are a great source of vitamin B17. Cashews and macadamia nuts are also rich in vitamin B17. Bitter almond was used traditionally by the Egyptians, Chinese and Pueblo Indians. It was found that when you distill the water from bitter almonds, Hydrocyanic acid is released, which can be purified to get Amygdalin that has anti-cancerous properties. Nuts have the following benefits:

  • Nuts contain different minerals, proteins, and nutrients that are good for the overall health.
  • If you eat almonds regularly, it can increase the high-density Lipoproteins, that is, good cholesterol, and decrease the low-density lipoproteins or the bad cholesterol. So, the risk of heart disease or stroke is reduced considerably.
  • Almonds contain high amounts of health-promoting fats.
  • Cashew nuts help to lower the blood pressure and make your bones stronger. It also helps with weight loss.
  • Nuts give you a healthy heart and prevent colon cancer.

You should include nuts as mid-day snacks every day. You can also add nuts in your salad to boost the intake of vitamin B17.

3. Berries


Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberry, etc. contain lots of vitamin B17. Berries have various health benefits that include the following:

  • Berries have a high amount of photochemical that protects cells from damage.
  • Cranberries contain Benzoic acid that prevents the growth of colon cancer, lung cancer and some forms of leukemia.

You should include berries in your everyday diet and eat the seeds of it as well to get your daily recommended intake of vitamin B17. Berries can improve your overall health and prevent a number of diseases.

4. Grains


Grains such as millet, barley, buckwheat, and flax are excellent sources of vitamin B17. Flax seeds are loaded with vitamin B17. They also contain omega fatty acids that are good for heart health. They are rich in micronutrients, manganese, vitamin B1 and dietary fiber as well. Flax seeds also help to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

5. Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus Leaves

Leaves of eucalyptus contain vitamin B17. They have lots of beneficial properties that can improve your health. Here are some of the benefits of eucalyptus leaves:

  • Eucalyptus leaf is a popular herbal remedy for getting rid of cough, cold and congestion.
  • It is often used in ointments to get relief from pain in the joints and muscles.
  • It is included in mouthwash as it helps to fight the bacteria in the teeth.
  • It can also treat fungal infections and wounds on the skin.

You can make eucalyptus tea and drink it to fulfill the intake of vitamin B17. You can also add some leaves to your salad or vegetables and then eat.

6. Sprouts


Bamboo sprouts contain high quantity of vitamin B17. Alfalfa sprouts, whole green gram sprouts, and mung sprouts also contain this vitamin. The sprouts of alfalfa are good for the kidneys and also prevent kidney stones. Sprouts are now becoming very popular as a healthy food.

  • Sprouts are packed with fiber, protein, enzymes and other micro-nutrients which help to fight the free radicals.
  • They are oxygen dense and so helps to protect the body from the virus, bacteria, etc. that can cause various diseases.
  • As it is rich in fiber, it helps in weight loss.
  • It alkalizes the body and gives protection from cancer and other diseases.
  • It helps in cell regeneration as well.

You can include sprouts to your soups, salads, pasta, etc. You can also put them in the blender and make smoothies. Though not many people like eating it, you should include it in your diet to get vitamin B17 and other nutrients from it.

7. Beans


Beans like black beans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, green peas, lima beans, fava, etc. are good sources of vitamin B17. You should try to include assorted beans in your diet to get the most health benefits.

  • Beans are packed with amino acids that are the building blocks of protein.
  • It contains folate that can prevent neural tube defects in the fetus during the time of pregnancy.
  • It contains antioxidants that fight the free radicals in the body.
  • It can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer.
  • It prevents food cravings, and so can help in losing weight.

You can make healthy side dishes out of it and also add to your soup. Stirred fry beans are tasty and you can have it for your lunch or dinner.

8. Vegetables


Vegetables like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, carrot, and cabbage are rich in vitamin B17. They also contain phytonutrients known as Indoles that stimulate liver detoxification and helps to fight cancer. Cabbage contains a high amount of vitamin C as well that is a potent antioxidant and helps to kill cancer cells. Carrots contain Carotenoids that are good for eye health. These vegetables are also packed with cancer-fighting nutrients.

9. Spinach


Spinach contains a high amount of vitamin B17. Spinach leaves contain lots of antioxidants that help to fight diseases such as Osteoporosis, Atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. It is good for the skin, hair, and bones too. Other than vitamin B17, spinach also contains other nutrients that are very beneficial for the body.

  • It contains iron that improves blood production and also lets the body use energy efficiently.
  • It contains calcium that is good for bone health.
  • It has magnesium that is needed for energy metabolism and maintaining blood pressures. It improves nerve and muscle functions as well.
  • It contains antioxidants that help to control diabetes.

You can stir fry spinach or add it to your soup. You can eat it as a side dish as well for your lunch. This superfood must be included in your regular diet.

10. Tubers


Tubers such as yam, cassava, and sweet potato contain vitamin B17. Cassava leaves are a good source of protein. However, they should be cooked properly so that the Cyanogenic Glucosides are not converted to Cyanide. These tubers are a good source of antioxidants that are good for the body. They are rich in fibers, calcium, and other vitamins as well. It improves your eyes, bones and the nervous system. You can eat sweet potato just by boiling them. These tubers are very nutritious and must be a part of your diet.

Vitamin B17 is very healthy for the body, offering lots of benefits. Its role in preventing cancer is still not proved; however, it provides other important health benefits too. So, you must eat vitamin B17-rich food to stay healthy and prevent some serious diseases caused by its deficiency.

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