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Best Foods with Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is one of the 8 essential B vitamins and is very important for the proper functioning of the body. It is required for the maintenance of the nervous system, red blood cell generation, metabolism, immune system, brain, eyes, and heart. If there is a long-term deficiency in vitamin B6, it can lead to skin inflammation, depression, confusion, anemia, and even heart disease. Our body cannot synthesize vitamin B6 and so we have to get it from external sources such as foods or supplements. You should try the following vitamin B6 foods in your diet.

1. Milk


Milk contains the essential amino acids that are needed by the body for its well-being. It is a great source of vitamin B6 and helps in muscle building and recovery. As it contains vitamin D as well, it is crucial for maintaining teeth and bone health. Some people don’t like to have a glass of milk. In that case, you can pour it over your cereal during breakfast.

2. Ricotta Cheese


Vitamin B6 is found in the whey protein content of the ricotta cheese. It also contains vitamins A, B, B1, B2, and B3. It preserves calorie-burning lean muscle mass, so helps in weight loss. Ricotta cheese also contains phosphorus and zinc as well which have various health benefits. You can use this cheese in cheesecake or lasagna. You will love the mellow taste and smooth texture of ricotta cheese.

3. Salmon


Salmon has high concentrations of vitamin B6 and is very good for the adrenal health and maintaining proper functions of other parts of the body. Here are the benefits of including salmon in your diet:

  • The different hormones that are produced in the adrenals help to control the blood sugar and regulate blood pressure.
  • It contains essential minerals that help to improve the cardiovascular function of the body.
  • It has antioxidants that reduce cell damage caused by free radicals.

You should choose farmed salmon as they contain a high amount of vitamin B6. You can eat salmon by baking, grilling, or any other way you prefer.

4. Tuna


Tuna contains a good amount of vitamin B6 which helps to produce hemoglobin and strengthen bones. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids which makes it heart-friendly. It is rich in zinc, manganese, and selenium that strengthen the immune system. It fights free radicals and so reduces the risk of cancer. You can get significant amounts of vitamin B6 in canned tuna and tuna steak.

5. Eggs


Eggs contain vitamin B6 and so you should include it in your everyday diet. It also contains protein and other nutrients which are good for muscle building and recovery. Apart from that, the nutrients in eggs reduce the risk of heart-related problems. Eggs are a good source of iron, copper vitamins A, D, and B12 as well. Eggs are good for the bones and your overall health.

6. Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver

Chicken liver is a good source of vitamin B6, folate, protein and vitamin A. It helps the body to break down the protein efficiently and then use it. It is full of nutrients but low in calories. It is good for the vision, immune and kidney functions as well. So, it helps to reduce your hunger. You should avoid overcooking chicken liver as it may become rubbery as well as it might lose the nutrients in it.

7. Beef


Though beef is high in fat, it provides a good amount of vitamin B6, proteins and other nutrients. It helps to improve red blood cells, immune system, and nervous system. It is also good for your kidney. You should opt for grass-fed and lean beef in order to get rid of fat. That way you will be able to get rid of the harmful effects of having beef.

8. Carrots


Carrots are rich in vitamin B6. You should eat a few carrot sticks every day. It is fibrous and has lots of vitamin A as well. You can eat it raw, cooked or make a smoothie or juice using it. Vitamin B6 in carrots helps to develop the protein sheath that’s around the nerve cells. It is good for maintaining proper eyesight as well. It helps to lower the blood cholesterol and so you lose weight by including carrot in your daily diet.

9. Spinach


Spinach contains lots of vitamin B6 that is necessary to make antibodies. It can help to get rid of various infections and diseases as well. It also contains vitamins A and C that are good for eyesight and other important body functions. Spinach also contains antioxidants that help to fight the harmful free radicals. It can also reduce the risk of cancer.

10. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is extremely nutritious. Only a medium-sized sweet potato contains lots of vitamin B6. It also contains vitamin A, fiber and magnesium. The vitamin B6 helps to regulate glycogen in the body. It also helps in proper brain functioning and vision. You can eat baked sweet potatoes a few times every week to fulfill your daily recommendation of vitamin B6 intake.

If you have vitamin B6 deficiency, it can cause serious health problems. It can affect your entire nervous system and brain function negatively. It makes hormones Norepinephrine and Serotonin that controls the mood of a person. Also, it combats arthritis symptoms and keeps you in good health. So, it is essential to include foods rich in vitamin B6 in your diet.

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