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The Blood Sugar Solution – Perfect Way to Own a Hale Body

Blood Sugar Solution

Are you suffering from high blood pressure and high sugar level? Are you completely pissed with the incessant ongoing medication to bringing down your blood sugar level?

Here comes the solution for you. The magnificent diet plan named “The Blood Sugar Solution” by Dr. Mark Hayman will not only bring you out from the hold of sinister diseases but will also bestow you a perfectly slender body.

What does the Diet Plan Include?

The blood sugar solution will provide you the cause of imbalance in your blood sugar level. The program will introduce dietary changes in your lifestyle, which will pave your way to a healthy body.

Dr. Hayman has given a special word, “Diabesity,” which is blend of “type 2 diabetes” and obesity. Since both the problems are strongly interconnected, he has amalgamated both of them together and named them as one problem. In his diet plan, he has provided powerful remedies to purge diabesity.

Why High Blood Sugar Level is so Bad?

Dr. Hayman did a thorough research on human body and came up with the conclusion that increased blood sugar is the root cause of other degenrative diseases such as high cholesterol level, obesity, heart problems, cancer etc.

Dr. Hayman claims that more than 75% of Americans are suffering from high blood sugar or type 2 diabetes, but still there is no sure shot remedy, which can completely rid them from diabetes. Diabetic patients have no other option but to spend the rest of their lives on medication.

And the worst part is – when they start their medication to deal with diabetes, they become victim of high cholesterol level and as they begin medication for high cholesterol level, high blood sugar approaches them. In this way, the vicious circle of diseases and medication continues and they are bound to be on medication throughout their lives.

Seven Key Principles of The Blood Sugar Solution

The Blood Sugar Solution has exclusively been designed while keeping in mind the ever increasing problem of high blood sugar level. The six week diet plan will provide you a healthy diet solution through which you can overcome diabetes and other diseases and can secure healthier and happier life for you. Blood sugar solution is based on seven principles, which are as follows.

1. Boost your Nutrition

There are two types of foods you consume namely healthy and unhealthy. Healthy food promotes the formation of genes, which assist your body in combating against diabetes and making your metabolism strong. Contrary to that, unhealthy foods stimulate the formation of abnormal genes, which give command to your body to gain weight and become a house of diseases.

Exclusively designed diet plan will do the following things for you.

  • The diet plan will activate the helpful genes and restrict the sinister genes through various food items.
  • It will remove all the nutritional deficiencies which trigger your blood sugar level.
  • You will learn easy to make recipes having low glycemic loads. Dr. Hayman has used the term glycemic loads instead of glycemic index to bringing down the blood sugar level. Glycemic load means you can consume high-carb foods in combination with other food items. High-fiber, high-protein, and healthy fats lower down the glycemic index of high-carb foods.

2. Increase your Energy Metabolism

Mitochondria being the energy center of your body pep up your energy. However, due to elevated sugar level, it fails to supply energy to you, as a result of which, you feel sluggish all the while. The diet plan will stimulate the functioning of mitochondria and at the same time will defy insulin resistance in your body.

Besides that, the plan will nourish your body with vital nutrients. Apart from speeding up your metabolism, the diet program will guide you how you can steer clear from unwholesome food items, which affect the functioning of mitochondria and suck all your energy.

3. Calm your Mind

Should you have diabetes, you are very likely to suffer from prolonged depression, for both of them are interconnected. Stress triggers the formation of cortisol, insulin, and inflammation in your body, and you become a victim of obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

The amazing relaxation techniques mentioned in the diet plan will remove stress and will revitalize both your body and mind There are twenty easy to follow stress-relieving techniques in the plan which will improve your sleep, and will save you from other negative emotions.

4. Balance your Hormones

There should be a balance in the release and functioning of hormones in your body. Since imbalanced hormones act like stumbling blocks, they need to be eliminated. The diet solution will bring balance in your hormones.

If you are suffering from thyroid problem, it can prune your insulin level. Excess of stress causes the formation of cortisol hormone in your body, which crops up your blood sugar level and increases your belly fat.

Unsolicited insulin can also speed up gender related problems. For instance, women might get facial hair and men might get breasts. The diet plan will handle these issues and will balance your hormones.

5. Enhance your Digestion

Should you have digestive problems, you are very likely to face the problem of weight gain and numerous other troubles. You can never expect to have a healthy body, if your digestion is not at par. While good foods such as fruits and vegetables rev up your digestive system and bring it in good health, processed and junk foods make it worse. By feeding you nutrient dense food items and some beneficial supplements such as probiotic, the diet plan will bring your digestive system on track.

6. Reduce Inflammation

Whenever you get inflammation, the insulin level in your body also soars up. Inflammation occurs in your body due to stress, unhealthy food, harmful bacteria, toxins, low-grade infections, and allergens. The diet plan will guide you about the right kinds of exercises, which will eradicate the problem of inflammation from your body.

7. Capitalize on Detoxification

More than 80% of Americans have been detected to have mercury in their system, which entered into their body through polluted air, water, and food. People with high amount of toxins have high chances of diabetes because toxins affect your blood sugar, cholesterol, and metabolism. The diet plan will detoxify your body and will suggest you effective ways to stay away from the sources of toxins. The wonderful strategies will effectively detoxify your body.

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