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Blood Type Diet – Eat According to Your Blood Group

Eat right for your blood type

Discovered by Naturopath, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, Blood Type Diet is a magnificent diet plan, which has allocated diverse food items on the basis of your blood type.

There are four prominent blood groups A, B, AB, and O. People of different blood groups react differently towards various food items. And that’s the reason why two people who abide by the same diet regime tend to get different results.

Food items containing lectin, if doesn’t match with your blood type perform myriad chemical reactions inside your body which make you sick. Incompatibility between the protein namely lectin and your blood cells might adversely affect various organs of your body.

That being said, you don’t have to worry because your body’s self-defense mechanism is capable enough to nullify the effect of 95% of lectin entering into your body. Only 5% of lectin might get the opportunity to enter into your bloodstream and affect your body organs. You just need to deal with that 5% through the diet plan.

Why Blood Type Diet?

If you are sick of making selection among so many diet plans prevalent among people, blood type diet plan can offer you a more reasonable solution. Popular among Hollywood celebs, the diet plan will boost up your energy, will shed unsolicited pounds from your body, and will pave your way to a healthy and disease free body.

Prior to drafting the diet plan, Dr. Peter has thoroughly studied the origin of all the four blood group. People keen to trying new and different kinds of diet plans can certainly go along with the diet plan. There are no strict rules in the diet plan such as no tracking of calories and fat consumption is there.

Allocation of Blood Groups

Dr. D’Adamo has allocated the blood groups into four categories. Let’s have a look at them.

O Blood Group – Meat Eaters

This blood group has been named as hunter. “O” blood group has been categorized as the oldest blood group among humans, which originated 30,000 years back. People with O blood group not being equipped with very strong immune system are very sensitive towards environmental and dietary changes.

Recommended Food Items – High-protein food items such as poultry, lean meat, fish

Forbidden Food Items – Kidney beans, wheat, navy beans, corn, cabbage, lentils, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and mustard greens

For Shedding Weight – Seafood, salt, kelp, liver, red meat, kale, spinach, and broccoli

A Blood Group – Vegetarian

“A” blood group also known as “Agarian” originated 20,000 years back. This blood group came into being with the evolution in agriculture. During that time, our ancestors used to consume vegan foods only. People with “A” blood group being credited with tolerant digestive system can easily digest carbs. However, they are immensely intolerant towards animal proteins.

Recommended Food Items – Grains, legumes, soy protein, tofu, sea food, organic vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and meat

Forbidden Food Items – Dairy, Red Meat, wheat, lima beans and kidney beans

For Shedding Weight – Soy Foods, vegetable oil, pineapple, and vegetables

B Blood Group – Balanced Omnivore

“B” blood group also known as “Nomads” represents our ancestors who used to travel from one place to another. This blood group originated 10,000 years back. People of “B” blood group being blessed with very strong immune system don’t easily become victim of allergies. They can consume anything in moderation.

Recommended Food Items – Meat, grains, legumes, beans, dairy, vegetables and fruits

Forbidden Food Items – Peanuts, lentils, sesame, buckwheat, seeds, wheat, and corn

For Shedding Weight – Eggs, venison, liquorice, liver, and tea

AB Blood Group – Mixed Diet

“AB” blood group, which is also prominent with the name “enigma,” evolved very lately i.e.just 1000 years back. This blood group is an intermediate of blood group “A” and “B.” People with this blood group have fragile immune system. Owning to very less production of stomach acids by their body system, they can consume the food items recommended for both “A” and “B” blood groups.

Recommended Food Items – Grains, carbs, fish, legumes, fruits, vegetables, meat, tofu, and sea food

Forbidden Food Items – Lima beans, kidney beans, seeds, corns, buckwheat, and red Meat

For Shedding Weight – Seafood, tofu, greens, dairy, pineapple, and kelp

Metabolism Vs. Blood Group

Most of the doctors and health experts don’t have supporting views for blood type diet. They consider that metabolism plays more crucial role in human body than blood group. Two people adhering to same diet might have different results because of difference in their metabolic activities.

To acquire healthier and happier life, your food items should be in sync with your metabolism. Two people with same blood groups but different metabolism will inevitably have varied results. So, if you are seeking to losing weight, prefer consuming low-calorie and highly nutritious healthy food items instead of blindly consuming food items on the basis of your blood type.

Critical Study of Blood Type Diet Plan

Diet experts and nutritionists claim that the blood type diet plan has no scientific base to support it. They rather call it a fad diet which is completely based on fiction rather than truth. The diet plan has blindly allocated food items according to blood types without considering individual likings and disliking of people.

The much disputed diet plan might make your body deficient in several vital nutrients. The idea of diet plan is totally absurd. If you still are feeling like giving the diet plan a try, you can try it in short run. Seldom think of making the plan lifetime diet plan because there are many pitfalls in the diet plan which might make your body permanently unhealthy in long run.

Pros and Cons of Diet Plan


  • Since the diet plan emphasizes consumption of natural food, the diet plan will inculcate healthy eating habits in you and you will efficiently shed weight.
  • Since the diet plan belittles alcohol, processed foods, junk foods, and excess consumption of coffee, you will stay immune from the harmful effects of unhealthy and junk food items.


  • If all the members in your family have different blood groups, it’s very difficult or say impossible to abide by the diet plan.
  • For people having blood group “O” and “B,” cutting dairy products from diet means cutting calcium from their diet, which is vital for the health of bones. People deficient in calcium are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis.
  • At the same time, cutting meat from diet plan of blood group “A” can directly be correlated to cutting of iron from their diet, which might make them suffer from anemia.

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