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Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Having toned arms is very important if you want a sculpted body. This is the part of the body that is visible and sure to impress all. If you have toned and strong arms, you will be able to lift heavy weights which will help you in the daily works. If you want to strengthen your biceps, one of the best ways to do so is by using a weight bench with preacher curl that will allow you to do bicep curl exercises. Here, we are going to review the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.


This bench is black and comes with preacher curl, crunch handle, and leg developer. It is also compatible with 6’ and 7’ weight set bars. It has a seven-position adjustable backrest that allows you to change it to various positions like incline, decline, flat or even military positions. So, you will be able to work out differently. The leg developer is also adjustable having adjustable foam rollers to help you perform leg curl or leg extension exercises.

Build Quality

This bench is built with high-quality materials that ensure durability and safety. It is made of tear and sweat-resistant materials, so you will be able to work out for long hours without slipping off. It is made of a 2.5-inch square tube that is strong and appropriate for serious lifters. It has built-in safety hooks that prevent injury. It can withstand a maximum weight of 300 lbs; however, it includes the user’s weight. So, if the user weighs, for example, two hundred pounds, then he or she will be able to lift just a hundred pounds of weight.

It has several added attachments like leg developer and preacher curl that allows the user to perform different types of exercises. The leg developer has oversized foam pads that provide safety and comfort. You can use standard or Olympic plates using the Olympic adapter. There is also a crunch handle that lets you perform ab crunches. It has a U-shaped front leg stabilizer that provides added safety during workouts.


This machine is of the right size which can be accommodated in small apartments. Even after having the various attachments, it won’t have much footprint, making it ideal for home use. It is compatible with 6’ or 7’ Standard or Olympic bars.


It comes with a leg developer and preacher curls. The leg developer has adjustable foam rollers that help to perform leg curl or leg extension exercises. The backrest is very comfortable and you can adjust it to 7 different positions. It also has ab crunch with foam grip handles for ultimate comfort while performing ab crunches.

Ease of Use

You will get the bench in several pieces which you need to assemble. It comes with well-written instructions that are easy to follow. However, it will take 2 to 4 hours to assemble it. It has several attachments that you can easily add on when you need to use them and remove them once you are done. You can use both standard and Olympic weight sets with it. You can adjust the backrest of this bench to 7 different positions. This allows flexibility when doing workouts.


You can lift relatively heavy weights with it and do various types of exercises which will help to target various muscle groups. With seven-position backrest, you can perform various types of exercises at different angels. It is great for chest development as you can perform different bench press movements. You can add muscle mass to your upper, middle and lower pecs using the incline, flat and decline positions.

It includes a preacher curl station which will help you to perform preacher curls which is very effective for the biceps. The preacher pad isolates the arms when you perform curls. The leg developer that is attached to it can tone your legs as well and engage your lower body and core. You can perform seated dumbbell shoulder presses, leg curls, hamstring curls, and other exercises with it. You can also use a set of dumbbells and an Olympic bar to tone the other parts of your body so that you can get a total body workout from this single piece of equipment.


  • It is compact and stylish.
  • It has a solid construction that makes it strong and durable.
  • It can give you a total body workout.
  • It is great for developing biceps.
  • You can use the adjustable weight racks as an adjustable squat rack and bench press upright.
  • It includes a lot of accessories like Olympic Plate Adapter, Preacher Curl Pad, Arm Curl Bar, and Spring Clip for Leg Developer.
  • It has an adjustable backrest and you can change it to 7 different positions. This gives you the chance to exercise in different ways.
  • The leg developer is also adjustable and you can perform leg curls or leg extensions exercises with it.
  • It has safety hooks, so there is less chance of any accidents.
  • It is stable, so you will feel comfortable during workouts.


  • It may take a long time to assemble.
  • It is not appropriate equipment for powerlifters.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a stylish and durable machine, then this is the best equipment for you. It will help you to get strong and well-built biceps within a short time. It is a good investment and will be a great addition to your home gym. If you exercise regularly using this bench, you will be able to burn calories as well. The best thing about this bench is that it has various attachments that make it extremely versatile. You will hardly get any bench with so many attachments at such an affordable price. It is a great tool for bodybuilders to get a total body workout.

This bench has been developed with safety features in mind. It has in-built safety hooks and a no-pinch design so that your hand doesn’t get hurt. It is a very steady bench and won’t wobble even when you have reached the maximum weight limit. If you are looking for a safe and durable bench that can give you results, then you should buy the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.

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This bench is highly effective in building strong biceps. You can tone your legs and abs as well with the various attachments it has.Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review