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Body By Design – Dramatically Transform Your Body

Kris Gethin's transform your life with body by design
Kris Gethin


Devised by Kris Gethin, celebrity personal trainer and main editor of eminent fitness website named bodybuilding.com, Body by Design is an exclusive fitness program which will dramatically transform your body in twelve weeks.

Popular Bollywood celebs such as Hrithik Roshan, John Abrahamand several others have used workout program of body by design, and brought them in muscular frame of body. Body by Design will sculpt your body with the help of specially designed workouts and diet routine.

You are recommended to enlarge your social group and share your weight loss goal with the members of your group. Doing so will ensure that you remain stick to your weight loss goal and show perseverance in moving towards it.

What is Body by Design Diet Plan?

Body by design diet plan tells the story of arduous work done by Kris. He believes, if you want to attain fitness; you shall have right attitude. People having negative approach but still doing everything possible to lose weight, such as doing recommended number of reps, or restraining the number of calories consumed by them, or doing other things prescribed in the weight loss program cannot expect to succeed unless they change their way of thinking.

You won’t feel deprived or hungry while moving along with the program because protein rich foods will keep you full for longer duration. Body by design diet program insists you to stay inspired towards your weight loss objective. Positive approach accompanied with workouts and diet can do wonders on your body.

Four Basic Principles of Body by Design

Body by design promises to transform your body, but there are four basic principles in the program. You need to abide by them if you too wish to attain sculpted and ripped body. Let’s have a look at these four principles.

Social Influence

Social influence is an important factor which works behind the scene but can help you a lot in reaching towards your weight loss objective. You must have noticed, mostly people surrounded with bulky and negative people often get so much comfortable with their bulky body that they don’t even bother to lose weight.

So the paramount thing you need to do is to see what kind of people are there in your group. If all the people in your group are bulky and are least bothered about their weight, change your group. Prefer joining groups having slender and positive people. You too will feel inspired to look fascinating like them.

Make Declaration

Making declaration is second most important principle of body by design program. Instead of quietly moving ahead towards your weight loss objective, make declaration about your mission of losing weight.

More would be the number of people in your circle knowing about your declaration; more would be your chances of succeeding. Making declaration would be effective because it would deter you from taking backward step, as you will be answerable to all those people in front of whom you made the declaration. This subconscious thought of yours will keep you moving in forward direction.

Change Your Lifestyle

Instead of getting worried about your problem, try to be contemplative and figure out solutions to overcome it. Spend several minutes in a day in your own company, talk to yourself, and figure out the flaws in your lifestyle.

These flaws are chiefly responsible for keeping you overweight. If you change your lifestyle and start following healthy lifestyle, without much struggle and ado, you can get closer to your weight loss objective.

Join Communities

Online communities started by the plan can help you in meeting and interacting with several other people like you, who are striving hard to melt pounds from their bodies, or to attain strong and muscular body. In addition to enhancing your circle of friends, online communities will also provide you an active platform where you can start the campaign of having healthy competition with your online friends.

Since different users get different kinds of benefits from same weight loss program, you will know their personal experiences and opinions about the plan and at the same time you can share your own experiences with them.

Diet Regime of Body by Design

Diet regime of body by design is very amicable and aims to provide adequate nourishment to its dieters. Dieters are recommended to consume six small meals in a day. There should be small portion size of protein in each meal. Besides that, you can have low carb foods and plenty of green and leafy vegetables, and spoonful of condiment in your meals.

Since the plan is rich in proteins, you are advised to drink plenty of water in a day because it might get difficult for your body to digest protein rich foods, which might cause constipation in you. Water will hydrate your body and will speed up your metabolism.

Food Items in Body by Design Diet Plan

Body by design diet plan has provided list of recommended and prohibited foods. Along-with foods, nutritional supplements have also been advocated in the program. Let’s have a look at them.

Prohibited Foods – Nuts, fruits, refined grains, avocado, sugars, oils, legumes, alcohol etc. are some of the prohibited foods of the plan.

Recommended Foods – Salmon, whitefish, chicken, lean steak, turkey breast, egg white, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, sweet potato, protein powder, cottage cheese, veal, oatmeal, yam, lettuce, tomato, spinach, zucchini, mushroom, mustard, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar etc. are some of the recommended foods of the plan.

Workouts in Body by Design

Body by design is a healthy fitness program. Kris believes you can sculpt your body in desirable shape, if you incorporate workouts in your daily routine. In twelve weeks workout plan, you need to practice strength training for minimum three days in a week and cardio workouts twice in a week. 20-25 minutes of cardio workouts are sufficient enough to enhance your heart beats and ensure good health of your cardiovascular system.

Workouts are the key to fit and healthy body, so no matter whether you hit gym or practice at home, you are bound to get amazed with the benefits of workouts. That being said, you need to have fitness equipment available at your home so you can practice workouts without any break.

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