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Body Ecology Diet Plan – Live Healthier and Happier Life

Body Ecology Diet Plan

Designed by nutritionist Donna Gates, Body Ecology Diet Plan is a very meticulous diet plan. You indisputably can make this healthy diet program your lifestyle plan. Body Ecology diet plan is completely based on your body principles.

Donna considers craving for unhealthy foods one of the main culprits responsible for making your body ill and overweight. There are myriad tips and techniques in the plan, which will inculcate good eating habits in you and will curb your craving.

How Body Ecology Diet Plan got Discovered?

Donna calls the plan revolutionary because it transformed her own life. Donna being victim of irritable bowel syndrome and yeast infection since her childhood consulted numerous physicians to treat her disease, but their medications failed to do any good to her.

After having suffered from IBS and yeast infection for several years, Donna came to realize that her body has developed sensitivity towards certain foods. As she removed those hostile food items, she got great relief in her symptoms. Body ecology diet has been created, keeping in mind possible sensitivities you have towards various foods, when you suffer from yeast infection and other problems like that.

Impacts of Imbalance in Bacteria

Imbalance of bacteria in your body is not something which can be taken for granted because it can cause myriad severe diseases such as digestion problems, depression, cancer, skin rashes, osteoporosis, menstrual irregularities, food allergies, AIDS etc. Apart from bringing relief in your symptoms, the plan will render you a healthy body.

Why Should You Eat Fermented Foods?

Body ecology diet consists of several fermented foods. Since your intestine has amalgam of good and bad bacteria, dearth of good bacteria makes room for bad bacteria to hold control over your body.

Bad bacteria disrupt the functioning of your body and cause several health issues such as autoimmune disorders, allergies, neurological degeneration etc. Incorporate fermented foods in your diet, for they are rich in noble bacteria. These bacteria not only boost your digestion, but also enhance your immunity, and thus prepare your body to combat against harmful bacteria and viruses.

There are myriad cells in your digestive tract having proper link with your immune and nervous system. Microorganisms reaching into your intestine through fermented foods develop their own neurotransmitters, which bring your health on right track. With the release of beneficial bacteria, fermented foods bring adequate balance in our body.

Power of Foods

Through her magnificent plan, Donna wishes to bring the attention of dieters towards power of foods. She asserts, since foods are just like fuel to your body, eating right foods indeed will elongate your youthful life.

Diseases taking root in your body are signs through which your body sends you alert signals. Should you leave these signals unattended, they grow in size and get converted into serious ailments. Since foods are naturally credited with power to control your body and mind, always be mindful before consuming foods. Unhealthy foods or foods averse to your body might make life hell for you.

Three Principles of Body Ecology Diet Plan

Body Ecology diet is based on three principles. Donna contends, to relish happy and healthy life, you shall understand your body ecology and consume foods accordingly. Let’s have a look at three principles of the plan.

First Principle

First principle insists inclusion of fermented foods such as organic yogurt, fermented vegetables, kefir prepared from coconut water and goat milk.

Second Principle

Second principle talks about consumption of healthy and unsaturated foods. As there are wide varieties of fats available, you need to figure out, whether the fat consumed by you is capable of doing any good to your body or not. Prefer consuming fatty foods such as olive oil, coconut oil, flax seed oils etc. in your diet.

Third Principle

Third Principle accentuates elimination of starchy and sugary foods from your diet. Starchy and sugary foods not only cause spike in your blood sugar level, but also cause inflammation in your small intestine. Donna points up 80/20 principle, which talks about consumption of 80% low starch and 20% high starch foods.

How Easy The Diet Plan is? 

Donna has tried to make the plan simple by introducing several mouth-watering recipes and meals. There are detailed guidelines and directions made by her throughout the plan. That being said, the plan being highly restrictive has eliminated several food items. You need to be greatly inspired and motivated from inside to abide by the plan. Besides that, recipes given by her being very time consuming might have you spend your entire day in cooking meals.

Who can Follow The Diet Plan?

From children to old people, anyone can go along with the plan. Though the plan has been made to suit all people, but since we all have different body ecology, you require seeing its impacts on your body.

Donna asserts, it’s almost impossible to devise a universal diet plan, which can suit almost everyone. If you are suffering from gut inflammation or other digestion related problems, you certainly can give the diet plan one try.

Workouts in Body Ecology Diet Plan

Body Ecology Diet recommends its dieters to practice light workouts on daily basis. Apart from showing their influence on rest of your body, workouts also dissuade the formation of bad bacteria and microorganisms.

Why Should You Follow The Diet Plan?

Now the question arises, when already so many diet programs are prevalent in today’s time, why should you adhere to Body Ecology Diet Plan? Well, the answer is, body ecology diet is not mere a weight loss plan promising to melt pounds from your body.

The plan actually aims to balance your body ecology through magnificently chosen food items. When your body ecology will get balanced, you will experience weight loss just as one of its positive side effects. And the best part is – since the plan will eradicate the root cause of weight gain, weight lost while abiding by it will stick with you forever.

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