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Boost your metabolism with Pilates

Pilates Exercise

The benefits of exercising are many, one is that it increases your body metabolism rate or Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR). Pilates is one such exercise which can increase the BMR by stimulating all the organs and systems of the human body. Thus, it also stimulates oxygen and blood circulation of the body. It further eliminates the waste and toxins from the body. Pilates was developed in the last century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is similar to yoga as it concentrates on breathing. It is not a very rigorous form of exercise and does not involve heavy sweating. Still, one can increase his metabolism rate and lose weight as well, with the help of this physical fitness system called Pilates.

Physiological and metabolic advantages of Pilates

The several advantages of Pilates include increase of BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), building and maintenance of lean muscle mass, realigning body posture for better body movement control, increased strength and enhancement of energy level. More than 10 million people perform Pilates in USA. When blood and oxygen circulation improve and toxins are eliminated, the metabolism rate of the body is improved and is more efficient. It is better to perform Pilates on a mat to boost metabolism. Pilates is a physiologically sound exercise. It is balanced and flexible as well. It works all the major muscle groups of the body. The result is a strong, flexible and balanced body. Pilates can help you burn a lot of calories, but not more than other rigorous activities like running, and weight training. With the right diet plan, you can build lean muscle mass and be thinner. It is always good to avoid junk food. Enhancing the consumption of fruits and vegetables is also advantageous.

Some dietitians recommend not to eat more than 1200 calories per day and some say to have atleast 1500 calories a day for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

But, it is all about listening your body as everyone has different energy levels. As Pilates does not burn many calories from your body, it is beneficial, if you listens to your own body for dieting needs and act accordingly. There are many diet plans available for Pilates, but that should be followed after you are directed to do so.

Pilates for back and body pain

Pilates have been found advantageous in many cases of body and back pain. But it is very important to perform Pilates in the right manner, as negligence or ignorance can further worsen the pain. If you are performing the exercise in a Pilates class, then you should let your tutor know where the pain is. Major cases like slip disc, etc. are handled in private sessions. Most of the Pilates classes focus more on fitness than on rehab. Still all of them work the core of the body and help the body stabilize through shoulder and pelvic girdles. This fixes many pains and aches.

Pilates for all genders

Though Pilates is preferred by women, it is advantageous to men as well. It enhances the metabolism rate of men and women alike. Women have lower metabolism rate than men. Therefore, Pilates is more beneficial for them as it enhances their metabolism rate further and helps them stay fit. The exercise is beneficial for sports persons as well. Those people who perform Pilates also excel at other outdoor and indoor sports like football, golf, tennis etc.

Performing Pilates: The Basic Hamstring Pull

Hamstring pull is one of the very efficient Pilates exercise for boosting metabolism. It boosts metabolism rate if performed at a fast and controlled pace. For performing the exercise, you have to lie on your back, first. The head and neck should be off the ground and the abdominal muscles should be contracted. Keep your chest in a lifted position. Stretch one of your legs towards the ceiling and then hold that leg with both the hands (behind the calf area). Now pull the leg towards yourself and contract your abdomen further. Take a deep breath, change the leg, and then repeat the exercise. You can perform 10 to 20 repetitions of this exercise at a time. Be more comfortable by exercising at a moderate pace.


Pilates is now recognized on an international level. Apart from increasing metabolism rate and loosing weight, it is also used in rehab clinics of physiotherapists, general practitioners and orthopedists for lessening pain. The exercise gives profound results. With enhanced metabolism, the functionality of the body increases. The person is in a more alert state of mind. This has a positive impact on the day-to-day working performance of an individual. The exercise can be individualized. Pilates releases stress and enhances body-mind connection. Because of these immense benefits, more and more people are doing Pilates as a regular exercise. It also improves sleep and releases hormones which have a positive impact on mind.

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