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Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

You will find various fitness products in the market which helps in the weight training sessions. This equipment helps to improve the whole body. Among all these, dumbbells are probably the simplest yet most effective equipment you will find. Using dumbbells, you will be able to strengthen your muscles and eventually transform your body.

If you want to get a better upper, then you must buy dumbbells. They will help to build up your biceps and triceps and improve your back and chest as well. These are usually compact and you will be able to carry them anywhere. This is such versatile equipment that you can use it for various types of exercises along with strength training. These are perfect for the gym and home as well.

Various dumbbell manufacturers have come up with various types and shapes of dumbbells. These dumbbells have different features and they vary in price as well. Here we are going to review the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells and find out more about this amazing product that you can include in your home gym.


The benefit of buying an adjustable dumbbells is that you won’t have to buy multiple dumbbells. You will be able to achieve your fitness goal with just one set of dumbbell. This is because you can change the different weights depending on your fitness level and preference. You can adjust each dumbbell from 5 to 52.5 pounds and adjust them in increments of 2.5 pounds till the first 25 pounds. So, this gives you lots of different weights to choose from and suit your specific fitness needs. The dumbbells can combine 15 sets of weights using a unique dial system. So you won’t need multiple dumbbells and clutter your workout space. With so many weight options, you will be able to switch from one exercise to another rapidly.

In the past, the adjustable dumbbells had a pin or screw system where you had to manually add or remove the weight plates. This took a lot of time. But, these dumbbells have a unique dial system that lets you change the plates very quickly. The design is just flawless and the trainers will be able to perform rough exercises without any problem.

Build Quality

You won’t need to buy multiple dumbbells with different weights if you buy these dumbbells. Using a dial system, you can easily turn from 5lb to 52.5 lb weight. These dumbbells have durable molding around the metal plates so that you can lift-off smoothly without making any noise. These are premium quality dumbbells and nothing will match them. They are durable and won’t wear out even during fast-paced exercises. These are made of high-strength metal so that the weights fit in securely. The weight plates also have a thick and hard plastic coating that can withstand strenuous workouts. The base cradle can comfortably hold the extra weight plate and the trainers can choose their desired weight for the workout.


These dumbbells are compact in size and so you will be able to store them easily. It will be easy to carry them as well from place to place. You can conveniently workout both indoors and outdoors using these dumbbells. They also don’t weigh much and so you won’t have any trouble exercising with them.


These dumbbells provide outstanding grip. The handles are made of metal and are very strong and durable. They won’t break or bend even after rough sessions of exercises. The surface is non-slip and so your hands won’t slip or slide causing accidents and injuries. As the handles of these dumbbells are a little larger than the other dumbbells, they provide a more comfortable grip.


Only one set of these dumbbells can replace about 15 sets of fixed dumbbells. You will be able to do various forms of exercises using these dumbbells including heavy exercises like shrugs and lunges. You can use the unique dial-up system to easily adjust the weights within seconds. You will be able to do various exercises with it including lunges and squats for your legs; shoulder presses and deadlifts for your back, etc. You can adjust the weights in small increments. This will help you to become flexible and you won’t restrict your muscles from lifting extra weight.


You can get these dumbbells for $299. You will find that a single set of dumbbell can cost you more than $100. So, you are getting dumbbells that will do the work of 15 sets of dumbbells for the price of $299 only. By purchasing these dumbbells, you will be saving a lot of money.


  • It is compact and is a space saver.
  • These are made of metal and hard plastic molding which makes them durable.
  • You can change the weight for increments of 2.5 lb, so you can gradually increase your strength.
  • You can wider weight range that allows you to do various types of exercises.
  • Durable molding around the metal plates provides a smooth lift-off.
  • You can two-year warranty for weight plates and parts.
  • You get a nice large rack to store the dumbbells. The stand is raised so you don’t have to bend down too much to pick up the dumbbells.
  • You can download the free Bowflex SelectTech App and watch trainers perform different exercises. You can also journal your workouts so that you know your progress.
  • You get a free DVD with it that will help you to do the various exercises and get the most benefits out of it.
  • You get 6-week Fitness Results Guarantee and if you don’t get a positive result, you will get back your money.


  • If you mishandle these dumbbells, the plastic parts may break.
  • The weight limit is only up to 52.5 lbs, so for higher weights, you will need to purchase another set of dumbbells.
  • The weight brackets are fragile and might break if you drop them frequently.
  • You may have to replace the dials after 1 or 2 years.

Final Verdict

Buying these dumbbells is a flexible and space-efficient strength-training option. They are compact in size and so you will be able to store them anywhere. Adjusting the weight plates is very easy using the unique dial-up system. The handles are designed ergonomically, so they will fit your hands perfectly. Your hands won’t slip or slide due to sweat. These dumbbells allow precise fine-tuning as you can adjust weights at 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds.

You will be able to do various types of exercises using these dumbbells. You will be able to do tone up your upper body and lower body as well if you regularly use these dumbbells. These are so sturdy that you won’t have to replace them for many years. You get lots of free accessories with it. You get a stand to keep the dumbbells. You also get a free DVD so that you know the proper way of exercising. You will be able to download an app also to journal your session and keep track of your progress. You get two years warranty with this product and get a money-back guarantee if you don’t get any position result out of it. With so many perks, buying these dumbbells will be a smart decision.

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These dumbbells are known for their quality and price. You will not get a better product in the market. You will be able to achieve your fitness goal quickly with these dumbbells. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review