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Brave Girls Members, Tour, Information, Facts

From Left to Right - Brave Girls members Eunji, Yujeong, Minyoung, and Yuna in 2018
From Left to Right – Brave Girls members Eunji, Yujeong, Minyoung, and Yuna in 2018 (Brave Entertainment / YouTube / CC BY 3.0)

Brave Girls was a South Korean girl group formed by producer Brave Brothers in 2011 and it was managed by Brave Entertainment. The group made its debut with the single album titled The Difference on April 7, 2011, and had since released songs and extended plays such as Back To Da FutureRe-Issue, High HeelsRollin’For YouDeepenedDo You Know, Easily (ft. Skull), Yoo-hoo, We Ride, and Nowadays, You. Over the years, the group had gone through multiple lineup changes and it was initially a 5-membered girl group whose final composition included Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna.


  1. Minyoung
  2. Yujeong
  3. Eunji
  4. Yuna

Past Members

  1. Eunyoung
  2. Seo-a
  3. Yejin
  4. Yoojin
  5. Hyeran
  6. Hayun


Seoul, South Korea




Brave Entertainment, Warner Music Korea

Formation Year


End Year


Singing Portfolio

  • On July 29, 2011, Brave Girls released its extended play titled Back To Da Future and it was ranked at number #14 on the Gaon Album Chart.
  • The group’s next EP, Re-Issue, was released on February 22, 2012, and it comprised of songs like B’Girls Are BackWithout a Word, and Nowadays, You.

Brave Girls Facts

  1. Former member Eunyoung was revealed as the leader of Brave Girls on March 14, 2011.
  2. The latest lineup of the group, which included Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna, did not include any of the original members.
  3. In 2011, Brave Girls won the 19th Korea Culture Entertainment Award in the “Rookie of the Year” category. The same year, it was also nominated for the 13th Mnet Asian Music Award for “Best New Female Artists”.
  4. The group’s 3rd EP, High Heels, was released on June 27, 2016, and it became a moderate success, peaking at #22 on the Gaon Album Chart. It included tracks like Help Me, WhateverHigh HeelsDeepened, and Seeing the End of the Road.
  5. Brave Girls released its 4th mini-album, Rollin’, on March 7, 2017, and it included songs like Rollin’No RushMemory, and High Heels (Remix). The mini-album was ranked at #62 on South Korea (Gaon Album Chart).
  6. Four years later, in February 2021, the song Rollin’ went viral after a video compilation of the group performing the song went viral on YouTube. This helped the song peak the MelOn, Bugs, FLO, and Genie real-time chart, achieving a “real-time all-kill”.
  7. Yujeong also revealed later that prior to the song becoming viral, the group was near disbandment as she and fellow member Yuna moved out of their dorm.
  8. On February 16, 2023, Brave Entertainment released a statement, announcing the disbandment of the girl group and revealed that the group had decided to go to their own separate ways after the expiration of their contracts with Brave Entertainment. Their final single, Goodbye, was released on the same day.
  9. In April 2023, it was announced that they would be returning as a full group with Warner Music Korea after all the members had signed an exclusive contract with the agency. It was also revealed that a new group name was in discussion. In May 2023, it was announced that the group had changed its name to “BB GIRLS”.
  10. In July 2023, the group launched their new social media accounts under their new name, BB GIRLS.

Featured Image by Brave Entertainment / YouTube / CC BY 3.0

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