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The British Heart Foundation Diet Plan – Three Day Diet Meal

british heart foundation diet plan

The British Heart Foundation Diet Plan is a fad diet plan popular among people from a very long time. The diet plan claims to shed ten pounds from your body in mere three days. If you are seeking to go Christmas party, marriage, holidays or any other event; you can use the diet plan to lose weight promptly.

The British Heart Foundation diet plan, which in-fact has nothing to do with the British Heart Foundation, is also popular with name Greenlane Diet.

What is The British Heart Foundation Diet Plan?

The British Heart Foundation Diet Plan is extremely low calorie diet plan. You are not supposed to consume more than 1000 calories in a day while going with the diet plan. The diet plan is apt to be followed in short run but repeated usage of diet plan to lose weight might create dearth of essential vitamins in your body.

Should you like the diet plan very much and want to use it over and over again, you should better consult your doctor first before sticking to the strict and very restrictive diet plan.

How The British Heart Foundation Diet Works?

The fad diet works on simple principle, which is calories consumed by you should always be less than calories burned by you through exercises. Instead of consuming several small meals in a day, you just have to consume three low calorie meals in a day.

In the effort of making the diet plan exclusive, some restricted food items such as hot dogs and ice-creams have also been allowed by the diet plan. These food items will provide variety to the dieters and will keep them enthused to adhere to the diet plan.

Three Days Meal

Let’s have a look at the meals you can have in three days to bring you in sleek body shape.

First Day

Breakfast – You can have half grapefruit, sugar-less tea or black coffee, one slice of toast made of wholegrain bread with spoonful of peanut butter etc. in breakfast.

Lunch – You can have one slice of toast, half cup of tuna, tea water or black coffee in lunch.

Dinner – You can have one bowel of carrots, one cup of green beans, one cup of ice-cream, 3 oz of lean meat, one apple, two slices of cold meat, and black tea or coffee in your dinner.

Second Day

Breakfast – You can have one boiled egg, half banana, one slice of toast, black tea or coffee in your breakfast.

Lunch – You can have five saltine crackers and 4 oz of cottage cheese in your lunch.

Dinner – You can have 3 oz broccoli, half banana, 2 oz carrots, two hot dog sausages, and 4 oz vanilla ice-cream in your dinner.

Third Day

Breakfast – You can have one fruit, five slatine crackers, one slice cheddar cheese, black coffee or tea etc. in your breakfast.

Lunch – You can have one slice of toast, and one hard-boiled egg in your lunch.

Dinner – You can have 4 oz cauliflower, 4 oz tuna, half melon, 4 oz beetroot, and 4 oz ice-cream in your dinner.

Some Healthy Swaps

The diet plan has provided the list of food items along-with quantity. But, should you don’t find them suitable to you; you can swap them with other food items. Let’s have a look at some healthy swaps suggested by the diet plan.

You can replace broccoli with cauliflower, broccoli or cauliflower with green beans, cottage cheese with tuna, grapefruit with orange, ice cream with frozen yogurt, carrots with beetroot, five plain crackers with toasts etc.

Powerful Aspects of The Diet Plan

Though the diet plan basically has been termed as fad diet plan, but there are some healthy aspects included in the diet plan, which make the diet plan, join the category of powerful weight loss programs. Let’s find out what they are.

Plenty of Vegetables and Fruits – Vegetables and fruits are low in calories and are high-fibrous foods. The diet plan has recommended consuming at least two fruits in a day and has suggested dieters to inculcate plenty of veggies in their diet.

Apart from being high in fibers, vegetables and fruits are also rich in several essential nutrients. You are likely to get proper nourishment with the inclusion of these food items. Their inclusion fits on the recommendations made by the British heart foundation.

Plenty of Water – Water is the essence of life, and the diet plan has understood its value. The diet plan recommends its users to consume plenty of water in a day.

Water washes out all the impurities from your body, cleanses it from inside and adds charm into your beauty. Water consumption has been emphasized by the diet plan as per the recommendations made by the British Heart Foundation.

Meat and Beans – Quantity of meat and beans recommended by the diet plan matches with recommendations made by the British Heart Foundation.

Besides them, you can bring some modifications in the diet plan, which fit on the criteria of the British Heart Foundation. Let’s have a look at some of the healthy changes you can bring in the diet plan.

Workouts – Workouts have completely been sided by the diet plan. The British Heart Foundation recommends practicing workouts for at least thirty minutes in a day to attain sustained weight loss.

You can practice light to medium intensity workouts, which suit you. Workouts are effective in improving your cardiovascular system and have several other healthful impacts on your body.

Dairy Products – The British Heart Foundation acknowledges the importance of dairy products. They play significant role in making your diet balanced. The diet plan has included ice cream in dairy products, which actually is not very rich and healthy source of dairy products. You can inculcate low-fat or skimmed milk, non-fat yogurt etc. in your diet regime.

Whole Grains – According to the British Heart Foundation, your body’s daily requirement of whole grains in three to four ounces in a day. The diet plan doesn’t provide you sufficient whole grains. You indeed can transform the diet plan into healthy diet plan by consuming sufficient amount of whole grains in a day.

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