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Brown Fat Revolution Diet Plan – Enhance Your Young Life

Brown Fat Revolution Diet Plan

Developed by a plastic surgeon, James Lyons, Brown Fat Revolution Diet Plan is an incredibly excellent diet plan. The plan is braced with well supported body facts and theories. According to James, fat has wrongly been considered sinister food item, while the fact is absolutely reverse to that. In the rat race, where everyone is endeavoring to purge fats, you might miss the benefits of fats on your body. To comprehend the value of fat, it’s vital for you to understand the types of fats.

Types of Fats

There are two kinds of fats stored inside your body. Let’s have a look at them.

White or Yellow Fat – White fat can aptly be called culprit fat, which is responsible for making you become overweight. Obese people have high quality of white fat in their bodies. White fat exists in your body in the form of triglycerides and forms the major fat content of your body.

It fosters the release of growth and several other hormones in your body. But it also gets accumulated around various parts of your body such as stomach, waist, hips etc., making them look shabby.

Besides that, signs of aging are made more terrible by white fat, particularly in women above thirty. As you grow older, your face starts losing its flexibility and starts looking dull, due to excess of white fat stored inside your body.

Brown Fat – Contrary to white fat, brown fat has noble effects on your body. In-fact, it’s very crucial for your body to have brown fat because it maintains heat in your body, which is utilized by your body for initiating weight loss process.

Structurally, brown fat is thick and metabolically, it is very agile. Children have large content of brown fat, which keeps them warm and safeguard them from cold weather. Adult men and women have this fat around their neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest. As compared to men, women have this fat in excess. Mostly slim people have rich deposits of brown fats in their bodies. Brown fat keeps check on your blood sugar level and insulin sensitivity.

How to Generate Brown Fat?

Brown fat doesn’t reach your body with the consumption of high-fat foods. In-fact, high fat foods can get you only white fats. When you eat high-fat foods, since fat of these foods form a covering around previous fat stores, you look bigger.

Should you want to trigger the formation of brown fat in your body, you shall expose you to cold weather to the level of shivering. With exposure to extremely cold weather, brown fat becomes active and begins their functioning. They make you feel warm while stimulating fat burning process in your body.

Benefits of Brown Fat

When you are being exposed to cold, brown fat gets activated in your body. Apart from keeping you warm, it strengthens you and extends your youthful life. Should you want to bring glow, beauty, and youthful charm on your face and body, you shall focus on the consumption of more and more brown fat.

How to Follow Brown Fat Revolution Diet Plan?

You must be wondering how possibly you can follow the diet plan. Well, the plan recommends including both carb and protein in your diet while maintaining adequate gap between the two. Prefer incorporating protein after carb because it will save you from hunger pangs, by keeping you full for longer duration.

Besides that, such a diet also helps in speeding up your metabolism. Since carb rich foods spike your blood sugar level, the plan asks you to consume them in moderation rather than completely eliminating them from your diet. Instead of having three big meals, the plan insists consumption of six small meals in a day. In addition to that, importance of healthy fat should never be undermined. Since both pre and post workouts meals prevent you from becoming victim of overtraining, the plan accentuates both of them equally.

Workouts in Brown Fat Revolution Diet Plan

Should you practice workouts on regular basis, you inevitably can enhance the content of brown fat in your body. Various kinds of cardio workouts such as biking, swimming, jogging etc. are effective in bringing your blood sugar level in control.

Apart from increasing your muscle mass and making you look slender, workouts also transform white or yellow fat into brown fat. Brown Fat Revolution Diet plan recommends diverse workouts based on age group. The plan has divided people into two groups, thirty to fifty, and above fifty. The plan mainly points up resistance and strength training, for they build up your inner strength.

Sample Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the samples of brown fat revolution diet.


Skim milk, oatmeal with cinnamon and apples, whole wheat toast with berries and peanut butter

Morning Snacks

Non-fat yogurt, nuts, and seeds


Mixed fruit or vegetables having olive oil sprinkled over them, chicken breast, tuna or salmon with spray of vinegar and olive oil, whole wheat crackers, apple or any other fruit

Afternoon Snacks

Hummus, popcorns

Evening Snacks

Portion of trail mix, whole or raw vegetables


Brown rice, soup full of froth, steamed broccoli, and grilled chicken breast, fish

Drawbacks of Diet Plan

Brown fat revolution diet reflects an amazing work done by James. However, there are some loopholes in the plan. Let’s find out what they are.

  • The plan seems to follow biased approach because it has taken only women above thirty into consideration. Rest of the people such as men, young women below thirty seems to be overlooked by the plan.
  • Effect of brown fat on weight loss is skeptical. Many health and nutrition experts do not agree with James on this front.
  • Nothing new has been brought into light by the plan since it indirectly acknowledges high protein and low carb diet.

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