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Buddhist Diet Plan – Consume Vegan Diet for Healthier and Happier Body

Buddhist Diet Plan

Originated in India, Buddhism is assumed to be one of the most sacred and great religions of the world. Buddhist way of living is capable of changing your perspective towards life and render you hale and ripped body.

Buddhist diet plan follows holistic approach. Should you religiously go along with the plan, you shall get healthy body along-with peaceful and relaxed mind. Since Buddhism believes in non-violence, all kinds of killings are assumed to be against religion and God.

What Is Buddhist Diet Plan?

Buddhism basically is a vegan diet plan, which forbids almost all the animal foods including milk, honey, and cheese. The diet program being very particular banishes even the use of products obtained from animals such as furs, silk, leather etc.

At the same time, all kinds of intoxications such as alcohol, drugs etc. are restricted by the plan. Unlike modern eating pattern which allows them to consume what come in front of them, Buddhist diet schedule recommends consuming food with a thoughtful mind.

Five Contemplations While Eating

The diet program contends that you should contemplate while eating. Contemplation deters your tendency to consume foods making you sick and overweight. At the same time, holy and sacred foods work on your mind also, and rather than making you feel uneasy and overeaten, they make you feel relaxed, calm, and satisfied. The diet plan has provided five questions you should ask yourself before consuming food.

First – You should ask yourself whether you deserve to eat particular food or not.

Second – You shall know your purpose of eating foods. For instance, are you eating food because you are hungry or it’s because you have food available in front of you?

Third – The diet program suggests its dieters not to eat foods just like that. Consuming foods without knowing their original source is not been deemed appreciable by the diet plan. Apart from being aware of the source of food, you must know how and with what motive the food was cooked.

Fourth – You shall know the best time for you to eat food. You cannot consume food at any time of the day you want. Also, foods eaten by you should have capability to heal your body.

Fifth – You shall eat foods while abiding by eating manners. Consumption of foods without concentrating on them is considered good by the diet plan.

Healthy Recommended Food Items of Buddhist Diet Plan

Buddhist diet plan has strongly recommended some food items. These food items being dense in nutrients have numerous health benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Prefer eating plenty of cooked or raw vegetables. Besides being rich in fiber, they contain several vital nutrients. You can boil or fry noodles and can add several vegetables into them.
  • You are free to spice up your foods with home-made dried foods. You can also add natural, herbal, and aromatic spices into your meals to enhance their flavor.
  • You can cook rice in several ways. For example, you can make them taste salty, natural, sweet, colored, sticky, or any other way you want.
  • You can use soy sauce as natural condiment to enhance the taste of your meals. It can be used in almost all the meals.
  • In beverages, prefer having herbal tea. Since health benefits of herbal teas are bountiful, you can have them any time of the day.
  • Instead of using refined oil, prefer using sesame oil. Being low in sodium, it doesn’t increase cholesterol level of your body, like most of the cooking oils do.

Five Moral Percepts

Buddhist diet plan suggests abiding by five moral percepts to relish happy and contended life. These are –

  • No stealing
  • No killing
  • No lying
  • No sexual misconduct
  • No intoxication

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited by the diet plan because they rob your power to think and make you become mentally handicapped. You are likely to make any kind of crime in the intoxication of alcohol. Alcohols might make you a notorious being, capable of committing any heinous crime.

Why Animal Foods are Forbidden?

Buddhist diet plan is entirely vegan diet plan, so all animal foods are forbidden in the diet plan. Killing comes under an unforgivable crime. All kinds of animal eating have been considered just like intoxication, which snatches your power of differentiating right from wrong.

It’s not even healthy for your body to consume foods obtained by ruthlessly killing innocent animals. Their negative sentiments and emotions create chaos into your body, making your body ill and house of numerous diseases.

You also might become a victim of depression because the negative emotions of animals enter into your body and mind. In addition to that, animal foods being opulent in saturated fat pile up toxins inside your body and amplify your chances of heart diseases, gallstones, strokes, cirrhosis of liver, and even cancer.

And the reason for that is various kinds of meats have high content of uric acid, which adversely affects your body tissues. Besides that, these toxins disrupt PH balance of your body and make your body acidic in nature.

Strictly Forbidden Foods of Buddhist Diet Plan

There are some animal foods, which are not allowed at any cost in plan. Since consumption of these foods raises question on your moral being, you shall not eat them. Some of the strictly forbidden animal foods are – human beings, boars, dogs, lions, elephants, horses, hyenas and snakes.

In addition to animal foods, there are five pungent spices which are strictly prohibited in the diet plan. These are – onion, garlic, scallion, chives, and leek. These spices enhance your lust for sex, and if you consume them in raw form, they turn you into a short-tempered person.

Introduction of Karma

Buddhist diet plan has astutely connected diet with karma. Good and healthy foods consumed by you also contribute towards adding up good karmas into your account of life. Since your birth, happiness, and luxuries in life are determined by your karma, you shall live sin-free life to have happier and healthier life.

Assassination of animals is bad karma, which paves way to miserable and pitiful life. All living beings coming on this earth have right to live, and God shall never forgive you for killing and eating speechless animals.

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