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Cabbage Soup Diet Plan – Shed Weight in Seven Days

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan is an exclusive plan, which will help you in shedding 10 pounds of weight in a week. Low-fat and low-carb diet plan is meant to be followed for short term weight loss.

Should you seek to melt weight swifter for some special event or occasion such as Christmas party, Thanksgiving etc., you certainly can bring you in enviable shape by adhering to the magical diet plan.

Cabbage soup diet plan is a lot different from other diet plans. The pace of losing weight in other diet plans is so slow that you feel drastically bored after some time and end up skipping the idea of going along with any diet plan.

Seven Days of the Diet Plan

Food items of seven days have been designed in a very skillful way in the diet plan. Beverages other than water and unsweetened tea are not allowed and alcohol is strongly prohibited in the diet plan. Let’s have a quick look on what you will consume for these seven days.

First Day

On the first day of the diet plan, you will be on fruits and soup. Except for bananas, you can have all other fruits you want to. You can dink cranberry juice, non-sugary tea, and plenty of water.

Second Day

Second day is completely dedicated to vegetables. Eat as many vegetables as you can. You are free to consume vegetables in your own way. For instance, you can consume them in raw form and if that’s not possible for you, you can also boil the vegetables. Forbid peas, dry beans and corns, and consume green, leafy vegetables, and lots of soup. In dinner, have one baked potato along-with butter.

Third Day

Third day would be a mix of first and second day. Except for the baked potato, you can inculcate any food item of day one and day two.

Fourth Day

On fourth day, you are allowed to consume as many bananas as you wish. You can have at most eight bananas on the fourth day. Along-with bananas, you are free to have as much skim milk as you want. The fourth day is meant to curb your desire for sugary food items.

Fifth Day

You can have six tomatoes and ten to twenty ounces of beef on fifth day. You can have soup once in a day and you require consuming eight to ten glasses of water to purge uric acid and other toxins from your body. If you don’t feel like consuming beef, you can also opt to have broiled chicken.

Sixth Day

Sixth day is completely devoted to vegetables and beef. You can have as much of them as you want to. You also need to consume soup at least once in a day. Except for baked potatoes, you can opt to include all other vegetables on sixth day.

Seventh Day

You can have non-sugary fruits and vegetables and brown rice on seventh day of the diet plan. Have vegetable soup at least once in a day, and try to keep yourself full with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Drawbacks of Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Exclusively designed for short term weight loss, the diet plan has many drawbacks. Let’s have a quick look.

  • The diet plan is extremely low in calorie and fat. While daily calorie requirement of human body is 1200 calories in a day, the diet plan provides you mere 800 to 1050 calories, which is extremely low.
  • Throughout the plan, your body will fall short of nutrients because the food items in the diet plan don’t have protein and other vital nutrients.
  • Cabbage soup being the main ingredient of the diet plan has been emphasized so much that you might feel nausea or anxiety just with the look of soup.
  • The diet plan being high in sodium might enhance blood sugar level of people suffering from diabetes. Diabetic patients are strongly recommended to consult their doctor prior to going along with any diet plan.
  • The monotonous food items in the diet plan will bore you. You also might suffer from hunger pangs during the plan because vegetables and fruits used in the plan are extremely low in calorie.
  • Initial weight loss might occur in your body but that is due to water loss not fat loss. The diet program not being a healthy is not suitable for long-term weight loss.

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