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Calorie Myth – Eat More, Exercise Less, And Still Lose Weight

Calorie Counting Myth. Now weight loss is easy

Created by Jonathan Bailor, former personal trainer and nutrition expert, Calorie myth is an amazing diet book revealing all the myths related to calorie consumption. There is one common misbelief prevalent among people and that is you can attain slender body shape, by creating calorie deficit in your body.

Myth continues, for making calorie deficit, calories burned by you; have to be less than calories consumed by you. But Jonathan overrules this principle and names it calorie myth.

He asserts, rather than relying on number of calories, your focus should be on the type of calories you feed to your body. Should the calories consumed by you belong to unhealthy foods, you cannot deter fat from getting accumulated around various parts of your body.

Quality of Calorie Matters

Calorie Counting Myth

Jonathan contends, it’s the quality of foods, not quantity of foods, which are effective in triggering weight loss in your body, and get you closer towards your objective of optimum health. Mostly people endeavor hard to lose weight by creating calorie deficit in their bodies.

They switch to fasting diet plans and eliminate several foods from their diet regime, or they spend several hours in doing exercises. But by using all these ways, they punish them too hard only to get disappointing results.

Relationship between Diet and Weight Loss

There is direct relationship between your diet and body. By eating healthy and nutritious foods, you can run your body the way you want to. Foods eaten by you affect the release of hormones from your brain. These hormones further affect your metabolism.

Healthy and nutritious foods are capable of accelerating fat burning process in your body. Till the time you feed balanced and metabolism lifting foods to your body, you don’t have to worry about quantity of foods.

Impact of Foods

Foods have amazing impact on your body. If your diet is comprised of unhealthy foods containing refined sugar, unhealthy fats etc., you cannot expect to attain trimmed waist and flat stomach. These foods are too heavy for your body to metabolize; therefore your body begins storing these foods in the form of fats.

Besides that, they also drain all your energy and make you feel lethargic. Contrary to that, healthy foods act like fuel to your body. Healthy foods get metabolized and consumed by your body completely. These foods energize you and make you feel full of vitality.

Why Say No to Calorie Counting?

Calorie counting makes your body deficient in nutrients, as a result of which you become victim of various kinds of diseases. Calorie counting does no good to your body, it only does harm to it.

To prove his theory, Jonathan did a small test on a couple of women. He allocated women in two groups. Where one group consumed 1200 calories in a day, other group consumed normal foods.

They were kept on this diet regime for three weeks, and after three weeks when results were noticed, they got really astonished seeing that women consuming restricted number of calories had increased level of stress causing hormone named cortisol.

Cortisol not only raises your stress level, but it also enhances your cravings for fatty and sugary foods. These foods are mainly responsible for belly fat. Calorie counting inevitably is not the right way to overcome weight loss plateau in your body, as it only amplifies your troubles. Only quality foods and effective exercises can create an impact on your body.

How to Lose Weight?

You must be wondering, what are the possible ways of losing weight because Jonathan already has discarded the most eminent way of losing weight. Well, here come the most effective ways through which you can lose weight and get upper hand over your body.

Eat Natural Foods

Foods have controlling power over your hormones, brain cells, and metabolism. Natural and whole foods such as green vegetables, fruits, proteins obtained from naturally raised animals etc. are loaded with nutrients. You can inculcate broccoli, spinach, wild fish, naturally raised chicken etc. in your diet.

While choosing your foods, rather than looking at the calorie density of foods, prefer looking at nutrient density of foods. Follow healthy diet regime and instead of having cake, pastry etc. in your desserts, include less sugary foods such as orange, strawberries etc. in your desserts.

Forbidden Foods

Jonathan is strictly against the concept of making your body devoid of foods. That being said, if you get bit cautious towards your diet regime, you can relish good foods and can secure healthy life for you. Some foods are real sinister foods, they cause unbearable harm to your body, you should prefer refraining from them. These foods are –

  • Foods containing refined sugar
  • Processed Foods
  • Foods having high content of saturated fats
  • Starchy Foods or Foods having high glycemic index

Importance of Workouts

Workouts indeed have their role to play in your body. You cannot expect to attain healthy body with sedentary lifestyle because your health is directly proportional to your physical activities.

Jonathan contends, exercises do assist your body in shedding extra pounds, and they do so, not by burning fat, but by boosting your metabolism, and by bringing stability in the release of hormones in your body.

High intensity workouts done for shorter duration provide same impact as is provided by low intensity exercises done for longer duration. For shedding weight from your body, practice high intensity workouts such as interval training, or cycling for ten minutes, and three to four days in a week.

Adhere to SANE Foods

Jonathan has brought a new concept of SANE foods in his diet book. SANE is actually an acronym used for satiety, aggression, nutrition and efficiency.

Satiety depicts how early foods are capable of making you feel contented.

Aggression tells how many calories obtained from foods are likely to get converted into fats.

Nutrition tells about the nutrient density of food items such as, what kinds of nutrients are there in particular food items.

Efficiency depicts about the level of ease with which calories of foods will get transformed into fats.

Jonathan has categorized foods into two categories namely SANE and inSANE. Whereas healthy foods come under category of SANE foods, unhealthy or low quality foods have been put under category of inSANE foods.

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