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Calorie Shifting Diet Plan – Drop Nine Pounds in Eleven Days

Calorie shifting diet Plan

Latest of all the diet plans; Calorie Shifting Diet Plan relies on shifting the number of calories to bring faster weight loss than any other weight loss program. The diet plan works like a magic spell for overweight people, who are seeking to melt extra pounds, but despite all their efforts failed to lose weight.

Without poking you to forbid certain food items, or starving your body, or pushing you to consume terrible food items, calorie shifting diet plan has completely left the choice regarding selection of foods on you. It’s not particularly a low-fat, low-carb diet plan; it rather is a healthy diet plan.

What is Calorie Shifting Diet Plan?

Calorie Shifting Diet Plan is all about counting the number of calories you consume in a week and allocating the calories in seven days. Instead of consuming 2800 calories on daily basis, the diet plan emphasizes varying the number of calories.

For instance, should you come 2800 calories on day one, bring it down to 1200 calories for the next day and keep altering the number of calories like this. The diet plan plays trick with your metabolism to shedding weight.

Apart from being reliant on the timing of meals, your metabolism also banks on the quality and quanity of foods you consume. Should you consume healthy foods, your metabolism will naturally burn fats.

Theory of Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

Calorie shifting diet plan is based on the fact that to losing weight, the number of calories scorched by you should be more than calories consumed. Your body gains weight when you consume calories more than you burn.

You can take your body to negative calorie stance (calories burned are more than calories consumed) in two ways. One is by consuming lesser calories, and other is by doing workouts. And should you combine both of them; you inevitably can make the process swifter.

For practicing workouts along-with the diet plan, pick high calorie days for workouts,   because workouts burn many calories in a day and carbs and proteins are required to fuel your body. You can fuel your body with all the essential nutrients on high calorie days.

How Calorie Shifting Diet Plan will Control Diet Plateau?

Calorie shifting diet plan has figured out the main reason why most of the diet plans fail. And the reason is, as you start going along with any particular diet plan, you notice weight loss in the beginning but after three weeks or so, your body being accustomed to it starts defending itself against starvation and hence stops shedding weight.

Your body work-mechanism for diet is same as it is for workouts. Be it workouts or diet, your body loves variety and seeks variety from you to shed weight. Calorie shifting diet plan baffles your body because your calorie intake varies on daily basis. It doesn’t allow your metabolic rate to settle at a particular rate. And that’s the reason why weight loss continues in the diet plan.

How to Achieve Best Results from Diet Plan?

Should you follow calorie shifting diet plan in a sensible and meticulous manner, you can achieve best results from it. Your body might become deficient in essential nutrients on the days of low calorie diet. For preventing that, the best thing you can do is, prefer consuming healthy and nutrient dense food items on calorie rich day.

You are likely to put your health at stake, should you feed it with additives, preservative, junk, and unhealthy food items. But if you provide your body healthy fats, good carbs, and protein-rich diet, and maintain good balance of calories, you are unlikely to fall short of nutrients.

Different Types of Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

There are different types of calorie shifting diet plans prevalent among people. According to your particular preferences and requirements, you can pick the one which suits you best and sounds practical to you.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots – Having the total duration of 14 days, the diet plan has been divided into two phases. While the first phase lasts for eleven days, second phase has three days. You are to follow the diet regime as per the guidelines of diet plan for eleven day. And then for three days you are free to consume the food items you want to.

Three days have deliberately been introduced in the diet plan to maintain your metabolism healthy and to stop it from coming into the position where it permanently loses its capacity to defend. Apart from that, three days will provide you a good break from the strict diet regime and you will not feel bored of the diet plan.

Johnson Upday Downday Diet – This diet plan has two days named upday and downday. While on updays, you can consume normal food items, on downdays, you need to prune your calorie consumption to 25-30 per cent of what you consume on updays. You can adhere to the plan until you gain sough-after results.

Every Other Day Diet or The Q.O.D Diet – The diet plan has been allocated into two days. It’s just like alternate fasting days. You need to be on strict calorie consumption of 300-400 calories on fasting days and can have normal calorie consumption on alternate days. This plan might be difficult for you to follow because calorie consumption has been kept drastically low on fasting days.

Drawbacks of Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

Calorie shifting plan being based on excellent principle will stimulate your body to melt weight. However, the diet plan has some drawbacks.

  • Rather than being practical, the idea of calorie shifting is theoretical because it will make your life complicated. Instead of focusing on losing weight, your entire focus will get shifted to counting the number of calories.
  • To follow the diet plan diligently, you need to be proficient and should have proper knowledge of the calorie content of various food items.
  • Low calorie days might be too harsh on your body.
  • Should you have a very busy schedule, the diet plan might be difficult for you to follow.
  • You are more likely to feel exhausted and sluggish on low-calorie days.

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