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The Cambridge Diet Plan – Quick Weight Loss Plan

Cambridge Diet Plan

Discovered by Dr Alan Howard way back in seventies, The Cambridge Diet plan is an exclusive weight loss plan which will shed several pounds from your body and will get you slimmer body. Though the plan was invented in seventies, but it became eminent and is in use from last thirty years. Having millions of users all over the world, the plan has turned myriad people’s dream of turning slimmer into reality.

What is The Cambridge Diet Plan?

The Cambridge diet plan is low fat and low calorie diet program. You will get pre-packaged food packets in the plan. These foods being extremely low in calories will trigger fat burning process in your body. Besides that, there are plenty of nutrient dense food items such as porridge, soups, bars, and shakes, which are exclusively designed by Cambridge Diet team.

Though you are very likely to suffer from health issues such as dizziness, headaches, tiredness, dry mouth, constipation etc. while going along with the plan, but these problems being transient will automatically disappear.

In addition to that, soups and shakes designed by Cambridge diet team might not be pleasing for your taste buds. You shall compromise with your taste and mold your tongue according to pre-packaged foods to see healthy changes in your body.

How The Cambridge Diet Plan Works?

The Cambridge diet stimulates the process named Ketosis in your body. In ketosis, your body is made deficient in calories while being reliant on extremely low carb and low calorie foods. In the dearth of energy, your body begins finding alternative sources of energy, and starts breaking the fat deposits stored inside your body.

Best part of the Cambridge diet plan is, unlike other diet programs which make your body deficient in vital nutrients, Cambridge diet program permits you to take enough sources of minerals and vitamins in a day to render adequate nourishment to your body. Balanced diet approach followed in the diet plan is really appreciable.

Six Plans of The Cambridge Diet Plan

Since there are six plans in the program, Cambridge weight plan consultants will weigh you and will take some other measurements, and on their basis will tailor the best weight loss plan for you. Depending upon your personal requirement, the plan given to you might last for days, weeks, or months. You shall swear by it for the targeted time.

One thing is common in all the plans, and that is, you need to drink ample water in a day to save you from dehydration and to prevent you from becoming victim of constipation. Let’s have a quick look at six plans of the diet program.

First Plan 

First plan of the program is also known as sole source. In this plan, you are allowed to consume 415 to 615 calories in a day. You shall consume three to four meals prepared by Cambridge diet and one routine diet providing 200 calories in a day. Should you want to drink milk, you can drink 200 ml of skimmed milk in a day. Mostly very obese people are recommended to follow this plan.

Second Plan 

Second plan allows you to consume 815 calories in a day. In this plan, you have to have three products made by Cambridge diet. Apart from them, you need to nourish your body with protein rich food items such as skimmed milk and plenty of green and leafy veggies.

Third Plan

Third plan allows you to consume 1000 calories in a day. You will be given two meals of Cambridge diet in this plan. You shall consume protein rich breakfast and vegetable rich lunch in this plan.

Fourth Plan 

Fourth plan permits you to consume 1200 calories in a day. Staying within calorie limit, you can consume nutritious and high-fiber foods in this plan. You will be provided two meals made by Cambridge diet in this plan.

Fifth Plan

Fifth Plan allows you to consume 1500 calories in a day. The plan will provide you one meal item designed by Cambridge diet.

Sixth Plan 

Sixth plan offers you lifestyle plan. Apart from getting one meal by Cambridge diet, you will get numerous valuable diet recommendations such as what you should have in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Food Items of The Cambridge Diet Plan

The Cambridge diet plan provides pre-packaged food items; you neither have to stress about the kinds of food items nor have to worry about their quantity. Let’s have a look at some of the food items you will get in pre-packaged meals.

You will get soups, porridge, and shakes in packets; you just have to mix them with water. While porridge comes in maple, cinnamon, and apple flavor, shakes come in two flavors, banana, and strawberry. You will get variety of soups such as tomato, mushroom, oriental chili, potato, leek etc. in pre-packaged meals.

In addition to them, there are diverse crunchy and chewy bars such as chocolate, caramel, toffee, chocolate orange etc.

Drawbacks of The Cambridge Diet Plan

The Cambridge diet has some drawbacks. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The plan is extremely low in calories. You shall consult your doctor prior to going along with it. Low calorie count of the plan might make your health conditions worse, so you have to be very cautious.
  • The plan being more of a fad diet plan cannot be called healthy plan. And since exercises have completely been overlooked by the plan, weight loss attained while abiding by it has rare chances of staying forever. Moreover, weight loss occurring in the plan would be due to muscle loss not due to fat loss.
  • Pre-packaged foods provided by the plan are sour in taste. These food items make the plan even more difficult to follow. There could have been tasty and yummy recipes introduced in the plan.

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