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CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell Review

CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell

Are you thinking of strength training? Then you must consider using kettlebells. These are one of the most versatile and effective instrument today for strength training. It is often used by the athletes and trainers for CrossFit training and other purposes. However, the kettlebells are effective for the beginners as well. It is a great way to start your fitness training if your goal is to lose weight, build muscles, and improve your balance.

The kettlebell has a very attractive design and its compact size has made it occupy an important space in gym and home. It costs low and can provide a full-body workout. The fitness market is full of different sizes and types of kettlebells. It is very important to choose the right kettlebell for your fitness level. One of the things you should consider when buying a kettlebell is whether it has a smooth coating or not. A good coating will ensure proper grip. A flat-bottomed kettlebell is preferred over a round bottom one due to easy storage and safety reasons. 

It is always better to buy good quality kettlebell that will last a long time. The good news is that you will find several high-quality kettlebells that have an affordable price. Here, we are going to review the CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell and find out about its features. 


This kettlebell has a streamlined look that makes it different from the other brands. The shade of the bell is consistent which gives it an even tone. It has an enamel coating which helps to reduce noise and protects the kettlebell from any damage. It also prevents damage to the surface. It provides excellent grip and so you will be able to do swinging exercises without the fear of losing grip.

The enamel coating gives the kettlebell a nice matte black powder coat finish and protects it from rust. It has a flat bottom that makes it easy to store the kettlebell. This feature is particularly important if you are buying it for home use. There may be children in the house and if you don’t store it properly, the children and others may get hurt. A flat bottom ensures that the kettlebell won’t roll over when kept on floor or other places and it also prevents rocking.

The handle of this kettlebell is color-coded which makes it easy to recognize the weight you are using. The proportion of the handle ensures good stability. The kettlebell is available in 13 different weights. So, you can choose your preferred weight according to your body size and fitness, then upgrade to higher weights conveniently. This kettlebell is ideal for the beginners and the experts as well.

Build Quality

This kettlebell is made of solid cast iron and is a single piece so the handle has not been welded later. It doesn’t have any weak spots. This makes it strong and durable and it won’t break easily. It has enamel coating and a matte powder finish that provides outstanding grip. The coating gives extra protection to the kettlebell and helps to last it longer. You will be able to perform swings and other exercises without any difficulty or danger. It has a flat bottom that makes it stable and lets you do exercises such as handstands, mounted pistol squats, renegade rows, and more.

It has a solid steel chromed handle that provides a very comfortable and secure grip. You can do exercises with one or both hands. The solid finishing of the kettlebell prevents any floor damage. It also reduces the chances of having skin irritation and calluses.

You get 30 days manufacturer’s warranty with this product, so if there is any problem with the kettlebell within this time frame, you will be able to replace it immediately.


When buying a kettlebell, it is important to pick up the right weight; otherwise, you won’t get the results you want from it. You will find this kettlebell in various sizes and it is advisable not to go too heavy at the beginning. You can select a moderate weight and then slowly progress to the heavier ones. For an average male, 30 lbs to 35 lbs are appropriate and for females, you should choose half of this size. The handle of this kettlebell is wide and so you can hold it comfortably. You can choose from 9 lbs, 13 lbs, 18 lbs, 26 lbs, 35 lbs, 44 lbs, 53 lbs, 62 lbs, 70 lbs, 80 lbs, and 88 lbs.


This kettlebell has a wide handle that helps to hold it properly during exercise. The enamel coating provides a smooth finish and protects the kettlebell from wear and tear. The handle is ergonomically designed and so you will be able to keep proper balance during different exercises. The handle is made of steel and is suitable for people with larger hands as well.


This is a quality kettlebell that can help you to reach your fitness goals. This cast iron kettlebell is designed to be safe, dependable and durable. It uses quality cast iron and has a smooth finish. As a result, you will have a comfortable grip and perform different types of exercises. This kettlebell targets specific muscle groups, so you will be able to tone your body perfectly. It is perfect for deadlifts, swings, get-ups, squats and other cross-training workouts. As it has a flat bottom, you can use it for exercises such as handstands, renegrade rows, or mounted pistol.


You can buy the kettlebell for $25 to $230 depending on the size you choose. You can look out for offers and discounts to buy them at a cheaper price. Along with the kettlebell, you can find storage accessories that will help you to store the kettlebell.


  • The kettlebell is made of cast iron and has a powder-coated finish that gives it an attractive look.
  • It has a one-piece construction that ensures that the handle will not come off for any reason.
  • It has a wide handle that provides a comfortable grip.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is available in various weights and you can choose one according to your preference and fitness level.
  • The handles are color-coded, so when you buy multiple kettlebells, it is easy for you to sort them and identify them during exercise.
  • The handles are made of steel and feel great on the palms and fingers due to the smooth finish.
  • The enamel coating prevents rusting and reduces noise.
  • It can help to target the specific muscle groups and provide a full-body workout.
  • It is perfect for cross-training or athletic workouts.


  • You don’t get any free accessory with it.
  • The handle may be wide for people with small hands.

Final Verdict

The CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell is a wonderful investment. If you are on a limited budget and want to buy a good quality kettlebell, then you should buy this one. It is important to buy the kettlebell of the correct weight; otherwise, you may get injured. You can use this kettlebell to improve your strength back, lengths, core, and shoulders.

This kettlebell is made to be durable. It is made of high quality cast iron and has a great finish that provides the ultimate reliability and safety. If you buy this kettlebell, then it will last for many years.

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This kettlebell is designed to last for many years. You will find them in different sizes to suit your specific fitness needs. CAP Barbell Cast Iron Competition Kettlebell Review