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Carb Lovers Diet – Shed weight with Resistant Starch

Carb Lovers Diet now lose weight

Are you a carb lover and looking forward to losing weight without purging your favorite carbs?

Well, here comes the good news for yow. Now, without refraining from carbs, you can zap away surplus calories. Carb Lovers Diet is a magnificent diet plan through which you can melt 10 to 35 pounds in 28 days. The diet plan will not only strip off several pounds from your body but will also maintain your lost weight forever.

The diet plan will reinstate the value of carbs, which wrongly have been put under the category of sinister foods. In fact, carbs are very vital for your body. If you make an arduous selection of carbs, you are bound to be dazzled with the outstanding impacts of carbs on your body.

The diet plan asserts that carb rich foods being loaded with vital nutrients are important for your body. They have one wonderful ingredient named resistant starch, which boosts your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

What is Carb Lovers Diet Plan?

Carb Lovers diet plan has been divided into two phases. In the first phase, while enjoying different easy to cook and mouth-watering recipes, you will say goodbye to your belly fat forever. There are more than 150 delicious recipes which will help your body in burning calories.

Second phase is about portion diet, in which along-with low-carb foods, you can also consume other starchy foods such as ice cream, chocolate, pizza etc. That being said, you certainly need to keep moderation in your food items.

The diet plan gives you privilege to have one ditch day. On ditch day, you can consume anything and everything you have been craving for the entire week. You can also relish two glasses of wine and beer, chocolate, apple pie etc.

Why Choose Carb Lovers Diet Plan?

Carbs being main source of energy primarily fuel your body. Consumption of a carb-free diet makes you sluggish and lethargic. Most of the diet plans cut carbs from your diet, which keeps you hungry. They also sweep certain food items from your diet, which instigate your craving for those foods.

Due to these reasons, most of the people quit diet plans after sticking to them for a certain time. While revering these body facts, the diet plan has designed your food items in a very proficient way.

What Carb Lovers Diet will do for you?

Contrary to what other diet plans propounds, Carb Lovers Diet Plan emphasizes the value of low-carb foods. Instead of making you obese, low-carb food burns belly fat, which is the most stubborn fat in your body. Being high fiber foods, they have amazing capacity to keeping you contented for longer. They also maintain your blood sugar level and cholesterol level in control.

For increasing the efficiency of diet plan, prefer inculcating at least one resistant starch food daily in your diet plan. Resistant starch keeps your metabolism busy in digesting the foods slowly. When your metabolism is busy, you don’t crave for food, which keeps check on your hunger pangs.

What you need to do?

First and foremost thing you must do is fill your kitchen and refrigerator with low-carb food items. To get maximum benefit from the diet plan, you just need to introduce right carbs into your diet plan.

Whole grains such as bran cereal, brown rice, beans etc. are the healthy sources of good carbs. Not only will they melt your belly fat, but will also keep your energetic throughout the day.

You can maintain distance from high carb foods such as white bread, sugary foods, crackers etc. They easily break down and enter into the bloodstream and enhance your blood sugar level. You just need to consume 10g of resistant starch with other food items such as low fat dairy products, lean meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Workouts in Carb Lovers Diet Plan

Being a very realistic and practical diet plan, Carb Lovers Diet Plan has not sided the importance of workouts. The diet plan being accompanied with strength training can inevitably double or triple its benefits.

You can do weight training twice or thrice in a week and for rest of the days, you can practice simple yet amazing physical movements such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. These exercises are effective in maintaining good health of your cardiac system.

Should you feel hungry after doing workouts, you can raise the number of snacks in your diet plan. You need to provide right fuel to your body and should not let it starve in any way.

Easy Calorie Burning Tips for Carb Diet Lovers

Should you go along-with these easy to follow tips, you can speed up the weight process and scorch ample number of calories in a day.

Let the Food Cool Down

When you cook food, due to water absorption, it swells and becomes larger in size. Hot food breaks up easily and it’s very easy for your body to digest it. Contrary to that, when you allow the food to cool, the starch in it re-crystallizes and gets converted into resistant starch. Cold foods consist of double the amount of resistant starch than hot food.

Prefer Pepper over Salt

Bring healthy changes in your food habits. Prefer using pepper over salt in your food items. Pepper contains capsaicin and do have many curative properties, which boost your metabolism and make your digestive system strong.

Increase Your Sleeping Hours

Increase your sleeping hours because lack of proper sleep stimulates the release of hunger hormone named ghrelin and restricts the release of satiety hormone named leptin. As a result, you end up getting fats all over your body and become overweight.

Drink Plenty of Green Tea

Green tea has been termed as magical tea, for it burns calories faster than anything. For losing weight swifter, consume many cups of green tea in a day.

Recommended Food Items

The diet plan insists consumption of at least one resistant starch food in a day. Let’s have a look at some of the food items containing resistant starch.

Whole grain cereals, whole grain bread, brown rice, beans, granola bars, whole grain pasta, oatmeal, potatoes, bananas, peanuts, peas, Greek yogurt, apples, broccoli, cucumbers, steak, cheese, chicken, salmon, eggs, green tea

Sample Menu Plan for Carb Diet Lovers

One of the sample menu plans is as follows.

Breakfast – Banana, apple and almond muesli, blueberry oat pancakes with maple yogurt, cornflakes

Lunch – Chicken Pita sandwich, Greek lentil soup with toasted pita, Thai peanut noodles

Snacks – Antipasto platter, brie and apple slices, Greek yogurt with almonds, humus with feta

Dinner – Greek yogurt, oats, pear, bacon, and gorgonzola pizza

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