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Cardiac Diet Plan – Get a Healthy Heart

Cardiac Diet Plan

As the name depicts, Cardiac Diet has specifically been designed to reverse or prevent cardio problems. Study shows, every year numerous people lose their lives due to heart attacks, heart strokes, and other heart problems.

In addition to that, there are others who are bound to consume medicines having numerous side effects and have to live pitiable lives because they already have become victims of heart diseases.

But the good news is heart diseases are not incurable. If you keep check on your diet, not only shall you desist from the symptoms of heart problems, but shall also eradicate the disease completely from your body. To be on safer side, you can adhere to the plan while continuing your medical treatment.

What is Cardiac Diet?

Cardiac diet is a healthy and scientifically proven diet program which will introduce healthy eating habits in you. Cholesterol which is naturally produced in our bodies don’t need to be fed from outside. But still we feed immense amount of cholesterol to our bodies on daily basis.

Due to wrong eating habits prevalent in today’s time which includes plenty of animal foods, unhealthy oils etc., cholesterol start getting accumulated around the walls of arteries and block the normal flow of blood to heart.

Due to inadequate flow of blood to heart, various cardio problems begin taking root. So, if you want to get relief from cardiovascular problems, you have to stay vigilant of the kinds of foods you feed to your body.

What Cardiac Diet Will Do?

Cardiac diet is meant to ensure adequate health of your cardiovascular system. The diet program shall bring down your weight, blood cholesterol level, and blood pressure. As most of the diseases take root inside your body due to obesity, extra fat has to be swept away from body.

As soon as your weight will be in control, there shall be automatic reduction in your cholesterol and blood pressure. The plan is best fit for people of all the age groups, gender, and health conditions. If you seek to follow a healthy plan, you can abide by cardiac diet because it’s not at all a highly restrictive or strict plan.

All you have to do to abide by the plan is avoid mindless eating. For young people having perfectly hale body, the plan shall work as safeguard. And for those who already have become victims of cardiovascular disease, the plan will negate the harmful impacts of diseases.

Workouts in Cardiac Diet

Workouts have been given supreme importance because they help in keeping your waist line trim. Different kinds of workouts such as strength training, cardio workouts are effective in shedding pounds from your body.

Large waists are like alarming signal of heart diseases because people having waist of large circumference are more susceptible to become victims of heart diseases. So you are recommended to practice regular workouts and don’t let fat accumulate around your stomach and waist.

Main Principles of Cardiac Diet

Cardiac diet is comprised of balanced and nutritious food items which will provide proper nourishment to your body. Let’s have a look at the main principles of cardiac diet program.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are high fiber foods and are rich in various vital nutrients. Fruits and vegetables coming under low calorie foods have amazing tendency to keep you full for longer. Besides that, they also contain special substances which assist your body combat against cardiovascular diseases.

You are recommended to keep stocks of fruits and vegetables available at your home. Doing so will keep check on your consumption of unhealthy snacks and hence will inculcate healthy snacking habits in you.

Eat Healthy Protein

Include healthy proteins in your diet. You can consume foods such as poultry, lentils, dried peas, nuts, seafood, meat, eggs etc. These foods are rich in proteins as well as other nutrients such as iron, minerals, and vitamins. Protein indeed is vital part of your diet but you have to stay careful that you do not consume more than one serving of proteins in a day.

Consume Whole Grains

Whole grains also offer great choice in front of people suffering from cardiac diseases. Whole grains such as quinoa, barley, couscous etc. are rich in fiber and have high nutrient density. You can swap refined grains with whole grains. In breakfast, you can go for flax seeds and oatmeal. Flax seeds being opulent in omega-3 fatty acids assist your body lower down its blood cholesterol level.

Mind Your Portion Size

Right from your childhood, you are taught to eat large portion size of foods which make your body likely to get more calories and fats than it actually requires. By pruning the size of foods consumed by you, you can trim down the size of calories reaching inside your body. Eat everything you like but keep the portion size small. Doing so will ensure that your body doesn’t suffer from harmful impacts of unhealthy foods.

Refrain From Saturated and Trans Fats

Endeavor to refrain from saturated and trans fats. You might wonder how you would know what kind of fat is there in foods consumed by you. Well, almost all animal fats are saturated. Butter, whole milk, sour cream, bacon, cheese etc. are some examples of saturated fats.

Besides that, there are some saturated fats obtained from plants also. These fats become solid at room temperature. Coconut, kernel, palm oil etc. fall in this category. You need to learn how to maintain moderation in the consumption of fats in your diet.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of cardiac diet.


You can have one hard boiled eggs, half banana, one sliced toast, black tea or coffee etc. in your breakfast.


You can have half cup tuna, one cup cottage cheese, five saltine crackers etc. in your lunch.


You can have half banana, one cup vanilla ice cream, two wieners, one cup of cabbage or broccoli etc. in your dinner.

Three Snacks

You can have mixed salad, nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashew etc. in your snacks.

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