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Cardio Free Diet Plan – Trim Your Body in Fourteen Days

cardio free diet plan

Devised by Jim Karas, celebrity trainer and fitness expert, Cardio Free Diet Plan is an exclusive weight loss plan, promising to melt several pounds from your body. Jim being against cardio workouts contends, practicing strenuous cardio workouts such as jogging, running, swimming etc. are crap and mere wastage of time.

They not only consume plenty of your time, but as you move ahead with practicing the same cardio workouts, your body become immune to them and don’t show any effect. Then you increase the intensity of workouts to trigger weight loss, but again you reach the stage of weight loss plateau, and the process continues.

Jim asserts cardio workouts don’t assist your body in losing weight; they rather make weight loss programs futile. They also make your immune system and internal organs fragile. While pointing up interval strength training, Jim contends, these exercises will shed weight faster than any other plan.

How Cardio Free Diet Plan came into Being? 

Cardio free diet plan which promises to melt pounds from your body at a very fast pace is actually based on personal experience of Jim Karas. Jim used to run for miles in his early twenties. Though these cardio workouts brought his heart in good health, but they were totally ineffective in shaving pounds from his body.

Then Jim started practicing weight lifting and strength training in his routine life. To his utter amazement, his body started showing impact and lost weight in a very short period of time. It was during that time when Jim said find good bye to cardio and switched to interval strength training.

He figured out that cardio workouts make you feel hungrier, due to which you eat more foods to placate your appetite. Cardio workouts undoubtedly burn calories, but in return, they make you consume more calories.

How to Practice Workouts?

Jim has allotted sixty minutes to strength or resistance training in a week. You need to practice strength training three times in a week for twenty minutes. Strength training stimulates the creation of lean muscles in your body, which further trigger fat burning process and bring your body in perfect shape.

That being said, your diet has to be in complete sync with your workouts. Since your body weight is equal to calorie consumed minus calories burned, it’s vital for you to stay vigilant of what you eat.

How to Follow The Diet Plan?

Jim has given estimate calorie consumption for both men and women. While men are allowed to consume 1500 calories, women can consume 1200 calories in a day. You need to distribute these calories into six meals in a day.

There is some concession given to people practicing regular workouts. They can have snacks having 100 calories before and after workouts. Once you attain your desired weight loss objective, you can add 300 more calories in your diet regime.

Three Ways of Losing Weight 

There are generally three ways through which you can lose weight. These are –

Eat Less Foods – More the food you eat, more the fat you store inside your body. Should you prune your food consumption to extremely low level, your body will automatically start burning fat stocks located inside your body and will bring you in perfect shape.

Physically Active Life – Your body should be physically active. Strength training has been introduced in the plan with sole objective of keeping you physically active. You can practice weight lifts or presses for that. Apart from that, keep you engaged in various physical activities.

Enhance Your Metabolic Rate – Even if you consume less and do a lot of exercises, you cannot expect to lose weight, if your metabolic rate is at fault. The diet program has introduced various foods such as high-fiber fruits and veggies. They will rev up your metabolism and will improve the internal functioning of your body.

Metabolism of hefty people is a lot different from that of slender ones. While hefty people require more calories to ensure proper metabolic activities of their heart, liver, kidney, brain etc., slender people require comparatively less calories for the same.

Recommended Foods in Cardio Free Diet Plan

Cardio free diet plan is a strategic diet plan. There are proper guidelines about what you should and should not consume while going along with the plan. Let’s have a look at some of the recommended foods of cardio free diet plan.

  • Inculcate dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, etc in your diet.
  • Take calcium supplements on daily basis because they assist your body in melting extra pounds.
  • Consume plenty of fibrous fruits and vegetables. They have amazing capability of keeping you full for longer.
  • You can have grilled tomato tuna, Dijon turkey, feta vegetables omelets, apple balsamic chicken etc. in your meals.
  • Should you want to consume wine, you can consume one cup of wine in a day.

Prohibited Food Items of Cardio Free Diet Plan

Cardio free diet plan prohibits some food items. Let’s find out what they are.

Sweet beverages, energy drinks, salad dressings, sodas, frozen and canned veggies and fruits, white pasta, white rice etc. are some of the prohibited food items of the diet plan. Should you find it hard to completely eliminate these foods from your diet regime; you can start with cutting their consumption.

Drawbacks of Cardio Free Diet Plan

Like all other diet plans, cardio free diet also failed to fit on all the parameters. Let’s have a look at the drawbacks of cardio free diet plan.

  • Since calories allowed by the plan in a day are too less. you cannot stick to the plan in long run. Even if you manage to go ahead with extremely low calorie diet plan, you are very likely to become deficient in several essential nutrients.
  • Effectiveness of sixty minutes workouts is also controversial. Fitness experts consider it impossible to lose weight while spending meager on workouts.
  • Calorie counting is a lot of work and requires you to be cautious about calorie content of each and every food item you consume.
  • Jim has criticized cardio workouts and has held them responsible for causing damage to hips, knees, cartilage, and feet. In reality, cardio workouts don’t make you suffer from these health issues, it’s rather overtraining or diet not in alignment with workouts, which are responsible for these problems.

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