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Carrie Underwood Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The American idol winner and singer Carrie Underwood is now a world known artist. Her frequent tours and ever increasing fan following further supports the fact. She was earlier criticized by critics for having a fuller figure. The singer is currently promoting her new album Blown Away. She recently appeared in the Oprah show and was looking a lot slimmer. Her shapely legs and arms enhanced her beauty and elegance. Her waist has gone a lot thinner and she could make many actresses jealous with her new look.

Carrie Underwood Workout

Carrie Underwood Workout Routine

Carrie lives at Nashville and follows a hectic work schedule. Still, in spite of this highly demanding schedule, Carrie gives prime priority to her health. For being fit, she works out several times a week in the guidance of her personal trainer, Erin Oprea. The two run, kick box and do numerous other exercises together.

Various workouts and exercises performed by Carrie Underwood are listed below –

Cardio vascular exercises

Carrie performs various cardio vascular exercises to maintain and improve her health. Apart from running, she also does kick boxing. The jabs, hooks, kicks and runs improve her cardio health. She is able to relieve her stress by these exercises. Underwood also does stationary cycling and treadmill running.

Strength training

The toned arms and legs of the singer are because of the strength training exercises she performs regularly. Some of the strength training exercises performed by Carrie are numbered hereby –

  1. Back lunges with bicep curls – You can do this exercise by performing a single leg, back lunge while you hold the free weights. Step backwards from a standing position and drop into a deep lunge. Perform a bicep curl when you come back to your earlier standing position. 2 to 3 sets of 15 curls (for each leg) are performed at a time. The body burns more calories when upper and lower body moves are combined.
  2. Front lunges with torso twist – This exercise is for the legs, shoulders and core. Step forward into the front lunge while holding a medicine ball. After attaining the lunge position, hold the ball in front of the body. Keep the medicine ball steady and twist sideways in the direction of the lunge. For example, if you lunge with the right leg, then you should also twist in the right direction.
  3. Jump Squats – The exercise is good for glutes and hamstrings. The dynamic moves help to bring changes into the body. You have to perform a squat first. Squat means sitting in a crouching position, by bending your knees and moving your hips backwards and downwards, above the heels. Keep your torso straight while performing a squat. Now, jump upwards, in the air and then land safely on the floor. Perform 20 to 25 reps of the exercise.
  4. Prone bridge on a stability ball – The exercise works out the entire core area of the body. Bent your elbows and place them on the stability ball. Keep your feet down and balance them on your toes. The body should be completely straight behind you. Hold the position for as long as you can. The move can also be performed on ground if one does not has access to stability ball.

Carrie Underwood has one of the best looking legs in the industry. She performs various exercises for them. Some of these workouts are Brazilian butt lift workout, bodyweight cardio for weight loss, upper body workout, oblique’s workout, mountain climbers, sumo squats, ice skaters, agility dots, Pilate’s leg pulls, etc.

Carrie Underwood exercises for at least 30 minutes a day, 4 times a week. As her afternoons are busy, she does her workouts in the morning.

Carrie Underwood Diet plan

Carrie always keeps with her, a food log. In this log, she records everything, she ate during the day. Carrie is a vegetarian. The sausages she eats are soy based. She rewards herself with stickers on the days, she eats well. She never eats junk or fast food items and sticks to vegetables and fruits for proper nutrition. Carrie is very knowledgeable about the health aspects related to food and knows how to eat right. She prefers to have green vegetables stocked in her kitchen.

While on travel, she maintains her own fridge, which is filled with healthy food items. On road, she likes to have oats in breakfast. Carrie has been a long tome vegetarian. Last year, she became completely vegan. She has removed dairy food products from her diet too. Now, the singer depends on soy products for proteins. Other food items that comprises her diet are fresh vegetables, fruits, snacks, beans etc.

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