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Causes of Bloating and Natural Ways to Overcome It

Belly Bloating

Bloating is a gastric trouble which makes your stomach grow big in size and causes unbearable pain. It might rob the entire thrill and fun factor from your life. Bloating mainly occurs, when due to permeable gut lining, foods begin getting leaked from intestine and being mixed with your blood.

Due to consumption of some foods and beverages, gas is produced in colon or small intestine. This gas keeps floating inside your body and cause pain and bloating in your stomach. Not only does bloating cause a load of health issues, it also makes your tummy look shabby.

Causes Of Bloating

There are myriad reasons due to which bloating might settle in your body. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Lactose Intolerance

You might be intolerant to lactose found in dairy products. After teenage, human body begin getting deficient in lactase enzyme, which is accountable for the digestion of milk and other dairy products in your body.

Many of us don’t even know about our sensitivity to lactose and we keep consuming it, thinking that we are enriching our body with calcium, but lactose continue making the situation worse for us. Weed out even high fat yogurt and cheese from your diet regime because they foster stomach cramps.

Gluten Sensitivity

Many people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are also sensitive to gluten. Gluten rich foods such as wheat, pasta etc. are intolerable food items for their bodies. With the consumption of these gluten containing foods, their stomach gets bloated.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can also be one of the factors causing bloating. When you make bubbles with chewing gums, air enters inside your body and cause bloating. Besides that, artificial sweeteners used in chewing gums are difficult for your body to assimilate. Your body produces gas to digest these hard to break sugars, as a result of which your stomach becomes bloated.

Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks such as alcohol, beer, soft drinks, soda etc. pep up production of gas in your stomach. These drinks contain carbon dioxide. When this gas reaches inside your body, it escalates acidic base in your body. In addition to that, there is one additive used in fizzy drinks which has high content of phosphoric acid. An acidic body can seldom be a healthy body.


Smoking also becomes a medium through which external air enters into your body. While smoking, you consume air also. This air causes problems after entering into your body. Apart from that, tobacco destroys your gut lining and makes it grow dysfunctional.

Bloating Causing Vegetables

Vegetables being high in fiber keep your metabolism busy for longer duration, but you should stay vigilant while consuming them, because some vegetables such as broccoli, onions, cauliflower, beans, sprouts, cabbage etc. might cause bloating in you. So, cut back their consumption. That being said, veggies are vital to render adequate nourishment to your body. So, have at least five servings of other vegetables in a day.

Natural Ways to Overcome Bloating

You can cure bloating by perking up your eating habits and lifestyle. Let’s have a look at some ways through which you can overcome bloating.

Eat slowly

Instead of gobbling up foods, relish your foods and eat them slowly. Large pieces of swallowed foods often remain undigested in your intestine and start breaking the protective lining of bacteria around your intestine. Slow eating indeed will keep check on your problem of bloating.

Prune Consumption of Salt

Too much of salt consumption also aggravates the problem of bloating. Shrink the consumption of salt and prefer eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods. Processed foods such as burger, pizza, hot dogs, sausage etc. have high content of salt. Swap salty processed foods with nutritious and healthy fresh foods.

Plenty of water

Your body is composed of seventy percent of water. Since constipation too is one of the reasons responsible for accumulation of toxins and bloating in your body, it’s crucial for you to drink plenty of water in a day. Water hydrates undigested foods and makes it easy for your body to flush them out.

Small Portion Size

Mind the portion size of foods you eat in a day. It becomes difficult for your body to digest large amount of foods fed to your body in one run, as a result of which your stomach gets bloated. Preferably eat small portions of foods, and don’t eat unless you feel hungry.

Cut the Use of Antibiotics

Consumption of too much of antibiotics is also an alarming signal, which implies the poor health of intestine. Antibiotics being made of fungi don’t have amicable impact on the lining of your intestine. You can consume them occasionally to treat some diseases. However, prolonged use of these antibiotics makes your immune system fragile which fosters the production of candida.

Consume Anti-bloating Foods

There are plentiful anti bloating foods which you can inculcate in your routine diet. Pineapple, grapefruit, ginger, peppermint tea, herbal tea, green tea etc. are some of the foods which you can consume to reduce bloating.

Cut Gluten-Free Foods

People sensitive towards gluten containing foods should trim down the consumption of bread and other wheat made products. Bread especially shall be removed from the diet because it is made up of yeast and sugar. Yeast in bread is used to ferment bread. Since bread is one of the major foods, accountable for triggering bloating in your body, endeavor renouncing bread or swapping it with gluten-free bread or some other healthy food item.

Prune Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol has high content of yeast and artificial sugar. In addition to that, alcoholic drinks such as beer also contain a grain named barley. There are bountiful people who despite being sensitive to barley are not even aware of their insensitivity towards it.

Barley contains several enzymes which foster the conversion of starch into sugar which further has detrimental effects on your body. If you cannot completely cut the consumption of alcohol, then condense it to two to three servings in a day.


Exercises can turn out to be an effective tool to cure bloating. Get into the habit of doing exercises on daily basis. Exercises will enhance your immunity and will fire up your metabolism. Physically active body inevitably is less likely to suffer from diseases.

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