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Celebrity Chef Vikki Krinsky Shares Some Amazing Healthy Cooking Habits

Chef Vikki Krinsky
Chef Vikki Krinsky

She was the Queen of Recipe Rehab (2012-2015). She taught people how to make use of wholesome and healthy ingredients in their food. She also helped the Americans fight obesity by demonstrating how the right ingredients can bring positive changes in a person’s body. We are talking about celebrity chef Vikki Krinsky who recently shared some food and fitness ideas that would help you live a better and healthier life. Have a look at all her vital secrets here.

Healthy Eating

Seth MacFarlane at "A Concert For Our Oceans" in September 2015
Seth MacFarlane at “A Concert For Our Oceans” in September 2015

Seth MacFarlane‘s personal chef cleared the air on the misconception that healthy eating limits the food choices. She thinks that healthy eating actually opens people up to new textures and flavors.

Make Every Recipe Healthier

If you wish to make every dish healthier, the renowned chef says that you add a bit of spinach in everything you cook. From omelet to the brownie batter and even a smoothie can have a bit of spinach puree (that’s blended spinach mixed with some water). This little ingredient won’t change the taste of any dish but will make it full of nutrients, reports Shape.

Favorite Kitchen Tool

The South Africa-born is in love with her global knife. She says it feels better than other chef’s knives and that it has a better grip. The knife also glides when chopping something and never gets stuck.

Chef Vikki Krinsky making food in kitchen
Chef Vikki Krinsky making food in kitchen

Tip for New Chefs

If you are a housewife learning to cook or a bachelor looking to make use of the kitchen, the former TV host advises you to read cookbooks. It will help you to pick up some cooking techniques and understand the proportions well. You will also build confidence in the kitchen and have fun while cooking. Cookbooks will also help you challenge yourself to try new recipes. Vikki also follows her own philosophy. She is currently reading By Jose Sanchez Molecular Gastronomy to challenge herself as the methods are very formulaic. She has succeeded in making a deconstructed Caprese salad and turned the balsamic vinegar into small balls like caviar.

Easy Dinner Option

If you are looking for an easy dinner option, the nutritionist suggests that you try a breakfast meal for dinner. It would include poached eggs over a salad that has pumpkin seeds and goat cheese.

Preferred Kitchen Ingredient

Tobey Maguire Golden Globe Awards 2016
Tobey Maguire at Golden Globe Awards 2016

The multi-tasking kitchen ingredient loved by the chef of Tobey Maguire is coconut oil. She not only uses it in her recipes but she also uses it to take off her makeup.

Staying Healthy

The avid soccer player stays healthy out of the kitchen by playing soccer as a member of the rec league. She has also earned a personal trainer certificate, so some people have nicknamed her as the Athletic Chef.

Best Post-Workout Snack

People looking for a healthy and energetic post workout snack option should try creating a fun energy bar by using 1 cup cashews, 1 cup almonds, 10 pitted dates, and handful of chia seeds and one-fourth coconut oil. You need to run all these ingredients through a food processor. The next step is to pat it down into a 9 by 9-inch pan and put it in a refrigerator until it is solid.

Celebrity Chef Vikki Krinsky pictured with fish
Celebrity Chef Vikki Krinsky pictured with fish

The Matcha Fan

Krinsky admits to being a fan of Matcha. She uses the matcha powder to top her healthy cheesecakes, adds it to crust fish and even puts it in a salt that is kept right next to the stove.

Loving Who She Is

The former actress admits that she loves her shape because that is who she is. Clearly, she feels comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t want to change herself a bit.

If you liked the ideas shared by Vikki, then it’s advised you check out some of her healthy yet tasty recipes at her official website. You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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