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Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins Workout Routine and Diet Plan Suggestions

Jeanette Jenkins
Jeanette Jenkins

So you made a New Year resolution to stay fit but are already compromising it? Or haven’t started off with it yet and need someone to guide you on your new fitness regime? No matter what your situation is, we have a perfect solution for you. Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins who has helped a long list of celebs to get in shape has recently shared some fitness secrets. And yeah, if you are skeptical about trusting her, you must know that she has trained celebs like Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Amber Rose, Pink and many more.

Be Mentally Prepared

Recently talking to Hello Beautiful, the successful trainer told people to be mentally prepared to work towards their fitness goals. If you make up your mind to not make any excuses to skip a workout, then you will definitely succeed in doing so. You should make sure that you even remove some excuses that may hinder your fitness goals out of your way by being mentally strong and not giving into a weakness.

Kelly Rowland with Jeanette Jenkins
Kelly Rowland with Jeanette Jenkins (Left)

Plan Workouts in Advance

The star trainer thinks that your next step should be to plan your workouts and pen them down. You should key in your exercises in your schedule every Sunday and make sure you decide the exact time for each workout. This will help you to not fall back on excuses like you didn’t have enough time for a workout.

Sample Workout Plan

If you are not sure about how much time you should spend on working out each day, then this sample workout plan created by Jeanette may be useful to you.

You should start off your week by doing cardio sculpt with Jeanette every Monday. You can keep it light on Tuesday by doing just a 2-mile jog or even 30-minute walk. On Wednesday, you need to do some yoga and Thursdays should be reserved for Pilates. Fridays should include going to a boot camp class near your home. Enjoy some rest on Saturday and Sunday or do minor exercises on weekends too. It’s your choice.

Jeanette Jenkins workout
Jeanette Jenkins workout with exercise ball

Diversify Your Workouts

The LA-based fitness guru wants you to diversify your workouts as well. It will help you from overworking your muscles. She also preaches what she teaches as she has created more than 200 daily workout videos in which exercises like yoga, pilates, kickboxing, circuit training and many more are taught. So pick up the ones you like and save yourself from overworking a single muscle and hence putting a halt to your fitness journey.

Plan Meals in Advance

The founder and president of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company also advises that you should concentrate on improving your diet. She firmly believes that you are what you eat so you should make sure you eat right. No matter how hard you are working in a gym, if you don’t eat right, the results would not be good. Like workouts, you should plan your meals in advance too. Create a meal plan for the whole week on the weekends.

Jeanette Jenkins figure
Jeanette Jenkins bikini figure

Planning meals in advance would help you to eat healthy foods, achieve your fitness goals along with saving a lot of money. Planning in advance would also stop your trips to the junk food shops and local stores for unhealthy snacks as you will always have what you need to eat with you. Many people eat bad foods as they don’t have healthy foods available so make sure you have different types of healthy foods with you wherever you go.

When you eat healthily, you will not only get ample amount of energy you need to function, but you will also feel good from the inside. Healthy foods will taste a lot better if you feel good from the inside and you will never want to switch back to junk food again.

If you need help in planning your meals, then the following diet plan image can act as your guide in the initial days. Do try it at least once.

Sample Diet Plan Jeanette Jenkins

Stay Positive

The talented host also wants you to stay positive towards everything in life. If you feel too tired today, (especially after a workout) you should realize that you did good in the gym. You should always remember that your efforts would bear good results for your body. A positive frame of mind would also help you to stay away from stress and help you lead a happier life. Jenkins wants you to remember that stress will increase your risk of falling ill and make it more difficult for your body to shed fat quickly. So, the farther you stay away from stress, the better would be your health.

Learn from Your Body

The renowned trainer also wishes for you to learn from your body. You should never push yourself too far as it may lead to you getting injured. If running too much makes your hip hurts, switch to a yoga class to get fit. Make sure that you always listen to your body and adjust your workout according to its capabilities. After all, you wouldn’t want to get injured or overwork your body often as it may lead to your failure in achieving your fitness goals.

Feeling good about these workout and diet tips shared by Jeanette? Looking for more of them? It’s simple, just follow Jeanette on Instagram to see her in action or adopt more tips like these by checking out her official website, The Hollywood Trainer.

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