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Champion Men’s Open Bottom Light Weight Jersey Pant Review

Champion Men's Open Bottom Light Weight Jersey Pant

Yoga is a great exercise for the body and mind. By doing yoga, you can stay fit and also remain stress-free. Many people don’t know that there are special pants for doing yoga. It is important to buy yoga pants because this pant is stretchable and makes sure that you feel comfortable when doing various yoga poses. The pants are not too tight or revealing, so you won’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed wearing them. They tend to be lightweight and made from natural fibers that make them comfortable. Most yoga pants are affordable, so you can buy them. Here, we are going to review the Champion Men’s Open Bottom Light Weight Jersey pant and look at the different features of the pant. Champion is a renowned brand for making the best sportswear for athletes.


It has an open button design. You can get it in a variety of colors. It will provide the ultimate comfort to do yoga. The pant has an athletic style that will get you in the right mood to do yoga. This pant is classically designed and constructed from pure cotton fabric. It features an open hem leg that makes it very comfortable to wear. It has side seam pockets to keep keys, mobile phone, and other essential things. The logo is on the left hip and looks stylish and prominent. There is an inner drawstring in the waistband, so it won’t show on the outer side and make you feel awkward. Overall, it has an athletic fit that looks very smart.

Build Quality

The pants are well ventilated, so you will feel dry and cool. It is made of 100% cotton. So, you will feel super comfortable wearing it, especially during the summer. It won’t cause any skin issues, so people will sensitive skin can wear it. The construction is of top quality and is protected from stress and extreme tension during workouts. There is an internal waistband that makes it easy to wear. You can easily adjust the pant which means that you will get a snug fit. The side pockets of the pant are very useful. You can use it to store car keys and credit cards. There is less possibility of sweating. As it is made of cotton, it will remain dry even if you sweat.


You can get these pants in different sizes. You can find it from Small size to XX-Large size. You should measure your waist and buy the pant accordingly. There is an internal drawstring on the waistband, so even if the pant doesn’t fit, you can adjust it to the proper size with the help of the drawstring. The elastic is soft and it won’t leave any nasty marks on your waist even when you use the drawstring for a better fit.


This pant is made of 100% cotton. So, it is very comfortable to wear and you won’t sweat much even when you do yoga for a long time. You will feel fresh and get the energy to work out more. The pant is easy to wear and the drawstring on the waistband helps to keep it fit. You can do various yoga poses including the inversions without your pant coming down and getting you into an awkward situation.

Ease of Use

This pant has an internal quick cord waistband that makes it adjustable and you can get the right fit. The handy side pockets are very helpful in keeping your important belongings like mobile phones, keys, and credit cards.


These pants can be worn by yogis during yoga sessions to perform well. It can also be worn by cyclists, weightlifters, and other athletes. The pant is very comfortable and will not come in your way when exercising. You will be able to stretch at your best and do the difficult yoga positions conveniently wearing these pants. This cotton pant is perfect for wearing year-round and can enhance your performance in your yoga classes. It will help you to be flexible and give you the freedom of movement you need. You can wear these pants for post-workout or even wear them to sleep at night.


  • It looks very simple yet stylish and comfortable.
  • It provides a smart athletic fit.
  • There are side seam pockets that provide easy storage.
  • The internal drawstring waistband ensures a secure fit.
  • It is machine washable.
  • The pant is perfect for wearing year-round.
  • The color won’t fade even after multiple washes.
  • You will be able to improve your performance by wearing these pants.
  • It is affordable.
  • You can do any yoga pose comfortably with it as it won’t restrict your movement in any way.
  • You will feel dry and cool as it won’t absorb sweat.


  • There is a limited choice of colors.
  • The size options are also limited.

Final Verdict

This is a versatile pant that you can use for your everyday yoga class. You can also wear it when doing other exercises or playing different sports. It is so comfortable that you can wear them while sleeping also. The pant is made of 100% cotton and will make you feel good and confident all the time. You won’t sweat even when doing extensive yoga classes. It provides a great fit and won’t come down when doing inversions or other difficult yoga poses. You can find it in different sizes to suit your body. It is easily washable in machine, so you can maintain it in good condition. This pant will give you the confidence to do yoga for hours without feeling stressed. It is affordable compared to the other brands in the market and you can easily buy more than one pant for your convenience. You can wear the pant all day without feeling any discomfort and that’s why it is preferred by so many yogis and athletes around the world today.

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This pant is very effective and comfortable for yoga. It is made of 100% cotton, so you can exercise comfortably wearing it. Champion Men's Open Bottom Light Weight Jersey Pant Review