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Cheryl Burke Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Cheryl Burke workout routine and diet plan

5 ft 4 in, Cheryl Burke is endowed with perfectly slender and curvy figure. After consistently participating in seventeen seasons of “Dancing With The Stars,” the hot babe seems resolved to appear in numerous upcoming seasons. The gorgeous star confesses that she has been through tremendous ups and downs in weight. Just like most of the celebs, Cheryl too is unhappy with the media hypes and cooked up stories about bulking weight of celebs. She felt so tormented by the shameful comments made over her weight that she often succumbed to yo yo diet plans to melt unsolicited pounds. However, after trying myriad fad diet plans, she refers them as exploitation plans because they do nothing but starve you to death. And due to starvation, you inevitably drop few pounds but as soon as you resume your routine diet, you reacquire all the lost weight. Brown eyed star no more lets her fall under the gimmick and keeps her immune from them. Let’s have a look at the diet and exercise secrets of Cheryl which maintains her in enviable shape.

Dancing and Running – Darling Workouts

Her affection for dancing is evident from her prolonged bond with the dance show, Dancing With The Stars. Despite being continuously participating in the TV show, the stunner’s passion for dance and the show has not faded away. The strenuous cardio activity indeed sheds numerous pounds from her body. Besides being an enthusiastic dancer, Cheryl is an avid runner too. She has kept treadmill at her home and at times when she does not feel like doing dance practice, she runs on treadmill to torch calories.

Cheryl Burke in her workout gear
Cheryl Burke in her workout gear

Cheryl recommends her fans to find something they love the most. However, if you cannot figure out anything and at the same time you don’t have thirty minutes or one hour to spend on workouts, learn five easy to practice squats and lunges and practice them while doing your work. For example, there are numerous leg workouts which you can do while sitting on computer. And lunges (with / without weights) can be done while cooking or before going to bath.

Five Small Meals

To cope with the burgeoning energy needs of her body, Cheryl swears by five small meals in a day. Since her routine is mostly like eat and dance, she cannot bank on three heavy meals. She keeps having small and nutrient dense meals after every two to three hours. Cheryl comprehends the ill impacts of dairy products that’s the reason she has kicked out myriad dairy products from her diet. She rather eats low-fat Greek yogurt in her snacks. However, she loves cheese and adores eating it with toast, sandwich etc.

Aside from that, she seldom curbs her cravings because she has gotten that more which will suppress them, with more force they will revert and will have her indulge in foods. However, she has figured out healthy means to deal with them. For example, when she gets craving for sweet foods, instead of opting cake, cookies, pastry etc., she consumes one to two bananas. In the same way, to gratify salty food cravings, instead of having pizza, burger, fried chips etc., she eats tuna, hummus and others. Among beverages, she prefers tequila and sodas over sugary red wine because besides being low in calories, these drinks have unpleasant taste, so you are unlikely to drink them in high quantity.

Workout With Friend

In company with her actress friend, Leah Remini whom she met on the show, she alternates cardio workouts with slow workouts such as weight training etc. They both execute workouts in the morning and propel each other to come out of their comfort zones. And under the expert supervision of famous celeb trainer, Brendan Johnston, she performs circuit training for ninety minutes. After warming up her body with five minutes running on treadmill, her fitness expert has her do squats, biceps, triceps, and then stretching towards the end.

Most people do vigorous workouts to scorch fats, but they overlook stretching in the end. Since stretching brings your body temperature to normal, you become immune to sore muscles and can again switch to workouts from next day, without having sore or painful muscles. Five minutes of stretching exercises will aid you in maintaining continuity in workouts.

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