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Chocolate Diet – Quick Weight Loss Program for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Diet

Do you love chocolates but you often have to suppress your desire because weight loss programs ask you to do so?

Well, you no more have to kill your desire because Chocolate Diet Plan has exclusively been tailored for chocolate lovers. Now, without being guilty about adding fats into your body, you can enjoy the food while burning bountiful calories. Chocolate diet plan being gluten-free and is low in fat and lactose can shed six pounds or more in a week, depending upon your metabolism.

Logic Behind Chocolate Diet Plan

Chocolate diet plan being completely based on body science is more realistic and practical. The diet plan insists consumption of dark chocolates which come from cocoa. No one can deny from the health benefits of dark chocolates on your body.

The plan not only loses weight from your body, it also improves your metabolism and blood sugar level and keeps check on elevated cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Cocoa contains beneficial nutrient named polyphenol, which beats your appetite and regulates the storage of body fats.

What is Chocolate Diet?

Chocolate diet being more or less a fad diet bestows you absolute freedom to consume your adored foods, which are generally forbidden in most of the diet plans. Chocolate diet also educates you about the timing and amount of chocolate you shall consume to melt weight.

  • You can have two bars of chocolate or sugar-free coffee made up of skimmed milk three hours after having your meals.
  • Rather than just engulfing the chocolate, dieters are recommended to enjoy the flavor of chocolate. Eat small pieces of chocolates and be thoughtful and mindful while consuming them. Besides getting amazing relaxation, you will experience the great rush of adrenaline.
  • You can also make chocolates a healthy part of your dessert. Instead of consuming cakes, pastries, and other sugary desserts, swap your desserts with dark chocolates. For making them taste better, you can complement them with some fruits.
  • In snacks, you can have sugar free hot chocolate drink or can mix quality cocoa in milk to relish the brew.

What Kind of Chocolates You can Have?

Chocolate diet does not permit you to consume candy bars, chocolates with milk solids, filled chocolates, chocolate pastries etc. Owning to their high fat and sugar content, which trigger health issues, they are likely to aggravate your health problems. Moreover, flavonoid which adds antioxidant properties in chocolates are completely missing in these chocolates. Try to steer clear from them and prefer picking dark chocolates having 60 percent of cocoa solids.

Forbidden Food Items Under Chocolate Diet Plan

Chocolate diet plan has kept some food items in the list of forbidden food items. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Coffee, carbonated and energy drinks are forbidden due to their high sugar and caffeine content.
  • Fried and oily foods such as olives, dairy products, meat, coconut, and avocados being rich in saturated fatty acids are not healthy.
  • Raisins, dates, and other sugary fruits have been eliminated from the diet plan.

Sample Menu of the Diet Plan

Chocolate diet plan has allocated the diet plan into five small meals. Let’s have a look at one of the sample menus of the magnificent diet plan.

Breakfast – Porridge with almonds and blueberries, English muffin with fresh tomato, baked beans, herbs and avocados, porridge made up of milk having sliced banana and honey on the top of it.

Snacks – Raspberry muffin, small chocolates, carrot, apple, walnut muffin

Lunch – Lentil and vegetable soup with low-fat yogurt and whole meal pita, marinated tofu with salad, minestrone soup with wholegrain bread and parmesan cheese

Snacks – Cottage cheese with wholegrain crackers, yogurt topped with strawberries and grated chocolate

Dinner – Steamed vegetables with lentil salad, chicken, vegetable Massaman curry, grilled lamb fillet, lamb kofta balls on rice

Benefits of Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates being loaded with nutrients also have great antioxidant properties. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of dark chocolates.

Beautiful Skin and Hair

You can get beautiful skin and hair with the help of dark chocolates. Detoxifying nature of dark chocolates mops free radicals from your body, which generally barge into your body through polluted environment and foods.

Dark chocolates being rich in flavonoid encourage the formation of new cells in your body and thus save you from premature aging.

Save From Cancer

Dark chocolates detoxify your body and sweep all the harmful toxins from your body which disrupt the functioning of your body organs. Since chocolates stimulate the formation of new cells, they cut the chances of cancer taking root in your body.

Strong Teeth

You might not know it but dark chocolates strengthen your tooth enamel. Unlike other sweet foods, you are not at risk of getting cavities with the consumption of dark chocolates. Thus, dark chocolates can get you an electrifying smile with strong teeth.

Complete Nourishment

Dark chocolates are rich in critical nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, iron, and copper. Potassium and copper save you from heart stroke and cardiac problems. Iron cuts the chances of anemia and magnesium deals with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Besides that, dark chocolates are also effective in providing you relief from cough.

Improves Brain Functioning

Anti-clotting property of dark chocolates accelerates the flow of blood in your body and assists your body in supplying blood to your heart and brain more effectively. When your brain gets sufficient blood, it works more efficiently. Dark chocolates also elevate the supply of blood to your retina and thus improve your vision.

Mood Booster

The amazing antioxidant properties of dark chocolates save you from mood-swings. Besides bringing you out of depression and stress, they boost your energy. Dark chocolates contain phenylethylamine (PEA), which fosters the release of endorphin; the chemical released by your brain makes you feel elated. And that’s the reason most of the women love consuming chocolates when they are sad.

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