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Clothesline Diet Plan – Amazing Weight Loss Program for Overweight People

Clothesline Diet

Discovered by Karen Gatt, doting mother of two kids, Clothesline Diet is the most practical and realistic diet plan for overweight people to losing weight prompter. Karen herself lost a massive weight of 150 pounds through her incredible diet plan.

Without starving your body and without following any strict diet regime, you just need to keep check on the portions of meals for bringing your body in perfect shape. Seven days diet plan will inculcate healthy eating habits in you and will make you full of beans.

While going along with the diet plan, the most important thing you have to keep in mind is portion size. Keeping check on the portion size means, even if the foods you consume are low in fat, you shall keep your meal size in control and eat judiciously.

How the Idea of Clothesline Diet Originated?

At the age of twenty six, Karen weighed 300 pounds. Despite trying all the popular fad diets, her body was just not ready to shed even a single pound. Discouraged and shattered Karen limited herself to her home and developed completely negative attitude towards life.

Then one night, after coming from mother’s day party, she denied to live life in self-pity and decided no matter what it takes, she will bring her body in perfect shape and will live her life the way she has always wanted to live. And she started going to clothesline located at the backyard of her house.

Initially she started walking to the clothesline for some minutes; she gradually increased her duration and followed the plan while keeping portions of food in control. And after thirteen months of persistent efforts, Karen lost 150 pounds and attained the size she always wanted to have.

Reasons of Weight Gain

Karen believes that wrong eating habits or say western eating habits getting dominance over eastern eating habits among people are the main culprits responsible for weight gain. Right from our childhood, we consume unhealthy diet, which includes plenty of processed foods, junk foods, additives, carbonated drinks etc. These food items being badly deficient in nutrients make our body fall short of essential nutrients and thus make it hollow from inside.

Due to the same reason, more and more children are getting overweight and childhood obesity has become a common problem. Should you consume high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables, your body will gain strength and stamina.

Why You Should Follow the Diet Plan?

Clothesline diet plan is not just a diet plan; it actually defines the journey of a young mother who lost weight drastically. The diet plan is perfect fit for all the overweight mothers out there who have lost all the hopes to shed weight.

Karen has not just provided a diet plan to all those women. She in fact has given them a hope by setting an incredible example in front of them. The message she wants to convey through her diet plan is – when she can come down from 300 pounds to 150 pounds through her sheer will, why cannot you.

How to Design Your Meals in Clothesline Diet Plan?

Seven day weight loss diet plan requires you to have five small meals in a day. Take some time from your busy routine for designing the diet regime for you to zap away calories and acquire slender body. You can design your meal for the day by making your choice of foods from the list given below.


Two cereals bares with skimmed milk

Two slices of wholegrain bread topped with low-sugar jam and cheese

Two slices of toast with one poached egg, or with low-sugar coffee, tea, or juice

One cup of low fat cereal with raisin toast

Tips for Breakfast

  • You can pick any of them for your breakfast; just keep your breakfast low in fats.
  • Don’t consume two slices of bread first in breakfast then in lunch and afterwards in dinner. Bring down your consumption of bread to eight slices in a week.
  • You are free to blend all these breakfast choices according to your comfort and taste.

Morning Snacks

One non-sugary fruit or one bowl of mixed fruit Salad

One cup of yogurt

Low-sugar beverage such as tea or coffee with low-sugar cookies or English muffin

Tips for Morning Snacks

  • Though you are free to pick any fruit, but still try to avoid bananas because they have high sugar and protein content. Limit your banana intake to two in a week.
  • Consume one glass of water before having your snacks. Apart from keeping you hydrated, it will keep your food consumption low.
  • Never swap your morning snack with your lunch; it will ruin your entire diet regime. You can opt to eat any fruit, should you feel hungry any time of the day.


One bowl of soup with tomatoes, cucumber, and crackers low in fat

Mayonnaise with whole grain pita bread, or tuna packed in lettuce, spring water, and tomatoes

Low-fat rice

Fruit salad or mixed salad using eggs, tuna, and chicken as ingredients

Mayonnaise and crackers with boiled eggs

Whole-grain bread roll topped with grilled chicken

Tips for Lunch

  • You can mix all the food items according to your choice.
  • Try to consume healthy lunch, even when you are out or away from home.
  • If possible, walk for twenty minutes after having your lunch. It will improve the functioning of your metabolism.

Afternoon Snack

One muesli bar or cereal bar low in fat

Poached apples with pudding having low fat content

Six crackers with cheese

Fruit salad with low-fat yogurt

Two oranges or one banana

Tips for Afternoon snack

  • Try to keep your afternoon snack as small as possible because there is not much gap between afternoon sack and dinner.
  • Keep the bowl of fruit salad handy, so you can consume fruits whenever you feel hungry.
  • You can consume nuts such as walnuts, cashew nuts etc. if you feel like chewing something.


One boiled egg with steamed vegetables, steamed skinless chicken fillets

One bowl of pasta, one cup of pork scorched in water with steamed vegetables

Grilled fish with plenty of salad

Omelet, Whole-grain bread with cheese spread over it

Two hamburgers having boiled potato, low-fat beef and one ear of corn used as ingredient

Tips for Dinner

  • Since your body is going to be idle after consuming dinner, keep the portion size of your meal as small as possible.
  • Take a walk for at least ten minutes after having your dinner.


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  1. I am involved in weight loss. I lost 60 pounds researching and REALLY AGREE WITH YOU. It is the American diet and schedule that really packs pounds on you.
    Also, little changes to your life also help. Substituting a fruit like an apple instead of candy bar.
    I also began cardiovascular exercise but, mixed in a little strength training. The strength training seems to be a stronger metabolism booster than the cardio.
    Keep up the good work!


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