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Coconut Diet – Attain Slim Body With Beautiful Skin

Coconut Diet

Developed by Cherie Calbom, nutritionist and founder of the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, Coconut Diet is not a fad diet, it rather offers a healthy diet schedule to people. Along-with shedding several pounds from your body, coconut diet will also get you beautiful skin and hair.

The tropical food being credited with amazing properties can heal your body and trigger the fat-burning process in your body. Should you feel exhausted all the while, or you have pain in various parts of your body, or you have improper digestion, coconut diet is the one you shall adhere to. There are millions of people who have made coconut diet their lifestyle diet. Muhammad Ali, Liza Minelli, Sting, and Donna Karan are some of the celeb fans of coconut diet.

What is Coconut Diet Plan?

Coconut has been chosen as the main food of the diet program. There are several families all around the globe using coconut oil and coconut milk in their routine life. Virgin coconut oil being opulent in monounsaturated fatty acid provides healthy fats and required nourishment to your body.

Due to a revolution in food habits, refined cooking oil is increasingly getting used in households nowadays for preparing meals, which in-fact is not good for the health of your heart and other body organs. Coconut diet program emphasizes swapping those unhealthy oils with coconut oil.

Coconut diet is not a weight loss program which you shall follow for limited period of time. It rather is a lifestyle program which will inculcate healthy eating habits in you by enlightening you about the wonderful impacts of coconut oil on your body.

How to Follow Coconut Diet Plan?

It’s very simple to go along with coconut diet. You just have to consume three to four spoons of coconut oil in conjugation with low-carb diet in a day. The plan encourages consumption of numerous fruits and vegetables having antioxidant properties and dissuades the consumption of high carb foods such as potatoes, desserts, refined grains, alcohol etc. There are seventy delicious recipes in the program. You can learn these mouth-watering recipes and cook your own meals at home while using coconut oil in them.

Four Phases of Coconut Diet Plan

Coconut diet is composed of four phases. These four phases will bring complete transformation in your body. Let’s find out what these four phases are all about.

Phase One – 21-Day Weight Loss Kickoff

Having a total duration of twenty-one days, phase one is the most restrictive as well as the strict phase of the diet plan. Several foods have been eliminated in phase one. Five to six small meals in a day are recommended in this phase. You are supposed to consume bountiful bright colored veggies, foods rich in lean proteins such as eggs, turkey, chicken, fish, lamb, beef, cheese and nuts. Among beverages, you have to consume green tea or herbal tea at least once in a day and drink ample water. You will melt more than ten pounds in first phase.

Phase Two – Cleansing

Having total duration of four weeks, phase two is also known as cleansing face. This phase aims to mop all the toxins accumulated inside your body. You can make a very fresh beginning of your day by drinking warm water having cayenne pepper and lemon juice mixed into it. By detoxifying your body, this phase will contribute to maintaining your lost weight forever. You need to consume copious high fibrous fruits and veggies in this phase.

Phase Three – Introduction of Healthy Carbs

Phase three is all about introduction of healthy carbs in your diet regime which was actually banished in phase one. You can have foods such as whole grains, potatoes, fruits, squash etc. in this phase. This phase will last until you attain your weight loss goal. You are supposed to shed one to two pounds of weight in a week while going along with this phase.

Phase Four – Maintenance

Phase four will educate you how to maintain your lost weight forever. You can incorporate plenty of low carb foods in this phase. As phase four is lifetime phase, you can anytime revert to phase one or phase two, whenever you feel like you are gaining weight.

Workouts in Coconut Diet Plan

Workouts have been given adequate importance in the plan. You are recommended to practice aerobics or strength training for at least thirty minutes in a day. Workouts enhance your body strength and improve the functioning of your body. Besides toning your body parts, resistance training will bring you in perfect shape.

Benefits of Coconut Diet Plan

Having numerous benefits, coconut diet is like a boon to your body. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of coconut diet.

  • The diet program can rid you from the terrible disease namely Alzheimer’s. This disease causes memory loss in you and makes your life pathetic.
  • The plan will relieve you from thyroid, which has become a very common problem and has taken a large number of people under its control.
  • The tropical food has high content of lauric acid, which will strengthen your immune system and will make your body resilient to combat against harmful bacteria and viruses. You will get relief from yeast infections and Candida.
  • Coconut diet will invigorate you and will boost your energy. You will feel more confident and contented than ever.
  • Coconut diet will stimulate the functioning of collagen which fosters the development of new cells. Coconut oil being effective in deterring the impacts of aging on your skin save your skin from getting fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging related problems.
  • Coconut oil will rev up your metabolism and will make the process of fat burning swifter in your body.
  • Coconut oil reaches into your body in the form of minute granules which immediately get transformed into energy. In this way without adding fat inside your body, coconut oil provides you energy.
  • Due to inclusion of low carb food items, you will see an improvement in your blood sugar level.
  • Exclusive diet program will also conquer your cravings for sugar. Whenever you crave for sugar, consume spoonful of coconut oil and you won’t crave for them.

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  1. My wife had Diabetes while pregnant that we had a little bit of trouble managing. It was hard for her because she was hungry for certain high sugar/carb items. She ate a lot of vegetables that were sweeter–ie) beets, but they were not off the charts bad.
    After the baby, she was about 30 lbs. over weight, which is typical.
    MUCH of the information here is what we used to help her with the weight. She also was on a diet plan.
    Coconut helped maintain her sweet tooth too!
    We were able to work together so that she lost the weight. In the meantime, I took on a career as a weight loss adviser and fitness trainer–who knew? 🙂 All thanks to my lovely wife and daughter.


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